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thanks for adding me :) (Smile) 
I have submitted four Light Art photos to this group on two occasions and all of them were never considered. They all expired. I requested to know why and was never answered. I can understand if you  don't like my art, what I can't understand is why the outright RUDE behavior of letting the works go to expiration and never responding to a request to know why. 

The admin of this group does great light art work, we have different styles and could never compete with one another, so I just don't understand the negative and rude behavior I have received. I don't have a problem leaving this group, the world is a big place. I just don't like leaving without knowing what it was I did or didn't do to cause the situation. I'm sure I didn't do anything but submit my art so the problem must come from somewhere else.
I don't know if I replied to you yet. But I gave up on this group also. If it is not dead, it is dead to me. It is too bad.
just hopes it´s still active :D
seems like a good group! LOVE the gallery!