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MLP - Timey Wimey page 101


MLP - Timey Wimey page 102
                            Tome02 p102-Illustration by Light262
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Writer and story-board by :iconlummh: / Lum
Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light
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this page is amazing.

Believe what you want Nightmare Moon... but destiny says otherwise.

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I feel so sorry for Nightmare Moon. She finally realizes Celestia cares, but is forced to be sent back to her own time. Likely with no memory of what happened either.
Venomous-CookieTwT's avatar
Wow this is so gorgeous
I would to see this as a real life comic to read
Blackholelord's avatar
Amazing! This is extremely amazing! The effort and work put into its creation is beyond amazing.
FandomRant03's avatar
So, Nightmare Moon never learned that that was the real Luna and left thinking it was a synthetic copy? I have to be honest; that's kind of disappointing. It would've been a very interesting character moment to see how Nightmare Moon reacted to that being her from the future and realizing that she ended up getting what she originally wanted, something she had turned evil because she had given up on it and thought it was impossible. I actually thought this was going to end with Luna talking to her and telling her what the future holds, and then Nightmare Moon getting kind of emotional and having a bit of the original Luna show through.
Lummh's avatar
The point here is that there is no point that Nightmare Moon'ld learn something. It would mean that she'ld know how the future is. That would create a paradox. And after what happened, a paradox (especially a big one like that, because it's Luna, a millenar alicorn, not a random pony) is the last thing Tempora needs.

Besides, Nightmare Moon IS Luna and in the end, Luna has learnt something so Nightmare Moon has too.

BUT I'm agree with you. In fact, I've made something like that in a previous version.
A talk between Luna and Nightmare Moon. The story started to be way too long, it would needed ten or more pages (we'ld have been able to reach the 150 pages, and remember, two weeks per page). So, since Luna wasn't the main focus, I was forced to cut it and change this. It was easier to use Nightmare Moon's madness to skip this part.

Here's the previous version of the script (Careful -> Google translation from French):

When Nightmare Moon met Luna:

Luna hits Nightmare Moon full force, their head hitting, dropping their respective crowns.

Celestia: Luna!
NM: What was ...?
Luna to Celestia: Careful, sister ... Anyone who leaves the battlefield disappears ...
Celestia: How ?!
NM to Luna: Rrgnn ... Is this possible? ... Would you be me from the past?
Luna: Sorry to disappoint you. I am your future.

Page 77 by Lummh
NM: My future? Aaah hahaha! No way! I can't be defeated. Besides, why are you protecting this vermin? Have you not yet understood that you're only destined to be her shadow?
Luna: Keep your words for yourself! I'll never forgive myself the acts that I've been able to commit while being you.
NM: Absurd!
Luna: As absurd as facing you one day myself. Looks like luck smiles on me.
NM: Hm! Facing me? Even to you two, weak as you are, your defeat is certain.
Luna: Who knows?
NM: Very well! If you're really my future, then don't mind if I hurl you both to a fatal destiny.

When Tirek has been defeated (in another way) (no story board):

Luna: It's finally over ...
Celestia: Thanks goodness.
NM: Not quite ...

NM, breathless, prepares a magic ray in their direction.

NM: Only you, "my sister", is left now. I'll find a way to solve this surrounding situation.

Luna stands in front of her sister.

NM: Step aside!
Luna: No.
NM: Then you will share her destiny.
Luna: I have a secret for you.
NM: A secret? Ha! You forget that I must know it! You're me after all!
Luna, coming forward: Nightmare Moon ...

*** (it was another version of Tempora rescue)
Tempora: No ... We ... have to agree ... with Rainbow Flash ... We must ... keep trying ... We finally have no choice either ... Against such situations, alone we are weak ... So ... Do not hesitate more ... Use your magic on us ... Use the magic of friendship ... Your power has led us to this state. Maybe ... he'll finish us but ... maybe he could be ... our last hope ...

TS is perplexed then all clash against her.
TS: Girls, this's our last chance. Maybe you're right Rainbow Dash. Perhaps there is always a way even when it seems improbable. Let's try this one.
RD: Hey! It's the loyalty that spoke, Twilight!
TS: Princess Tempora ...

TS and Luna say together: You're not alone anymore.

Twilight must drop time protection to manage Rainbow Power with others. The world then collapses on them and makes them disappear but before that is over, an explosion of light pierces time.
Tempora radiates. The mane 6 also. Their magic reaches Tempora as it floats in the sky while Nightmare Moon freezes.
The metal wings and the jewelry of Tempora fall.
Tempora is bathed in light and a shock occurs on any Equestria.
An explosion of light then restores it to its original state and a powerful shock wave sounds and eliminates all the anomalies of time.

NM: Not alone anymore...? What do you… ? I ... Why? ...

NM is blowing.

NM: What ?! My body… ? But I ... I'm really an anomaly ... (she looks at Luna) Luna ... I ... I don't know from what time you are but ... I promise you ...
"Not alone" ... Know that these words you just said ... have reasoned in me ... Never, in the future, you 'll be alone. (she picks up her helmet)
Luna: I know it. Failing to have the Shadowbolts, I have my sister and my friends.
NM: But especially ... you have me ... Whenever loneliness will look for you, I'll be there for you too. It's a royal promise.
She pauses
NM: See you soon ...
Dawn appears at the same time as Nightmare Moon disappears.

Luna lowers her eyes. Celestia wraps her under his wing.

Celestia: Don't worry, Luna, I'm here. No matter what form you have been in, I am and will always be proud of you, Luna.
Luna smiled at her.
Luna: Yeah, I've protected ourselves well, huh. Eh eh…

They stay together, motionless. Soldiers appear, disoriented.


Here was the previous version. I must confess that I prefer this version but like I said, we needed to cut it.
Amazing concept but honestly I like the published one more. :)
Lummh's avatar
1. It would've created a paradox? So, everyone from the past now remembers what happened in this story? So, wouldn't that create a paradox, anyway? Even if Nightmare Moon doesn't find out Luna is her from the future, she still knows that this battle is going to happen in her future, and if she thinks Celestia created a clone of her, which she didn't in her time, then Nightmare Moon would have to think that that's a future Celestia, and that she loses, so she would end up completely changing her plans and end up winning. It doesn't matter if Nightmare Moon finds out about Luna because if these characters go still back to their back to their pasts but remember this battle, it's going to create a paradox anyway.

I just assumed that the past would automatically be fixed, and none of the past characters would remember this; everything they experienced would've ceased to exist. I don't think you had to try to "make it make sense" by purposely stopping past characters from learning certain things. If Nightmare Moon learned the future, and the past had just gone back to normal, no one would've questioned it.

2. I know you can't change it now, but I actually think that's the story you should've went with. I don't care if it makes the ending take way longer to get to; if the content I'm still getting is great, well, great, and it would make the story better ultimately. Eventually, everything surrounding but outside the story (like how long it took to make) will fade away, and all you'll have is the story itself,and that would've been better ultimately which to me is the most important thing. How good is the story after all is said and done? Putting all that stuff in would've resulted in a better product after all this is over.

Think of a story you really like. Now imagine an alternate timeline where the creator decided to cut out some of the good parts to get it out faster. Now, you would have a story you didn't like as much, and the cuts would actually feel painful.

Unless the reason it making the story longer bothers you is because you're tired of working on it? But that would be a personal reason for yourself, not an objective quality reason for the story. And I'm not judging; you've been working hard on this for years; it's understandable if you got burnt out and wanted to move on to other things. It happens all the time.

3. On that note, I think you should post that page in the gallery and put your comment in the description. This is so good, people deserve to know it, and it's a shame that people won't see it, which they won't if it's a comment under another picture.
Lummh's avatar
1. That's precisely because everyone from the past won't remember it that there is no point to learn them a lesson. It would be useless. I don't like that when it happens in a story. You live an adventure and in the end "I DON'T REMEMBER IT". I'm like "So what?". But I understand your feeling.

2. Making the story longer definitely bother us for some reasons yeah! We're already glad we'll almost finished it (especially Light, since I have finished my part like I said on my account).

3. I should but in this case, I should probably do the same thing for all the cut parts, or at least, a lot. There was a lot of way I've tried. The story has been rebuilt too many times now. Meh.
I don't think it's pointless because:

1. All the present characters will still remember it, so it did happen, it will carry over to the future, and it didn't happen for nothing. Now, I would agree with you if the present characters didn't remember it (do you know anything about Sonic 06?), but a character from the past losing their memory of an altered timeline, out of a story with characters from the present, actually feels good to me because it completes the feeling of everything going back to being right, of things wrong being restored, and the presence of the present characters who will remember it makes it carry over and feel like it mattered and happened and wasn't for nothing.

2. But the big reason is for the audience. The past characters having those moments is good because they're cool things for the audience to experience, even if that character doesn't remember it. They're to entertain us in the moment.
TheGrinningReaper09's avatar
I know this is a super old comment but I wanted to point out that do you even care how long it takes? You do know these hard working artists aren’t getting paid at all for doing this, they’re doing everything out of their free will to make a collaborative comic for everyone to enjoy, thank goodness they have a Patreon but that still doesn’t make up for how long it takes. I certainly would take shortcuts if I had to work all day without getting paid, so don’t blame them. I think they did an outstanding story, and it’s okay if you think they could’ve done better and added other things but I think it’s fine the way it is :)
"do you even care how long it takes?"

Well, that's rude.

Where in my comment did I say I didn't care how long it takes? But how long it takes exists outside of the story itself, and at the end of the day, I have to judge the thing itself? If it took more or less long, that's not going to effect how much I like the story because that's the same either way. How does me criticizing something in the story mean I don't care about artists?

And then you say "it’s okay if you think they could’ve done better and added other things", so what even was the point of that? Apparently, you don't because of how you felt the need to respond to me. Either you think it's okay or you don't. Pick.
TheGrinningReaper09's avatar
I’m sorry but the way you worded your “critique” made it sound like you were complaining about it in the most immature way possible, you didn’t even word anything good about the comic either. Most people who demand more are usually not aware of the circumstances the artists are under and assume they can just whip up a new product for a couple of angry people despite having a majority of the audience enjoying the story the way it is. The entire point of saying “it’s okay” is the fact everyone can have an opinion and that’s chill but there is a difference between an opinion and criticism and I’m afraid yours sounds more like an opinion.
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will u post anything more of Timey whimy up on DA r is this the last of it
Lummh's avatar
J-just read the description. Why do you think this is the last?
So, by less than 30 mins i read so quickly through the entire story's current chapters.
My, this was quite satisfying!
I got so much i need to progress within my mind, so many thoughts to alter and new to create and give form!
Thank you, this is truly inspiring.
Im looking forward for more chapters to read!
Lummh's avatar
Aw! Thank you very much! =D
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NMM remains to me dead Vegeta in the "Fusion" DBZ movie, saluting Goku.
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Sad time????? :''''''v
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Awwwwww, this page is so heart warming
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That with NMM was really ominous.

Anyways, this is a great way to end a fight!
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