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MLP Friendship Forever 9 years gift - by Light262

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Published: October 12, 2019
© 2019 - 2020 Light262
An illustration and gift for all MLP Stuff, voice acting and for you too everybody for these amazing and magic years.
Twilight Sparkle (happy cry) plz Sunset Shimmer Hoof Gesturers :iconstarlightcuteplz: MLP Rarity (SO FABULOUS) Plz Fluttershy (RLY?) plz Pinkie Pie #2 Dash reaction montage MLP Applejack (Cute Smile) Plz :icontrixiecutenessplz: MLPTM - Tempest emote 3 Happy Discord Gala icon spike (Aww) plz 

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Digital painting by by :iconlight262: / Light
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I'm never leaving you girls!  As I always say "The story may be over for now, but that doesn't mean we have to close the book."  I wish i could come live with you girls for the rest f my life
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nice look for spike wish show could of age him here first them moved on to the what he looked like in fial episode.
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GreenBrothersArtProfessional Digital Artist
There's no where on earth we could go where they wont be with us.
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Bazil3282Hobbyist Writer
Goodbye, guys... I love you all, I always will... :'(
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DragonofParadiseHobbyist General Artist
We'll  never forget you, all... the laughter, generosity, loyalty, honesty, kindness, and most important... the magic of friendship.

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BenCurtStudent Digital Artist
Much like Sonic the Hedgehog in the 90's and early 2000's, this series played a huge part in bringing me to my Golden Rule on BC Media.

Any form of entertainment, be it a cartoon, a video game, or a book, is never exclusively for one age group if something of substance, value, effort, or passion is presented by the idea. Something any age can appreciate.

No matter what it is, or where it came from, or what it was based off of, greatness can come from anywhere. And no one should ever be ashamed to love what they love in the formative media just because it doesn't meet someone else's expectations.

Only your personal interests matter if they're purely your own. What you love is your business. If anyone has a problem with what you love and think you need to be more mature, THEY'RE the immature one. Not you.

You don't need to change who you are or what you love just because of what changes around you.

Choose your own path. Don't let others dictate it for you. Be yourself, cast your Dream, and NEVER let it die.

Lauren cast hers with this show, and it was one of the most unexpectedly creative experiences I've had in the animation industry.

I thank her for that.

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rainbowcraft2Hobbyist General Artist
Now that I watched season 9 I can actually take a look at this.
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BC89Hobbyist Artist

Awww it's beautiful, i love the little faces, an art created with much love and felling, MLP is beautiful Happy Twilight

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rw:whenever i see this pic ,i feel so welcomed ^_^
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rw:just seeing this pic is rly making me cry tears of joy :^_^: (i just miss them so much <3'-( Waaaah!   ) with a mixture of this…
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rw:all of our friends,all in one place <8'-)
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Woow.. Great work /)
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AlfredisonStudent Digital Artist
Wow dude it's just GODLY HEAVENLY AMAZING!!!
My favourite work ever!
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AlfredisonStudent Digital Artist
And your Spike's design is better too like hasbro cmon
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This looks remarkably like the style used in the Harmony engine. Very, very nice and very interesting.
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Love the concept of including the recurring redeemed villains in the group of friends.  It emphasizes just how much the show grew as time went on, illustrates the series knack for writing great characters...and reminds us that Tempest got the short straw by only appearing in the movie, heh heh.

Took me forever to realize that this is set in the shattered remains of the castle, but that's a great touch too!
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I honestly don't know where I would be without this show. Probably depressed and friendless. Having Asperger's Syndrome means that it's difficult for me to relate to other people or to not be annoying to the point of them wanting to distance themselves from me. I was in Junior High at that point in my life and I had two friends who were about as weird as I was, but we didn't hang out much. I felt so alone.
Then my sister introduced this show to me.
She must have had some kind of divine intervention, because I don't know how else she would have been able to find something so perfect for me.
She took me to my first convention, which just so happens to be a brony convention. I felt nervous being with so many other people in one space. My fears were unwarranted as everyone treated me with such kindness and understanding I could not even begin to fathom how it was possible.
We watched a few seasons together, I think up to the end of the third. I introduce them to my younger brother, who was interested for a while.
I have watched the rest of the show on my own to its end. Now that I'm finally here, I only have one thing to say.
Thank you to Lauren Faust and her amazing team of artists, actors, producers, and everyone else who made this simple show into a lifesaver for so many in a way you could never understand. Thank you to Hasbro, DHX, All Spark and all the other companies who brought this masterpiece into the lives of an audience you never intended to entertain.
Thank you to the fans on for making this one of the most successful and well-beloved journeys that I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. I started writing because of this fandom and I sincerely hope I pick it up again. I may not know very many of you, if at all, but what I do know is that, out of every other fandom that has ever existed for anything, ours will always be the greatest. Not just for its enthusiasm, not just for its talent, not just for its ability to unlock hidden potentials some of us never even knew we had, but for its ability to bring together individuals from around the world in friendship and love. We have started charities, created anti-bullying campaigns, encouraged people inside and outside the fandom to live better lives because of the morals we have learned from the show, and so much more.
Aside from my faith and my family, there has been no other greater joy in my life then to have watched My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Because when you get right down to it, that's exactly what it is.
And what it always will be.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you everypony for the greatest ride of my life.
Friendship forever. /)
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That  is fantastic!  I'm happy this show could help you out so much!

Even though the show is now complete, I hope that its fans and the good works it inspires can continue to help you through life.
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KidgeQueenHobbyist Digital Artist
I have Asperger’s Syndrome too, so I understand how you feel! (\
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LahirienHobbyist General Artist
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I Swear I Was Literally Crying at Your Post
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