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[Lum and Light] Princess Fausticorn



Hi everypony!Pinkie pie EqG (squee) plz 
I wish you a Happy New Year, a good health and a successful year for all! Pinkie pie (i win) plz Pinkie pie 2 

I attract your attention to this illustration to inform you that this is a creation created for the project of :iconpinkamena-diane-pies: /Pinkamena-Diane-Pie, a Discord Friendzy Trading card game. project.
This illustration is made by me for a rare card
with Fausticorn above this one and we hope that it will be signed by Lauren Faust! (
It'll be an honorTwilight (Squee) Plz )

Consult these links if you want to have more informations about the project:

- Kickstarter web site:…
- Tumblr:…

Don't hesitate to ask :iconpinkamena-diane-pies: /Pinkamena-Diane-Pie, more information about the project that I invite you to support!

Thank you very much
:icondormin-kanna:/ Dormin, :iconchocokangoo: / Spirale and :iconbharb: / Lum for your help and advices for this illustration!twilight sparkle (i love you) plz 

I would also like to offer my encouragement and a big thank you to  :iconfyre-flye:/Lauren Faust for her wonderful work on My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girl, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends and her other accomplishments that make us dream and amaze us through the years.mlp mane 6 (hug) plz 


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Thank you for your support, it's very much appreciated.
You can support the Lumic4 group for never-ending comics, illustrations and content!

And for 5$ you can see the next illustration/Work in progress! AND our comics pages (Timey Wimey, Art Block and some others) as soon as the're finished without having to wait for the bi-weekly release.

Illustration by :iconlight262: / Light
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Lauren Faust, here she is a REAL Goddess or even, she is a Xel-naga- the creators of the gods (in my opinion).