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:bulletyellow: HEY AND WELCOME~♥ This is a group dedicated to Elysium, a manga written, designed and drawn by me entirely! I am happy for all the support I can get because I know you guys make the world difference for this manga to be a success. Stay tuned and get wonderful gifts in return, my way of showing gratitude to my most active watchers and supporters ^////^

:bulletorange: The STORY revolves around a girl named Sayarh lumière who doesn't remember much of her past and desperately seeks answers to find her father. All she was left with from her missing father was his journal explaining only about a certain mysterious cube said to open Heavens gate, Elysium. Here she will find more than she bargained for! Stick around and solve the mystery, will she be this worlds salvation or it's doom.

:bulletred: WARNING! Light of Elysium is a shonen comedy but will contain violence and action! It will contain romance, horror, fantasy and mystery elements as well.

:bulletpink: I am more than happy to receive FAN-ART just remember to either put a link to credit either this group or me

:bulletgreen: You are allowed to repost my art (NOT my animations) to spread the love as long as you put a LINK Back to my Original art! Do not use my artwork for commercial purposes or alter my images or claim them as yours. Thank you.…

Hi everybody.
This is an announcement for Elysium’s first official contest. :D

Anybody can join, as long as you respect the rules. In return, you might win one of these amazing prizes.

Are you new to Elysium? Do not worry, you can read Elysium here for free:




DEADLINE: 10th of October 2017.
Please pay attention to sending me a note or commenting down below once you are done.

First Prize:

1000 points.

You will win a 10-second animation video that will be uploaded on my youtube channel; you will also receive the full format over your personal mail without any notable watermarks. You can choose anything from your own OC’s and we will discuss the details of the scenes once you win.

You will also win a full-detailed artwork from me.


Second Prize:

500 points.

You will win a full detailed artwork from me.


Third Prize:

100 points.
You will win a simple artwork.


Fourth Prize:

100 points.
You will win a simple artwork.



First Option: (Dreamland)

The rules are very simple; you just need to draw characters from my webcomic, Elysium, in your own interpretation of their dreamland. So if you choose our main character Sayarh (the blond girl) how would her personal wonderland/ dreamland / paradise look like? Would it be full of fox-plushies, or full of books or full of posters of Yuki on Ice? Etc.

Second Option (Halloween)

Since the contest will end during October, it is only natural that Halloween artwork will be allowed as well. You may choose any character in your own interpretation of a night during Halloween.

You can choose any characters from Elysium and you may add more than one character in one artwork.

What’s not allowed:

Anything out of character, meaning you need to respect the design and personality of the character/s you choose.

I do not allow pornography of any kind. Many young spirits are reading Elysium, so we need to keep this innocent guys.

I do not allow propaganda or any hateful messages translated into the artwork.

DEADLINE: 10th of October 2017.

:love: Thanks for joining Elysium and for all your support, And I hope you'll have a lot of fun with this contest. :love:
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