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[Light] Break reading - COMMISSION for CloudZapper

Commission for :iconCloudzapper8: /Cloudzapper8


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Illustration by :iconlight262: / Light
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The castle is under attack!
Nop, It's my break time.

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Very nice, love the pose and you did a wonderful job on the perspective.
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1st so cool pony

2nd awesome detail work
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Thank you very much! Twilight (Cute clap) Plz Brohoof 
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1st your welcome

2nd X3 say curious whos your fav mlps chacter X3
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Hey, every guard needs a break, right? :XD:
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AND Muffin! :iconhappyderpyplz: Muffin 
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Binge reading is awesome!
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Twilight Sparkle-sleeping on the books-PLZ  Twilight approves it!Book-chew 
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Thank you dear!Rarity (blink eye) plz 
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