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Light-Lumic4 Twilight Sunset Starlight Flying over

A fairly cheerful scene in the sky of Equestria, in the company of Twilight SparkleTwilight (SPOILER ALERT) Plz , Starlight GlimmerStarlight Glimmer's Sheepish Smile  and Sunset Shimmersunset shimmer EqG 3 (happy) plz 

Thank you :icondormin-kanna: / Dormin who helping me for the dynamism of wings!Brohoof 


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Illustration by :iconlight262: / Light
Ponyville background by :iconoxinfree:/oxinfree

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" products / arts belong to Hasbro Studios, Lauren Faust DHX Media and all the respective owners of this brand.

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Wow First Princess Twilight Sparkles She Alicorn She Can Fly they Sunset Shimmer Can Fly with Magicwing (Sunset Phoenix Wing) And Now Starlight Glimmer Magic Levitation.

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Great artwork. Though I still really don't like the idea of Starlight self-levitating. It makes the wings of an alicorn slightly redundant.

Demon653's avatar
Great artwork.
Doryanthes's avatar
Really good artwork!
snowflakeshard's avatar
I love how each of them has their own way of flight, especially Sunset Shimmer. Great job!
BDOG375's avatar
Very pretty! Really love Sunset Shimmer's wings :D:D:D
rem-ains's avatar
How things should be, how i desperately want them to be 
it's beautiful
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This is incredibly beautiful - and cheerful. I like how each of them have a different way of flying (I would have just probably gone the lazy route and draw all three as alicorns, heh).

All them pretty colors, too.

This is now a favourite.
JoeMavro's avatar
:iconmonkeyloveplz: My three favorite them so much.
Light262's avatar
It's a pleasure if you like my 3 favorites ponies!Twilight (Squee) Plz :iconsunsetplz: :iconstarlightcuteplz:  ^^ (yes me too)
bruiser128's avatar
Shows how Twilight can inspire the best in people through her words and actions.
Aeon-Silence's avatar
Love it!
Especially how you gave them three different ways of flying.

I love the Phoenix Sunset.
Light262's avatar
It's a pleasure! Thank you very much!Rarity (blink eye) plz 
EvelynCat's avatar
Malte279's avatar
Really a very beautiful piece of art :) (Smile)
I love the expressions, the sense of motion in the whole picture and the overall setting which leaves a lot of room to think of stories about how this meetup "dimly" named character came to pass.
Light262's avatar
I am delighted that my creation you have much amazed!Twilight Sparkle - Hai
Thank you very much!
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
the three ponys of the apocalypse, a realy realy colorful apocalypse.

Soulflutigress's avatar
I like how you represented how they would fly
SimbyFIM's avatar
Itd so just beautiful, you make a awesome job ! :heart:
ShonataBeata's avatar
Wow! This is drawing is beautiful beyond words. Sunset, Starlight and Twilight look so good in this. I like how you have Sunset the Phoenix like wings that she got in 'My Past Is Not Today'. I like her with those wings and it makes not only look cool but a little like twilight, if you know what I mean. But I love this so much, this is amazing. Well done pal :)
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It's a pleasure for me to see my illustration you have marveled! mlp EqG Rainboom (hug) plz
I wanted to test a specific wings design for SunsetSunset Shimmer EqG (transformation) plz

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