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40k Imperial Guard Medical Field Dressing v2

By Light-Tricks
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An alternate version of this piece here - - trying to add a few more 40k elements and improve the design overall. The observant among you will notice the different forgeworld and serial number, however I think Sirona will be my go to forgeworld for medical stuff. (Sirona doesn't exist in canon, but look it up, I always like little references like this in my stuff).

A version of my original Caduceus medical symbol design is available to purchase on t-shirts, masks and more here:…
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A dental manufacturer?

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What‘s a dental manufacturer?

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Googled Sirona and got this.

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Ah, Sirona was a Celtic goddess of healing

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Hey man! :) I used your field dressing here:  Inquisitor Arch by VookaSheen
I also put triage paper in the foreground. It's slightly visible. Your work is awesome! 
I really hope you are ok with it, but if you have a problem with it I'll remove it. I did credit you though! and did put a tag too. Cheers! 
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I love the details you put into this stuff !!! 
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Would be interesting to see other things like civilian products and military ration packs or other supplies. 
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Wait, IG medics actually PRAY?
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Everybody prays in the Imperium, kind of integral to the setting 
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Still, I didn't think it was THAT ridiculous. At least you make the Imperial Gaurd look competent in the medical department.
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Haha I tried, wanted to make it slightly believable, without the prayers and gothic colour (think that's an oxymoron) it's all just WW1/WW2 triage really
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I mean, modern triage isn't too different from WW2 triage. There's just a few more steps and interventions, like aggressive hypothermia/shock treatment.
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Very true, in my other write ups I've put emphasis on following WWI medical practices (lots of debridement going on) so it felt essentially modern but paradoxically less advanced, it kind of felt right from my perspective of the setting at the time
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Heh. I hear 'ya. Sometimes, Warhammer becomes Grim Derp.
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Dear Ligh-Tricks,

after considerable examination of all your medicinal works on Warhammer 40k, I have come to conclude that you are a fragging connoisseur of both 40k and first aid
that is no mean feat and it is no mean feat either to combine them in such a fashion that is both (somewhat) sensible and grimdark


please continue your good work and may you have many commissions

(PS: if you simply looked it up, well, doing good research is an awesome skill too ;) (Wink) )
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Wow, thank you very much, really appreciate that. Haha it's a bit of both, have been playing 40k since 96 so it's thoroughly ingrained and have a bit of a medical/medical history background too - and I like to do good research :P  
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That's awesome! I love perfect little details like this on a well-done costume.
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Thanks very much, and apologies fro the (very) late response
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It's no problem at all, it gave me a chance to read it again! I still love the details. :)
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Where can we get some of these?
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Do you have a printable version?
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Not at the moment unfortunately, I lost all of my original files at the end of last year and haven't got round to doing this yet. 
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The Emperor protects.
His faith Sustains.
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