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MLP - Timey Wimey page 107/115

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                            Tome02 p108-Illustration by Light262
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Writer and story-board by :iconlummh: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light
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And that's why Starswirl has a read...

That's Lil' Starswirl, what a hoot!

ah ok, a kind of temporal paradox? the thing that stuck is that all paradox needs a first time so if Tempora could not travel in time before to give his book to Starswill, it makes the story really different.
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I... suppose it could be worse, Tempora.
OddEyesDragoon's avatar
Big things have small beginnings, as they say.
Baby Starswirl has stubble!What?! 
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Ok, nobody has learned anything from Flash and its constant crisis of temporary travel.

James-wonderbolt's avatar
wait is this an paradox 
Saiyanstrong's avatar
The house the Doctor lived in when he was a child!!!  In the same landscape to!!!!!!!  *Squeals fanboyishly*
Wait, the last panel makes it sound like he doesn't like to read books about magic and wants to learn magic my himself? But the previous panel makes it sound like he's complaining that the book isn't about magic, and he complained that friendship isn't magic, which imply that he would read it if it were about magic? And we know from the show that he dedicated his life to science, so if it were about how to do magic, he should want to read it.

Whoever he's talking to says "Read it, instead of being your usual grumpy one!" That's a weird sentence. What does it mean? Read that book instead of being his usual grumpy book?
Lummh's avatar
What about "your usual grumpy self"?
morion87's avatar
Everypony's a critic Tempora. Don't take to personally. Besides, Starswirl is supposed to be an asshole for a long time to come.
Lummh's avatar
What do you mean "everypony's a critic Tempora"? We haven't received any critic for her since her return and her big smile.
morion87's avatar
I meant what Starswirl was going on about. Then again I might have missed something.
templar127's avatar
Smol Starswirl! X3
eliander's avatar
star swirl the bratty
RedVelvetine's avatar
Aw, look at how adorable baby Starswirl is. Honestly, it's not all that surprising that he was such a brat as a baby, considering how he turned out as an adult (both in canon AND in the comic). 

I can't remember the last time I was able to leave a comment on this comic. I apologize for that, life just got in the way. But I've been keeping up with the story all this time, and I see there aren't many pages left to this comic, so I better comment now while I can. 

So far I find the ending to be very satisfying. Tempora has found a way to do her job without isolating herself and feeling lonely, and she looks all the better for it. And she has actual wings now! (wonder what the heck was up with those metal ones, I wonder?) I'm only now noticing just how pale she was compared to her healthier self, and how bland her mane was before it got the shining blue highlights. Nice attention to detail there. I still think she is a beautiful and very well-done OC, I almost wish she was an actual character in the show! 

And the battle between Nightmare Moon, Luna, Celestia and Tirek was....oh my gosh. I can't believe how you were able to make a final battle look so destructive and devastating and yet so beautiful at the same time. I love that the three alicorns worked together in the end to take down Tirek, and the bittersweetness of Nightmare's disappearing. And Tempora finally understood Luna in a way that doesn't feed her envy and loneliness. All in all, I'm just really happy for both Tempora and Luna - and even Nightmare, as well. 

I think one of my favourite parts in the whole comic is the image of Discord happily twirling Fluttershy around now that all the danger is over and done with. I love their relationship so much, and I'm glad I got to see the two interacting a lot in the last part of this story. 

I'll keep reading this story until it's over, but the whole thing has been incredible so far. I wish I could have commented on some of those earlier pages, but again, I've had a lot on my hands the past couple months. But I can't wait to see how this story will draw to its conclusion. However it ends, I know I'm gonna love it. :) 

Amazing work, you guys. 10/10 
Light262's avatar
Yeah, it's always a pleasure to have your comments :iconredvelvetine:/RedVelvetinne. And don't worry take your time and take care of you! sunset shimmer EqG 3 (happy) plz
Ahah, about your favorite part, It remind me the "joke" between Lum and me when we have used blackholes (because I very like Interstellar too, hehe) .
Imagined black hole to do light! It's totaly original,
incoherent (not as much as that in reality), like Discord. Discord Icon 3 Discord (maid) plz 

I look forward to the next pages, because there are many things I look forward to doing visually and also a moment of comics that gives me a pinch to the heart, but I will say no more, hehetwilight sparkle (smile evil) plz 
Lummh's avatar
Really happy to see you back! We missed your lovely comments! Thanks again =)

And like always you have the eye for the details =)
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As soon as I saw this page, I immediately thought Doctor Who and that makes me a very happy Whovian and Brony. :D
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When they say "mistakes were make", I found the reason for why Stygian is not the bad guy.
spyrofuckingcynder's avatar
Tempora time traveled, coooooooooooooool.   ^^  
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