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This is my first work with my new Bamboo Fun tablet!
El chupacabra!
The Cryptid creature which supposedly sucks domestic animals dry. Name come form Chupar (to suck) and cabra (goat) for the those who aren't spanish speaking. Yeah, goat sucker.

I wanted to mix a bit the typicall descriptions of it. It has kangaroo-like legs because its said to hop like there's no tomorrow, those spikes and nice shiny eyes. Plus i wanted to give it certain feel that is reminiscent of the ugly dog-coyote corpses that some people think are chupacabras...

Trying to paint a background too and make it more of an illustration...wel it does look a bit dull, eh?

:iconcreature-lovers:'s creature of the week contest entry

Edit I accidentally save a bad quality JPEG, now's corrected
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Hello! Sorry to bother you, I have a YouTube channel and I make some videos about legends ... In one of them I will talk about this legend and I would like to have some images about it and I found your drawing interesting since I need something like that. Could I use it for my video? Of course I would leave credits to you. thanks for your time