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Commission - Daybreaker warm attention by Light

DayBreaker icon 1 : Do you like a.... flamed banana? It's so hot and tasty!

Commission for :iconjycrow:
/ Jycrow

Thank you
:icondormin-kanna:/Dormin for the insiparation that you give me for the wing design!


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Vector drawing and compositing by :iconlight262: / Light
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the banana stuff of celestia is head canon but we a NERVE see her eat a banana but only Cake, tea and other food but no Banana, plus all the banana Celestia is all close to Molestia!(the most thing create by fans)

Say-Burn-in-Heaven's avatar
Damn, Jyc Row, how did you got in that situation? 
TorturedArtist745's avatar
What are you going to do with that banana?
Light262's avatar
DayBreaker icon 1 : Oww youu~, You'll find out soon!

I've heard of a "hot date", but this is ridiculous! :P
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
It's time for you to show your loyalty to your princess.

Jycrow's avatar
I made her a theme and a song in her honor, does that count? :)
Sarryck's avatar
So pretty and flaming hot!
Terrortheslayer's avatar
I'd be worried about where she intends to put that banana.
Jycrow's avatar
She seems to peel it, so I guess she's gonna eat it. Or gave it to eat. We'll never know. :D
cajobif's avatar
"Uh.... Is it flambé with cider or Grand Marenier?"
matmax426's avatar
Jycrow's avatar
Aaah, if only :DDD
matmax426's avatar
You will burn then :D
Jycrow's avatar
That'd be worth it
Is it me, or does she what - to give - the B?
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*Take banana, cuts and puts it on a sandwich with peanut butter.*
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The hottest MLP character! Literally, lol) 
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This is gonna get steamy! ;)
tigreanpony's avatar
Very cool, nicely done.
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The day will last forever
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