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[MLP] Sunset Shimmer cute

Really must we see our dear Sunset Shimmer all cute too, I think it is successful, you do not believe? Good by cons I feel that I rejuvenated there.

Leave a comment please ^^

Vectorization done by me

MLP Credits by Lauren Faust

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hi, Light262

someone uses your vector without credit.
Sunset shimmer and Sci twi by Sunlight33
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Someone used your picture without proper credit
This group need support by SuperBobiann
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:happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin) 
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Aaawww Elle est adorable ! XDTwilight Sparkle Cute Face plz #2MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Ecstasy Coquettish CoyHeartHeart 
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n'awwwwww!!! SO CUTE >w<
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Hello cutie, what are you doing here?
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can I base this?
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Hey I don't know whether you noticed. I did deleted this picture from my favorites and re-added it. It is just because I am messing around with my folders. I still like this picture a lot. I am sorry if I worried you.
Luspear-Soram's avatar
Oh my Celestia! I love this picture. Sunset Shimmer is such a pretty pony. The pose is just adorable. Love 

*adds to favorites*

I am getting a lot of Sunset Shimmer pictures my favorites.
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so freaking cute, sunset, why you so cute? XD 
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Can I use this as a recolor?
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Yes, you can use it! ^^
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Your welcome! ^^
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Awwwww! Sunset Shimmer looks so adorable. ^^
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Sunny is not mean and evil anymore. Let us all forgive her and give her a tight loveful hug!
Luspear-Soram's avatar
Yes! She really redeemed herself when she helped her friends defeat the sirens. Yay sunny! Hug 
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