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Gandalf the Grey ✣ Gandalf the White ✣ Olórin ✣ Mithrandir ✣ Tharkun ✣ Greyhame ✣ The Grey Pilgrim ✣ Stormcrow ✣ The White Rider ✣ Lathspell ✣ Incánus

Gandalf the Grey, later known as Gandalf the White, also known as Olórin (Quenya Tengwar: full spelling `Nj~N7T5 or vowel-abbreviated spelling `NjYN7T5; IPA: [oˈloːrin]), Tharkun, and Mithrandir (Sindarin IPA: [miˈθrandir]), was an Istar. Istari were Maiar that were specially chosen by the Valar to help aid the people of Middle-earth in the fight against evil. The Istari (Men called them Wizards) took the form of Men, but possessed much greater physical and mental power. For over 2,000 years, Gandalf worked most faithfully against the rising powers of evil in Middle-earth.

Gandalf is the wisest of the Maiar. He was known as Olórin, who sometimes dwelt in the gardens of Irmo and was the pupil of Nienna, who taught him wisdom and pity, and of Manwë and Varda. When the Valar decided to send the order of the Wizards (also known as the Istari) to Middle-earth, Olórin was proposed by Manwë and Varda, in order to counsel and assist all those in Middle-earth who opposed the Dark Lord Sauron. Upon entrance in Middle-earth, Gandalf (Olorin) spent a good thousand or two years walking among the elves as a stranger and learning from them and teaching them. He later revealed himself as Istari, and has come to be known as the wisest of that order. He is the wisest and most powerful of the Five Wizards: although some have conjectured that Saruman was more powerful due to his pre-War position as head of the Wise, Tolkien wrote that Saruman knew Gandalf possessed the greater power and wisdom and hated him for it.(Appendix B: The Tale of Years, The Third Age, Year 2953).

Gandalf was one of the most powerful Maiar, or lower angels. About one thousand years after the Third Age began, the Istari (wizards), who were all Maiar, appeared from across the sea. There were five of them: Saruman, Gandalf, Radagast, Alatar, and Pallando. They came in the form of old men and were ranked according to their power, with white being the highest level. Most inhabitants of Middle-earth believed Saruman to be the most powerful, but when Cirdan the Ship-wright welcomed Gandalf at the Grey Havens, he saw that Gandalf was indeed the most powerful and gave him Narya, the Elven Ring of Fire. Gandalf chose a wandering life, helping those in need of aid, never living in one place for long. He was the only wizard who took a peculiar interest in hobbits, whom the others thought to be lazy and unimportant creatures.

Gandalf was part of the White Council, which was formed to combat Sauron. Saruman was the head of the Council, though Galadriel would have chosen Gandalf. Saruman insisted that the Ring had fallen into the Anduin river and now lay at the bottom of the sea, but doubts assailed Gandalf as to the validity of this conclusion. He constantly studied old scrolls, searching for any solid information as to the fate of the Ring. Gandalf made two visits to Dol Guldur, where Sauron had hidden after his defeat at the end of the Second Age. The first visit took place in TA 2063; the second 787 years later. On the second visit, Gandalf discovered that the master of Dol Guldur was indeed Sauron (on the first visit, Gandalf had been unable to discover who Dol Guldur's lord was), and encountered the imprisoned Thrain the Dwarf. Gandalf received the key of Erebor from Thrain, who died soon after.

Date of birth ✣ Before the beginning of First Age and the Shaping of Arda
Date of death✣ January 25, 3019, Battle of the Peak (resurrected as Gandalf the White)
Weapon ✣ Glamdring, Narya, Wizard Staff
Race ✣ Maiar
Culture ✣ Istari (Wizards)
Gender ✣ Male
Hair color ✣ Grey later white
Eye color ✣ Blue
Languages ✣ Quenya/Sindar, Dwarvern, Westeron, Rohirric, Orcish, The Language of Mordor {aka all languages}

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You have need of me?
The elder raised his snowy white head, blinking as though only just noticing the woman's presence. "I hardly remember having any need of you, did I call...? Perhaps I did, my memory is not what it once was...~"
"I am Lady Sif of Asgard, Goddess of War." She bowed formally as was befitting of her rank and title. "Defender of the Nine Realms. My brother saw a darkness spreading over this land."
Gandalf did his best to return her gesture, though being elderly in appearance and age did hinder his nimbleness from time to time. It was key to appear his age. "Ah, Gandalf the White, it is truly a pleasure to meet you. Sif, though I'm afraid your status will not be recognized here if that is what you had hoped...Middle Earth follows a much different pantheon to those of Asgard."
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