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My Hero Academia: Power of the Gods Chapter 3
Welcome back to chapter 3 of My Hero Academia: Power of the Gods. Today, we have Mira to join us and give the disclaimer. Say hello.
Mira: "H-hello, everyone." *Waves hand* "Before I forget, Xarazechi/Light-He'arth don't own anything related to My Hero Academia or any other material. Just their respective ideas."
A little early for that, but okay. We can change things up.
Soul: It has to happen at some point. But for starters, this chapter will be going in-depth with Mira's past.
Mira: "Oh no..."
Don't worry, it won't be all bad. I think you actually have a crush on Hansuke too. You two do make a good pair. You being shy and Hansuke being... what would he be?
Mira: *Madly Blushing* "Shut up!"
Alright, alright, we do need to end this, anyways, onto the story. *Mira was in her Bubble* Oops... my bad...
Soul: It's her thing, I just ignore it. I mean at least Hansuke isn't hearing this stuff. But anyways, we hope you enjoy the chapter!

:iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 5 0
Hansuke Hikaru Hero Outfit Color by natsufangirl by Light-He-arth Hansuke Hikaru Hero Outfit Color by natsufangirl :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 23 9 Hansuke Hikaru Hero Outfit Line by natsufangi2000 by Light-He-arth Hansuke Hikaru Hero Outfit Line by natsufangi2000 :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 8 0 Hansuke Hikaru by Light-He-arth Hansuke Hikaru :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 15 0 Mira Takahashi by Light-He-arth Mira Takahashi :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 17 4
My Hero Academia: Power of the Gods Chapter 2
Welcome back everyone, I’m here again with Soul and another guest, Izuku.
Izuku: “H-Hello everyone.”
Soul: I almost forgot about your stuttering, but Hello Again!
Today’s chapter we’ll be going a few years into the future when you, Izuku, and Hansuke are going to middle school.
Izuku: “I see. I guess I should do the Disclamer? (The two nod) Well, Xarazechi/Light He’arth and MySoulReader do not own My Hero Academia, the characters, or the plot, just their OC’s and changes.”
That short enough for you Soul?
Soul: I don’t really care, but Onto The Story!

Chapter 2: Train Delays and School Drama
(Tatooin Station: Ten Years Later)
Izuku and Hansuke were running to get to school. The two boys had stayed close friends for years. In a matter of minutes, they made it to the train station, Tatooin Station, but they had to stop
:iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 8 0
Greetings everyone, this is Light He'arth here with my RP friend Kaizokuoniiorewanaru helping me with a crossover story. Say hello my friend.
Kaizoku: Hi. Listen, Light. I wanna thank you SO MUCH for this, and, uh, I kinda wanna redo the RWBYXKH Journal RP we had going on, if you don't mind since you rarely update that pile of dust anymore... But, um, either way, I have NEVER done this before, helping someone out with an RP, I mean. It's a new experience, to say the least.
You know what. Have at it. I've got a lot on my plate anyways. Also, it was writing a story, not an RP, Role Play fore those who don't know.
Kaizoku: Writing a story. Right. Well, I'm'a tell Abei I got the go ahead, then. I hope you'll participate in it as well. Also, I've agreed to remove the battle system entirely, so... yeah.
Guess you'll be doing real time then RP battles. Anyways, we're getting off topic. Today we have a Kingdom Hearts Crossover with two of our favorite animes Fairy Tail and RWBY. Anyways let
:iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 5 0
My Hero Academia: Power of the Gods Chapter 1
Greetings everyone, it’s me again with a new story with my new friend MySoulReader. Say hello Soul.
Soul: Hello Again! (Please get the reference)
Today we’ll be working on my first ever My Hero Academia AU/AT story that I got inspiration from Soul and another one shot story I ready on Deviantart. In this story, Izuku has a Quirk called Deity’s Fortune (Soul’s name for it.). Thanks for the naming help of this Soul.
Soul: You're welcome. But let’s start the story!
Not yet, still have one more announcement and disclaimer, don’t want to flagged for this story you know.
Soul: Right, we own nothing but the idea and All Rights Reserved!
Just the OCs we have and powers we make up, and plot changes. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Raging God’s Power
Another sunny day in Musutafu, Japan, a 4 year old boy with black, bushy hair and green tips played wi
:iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 11 3
True Crystal Warmonger by Light-He-arth True Crystal Warmonger :iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 26 19
Soul Reaper Family Chapter 3
So, here’s chapter 3 Soul Reaper Family.
Karin: Are you done now?
You could stand to be a bit nicer sometimes.
Karin: Nice isn’t in my vocabulary. And why did you write this story anyways?
Nah-ah, spoilers.
Karin: Tell me now or so help m-
I can make it that you’re not part of the story anymore you know.
Karin: … I can wait…
Good now can you please do the disclaimer.
Karin: Fine. Light doesn’t own Bleach or the plot, just OC, some side plots on the side and changes to the original story.
Thank you, Karin, now enjoy.
Chapter 3: The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish
“He has become a monster now that must be eliminated,” Zacory explained.
“But… it was human once…” Ichigo said.
“This… this is just… insane…” Karin ad
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Yugioh: Seal of Orichalcos,Joey and Mai Switch Ch3
Welcome back to another chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh: Seal of Orichalcos.
Mai: “What the heck took you two so long to start this up again?
What? Me and Pimsan have our own lives and works to do, right Pimsan?
Pimsan: Yep. And i'm writing my own stories, one of them involve my Oc Ray in the 5ds world while my other is a crossover with Digimon and Megaman.
Mai: “Really now? That sound interesting.”
Yes, and I’ve been trying to read them to help him write them, but I just can’t seem to get the time in. Sorry about that man.
Pimsan: meh, can't be helped.
Mai: “Well then shall we?”
Yes but first, we will send a link to Pimsan’s stories at the end of this chapter for all of you that want to read them. You okay with that?
Pimsan: Yea, thank! But you have to write your stories yourself once in awhile, okay? Or else you won't improve as a writer. Trust me, speaking of experience here.
:iconlight-he-arth:Light-He-arth 4 7
Blue Exorcist: The Half Angel Chapter 4
“Hello again everyone. Me and Hope here for another chapter of Blue Exorcist: The Half Angel Chapter.”
Hope: Rushes in. "I'm back~ I am sorry I am late~”:D
“It’s okay. I was busy as well.”
Hope: "Who?"
Shiro: “Hey there~!”
Hope: “안녕 하세요! Oops! Sorry! I mean hello Shiro!”
“What language was that?”
Shiro: “I’d like to know to?”
Hope: "It was Korean!"
“Thank you for telling us.”
Hope: "Your welcome guys~"
“Well anyways today’s chapter, we’ll be going back to Rin and Yukio’s home.”
Shiro: “That is after the go back to True Cross and give the letter to Mephisto.”
Hope: “Understood? Yes? Okay!” Turns to Shiro and Ligh. "They understand!"
“Well anyways Shiro, if you please.”
Shiro: “Right. Light and Hope do not own Blue Exorcist, no matter how much they wish, only plot and OCs."
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DC x MHA - The Dark Knights by edCOM02 DC x MHA - The Dark Knights :iconedcom02:edCOM02 112 12 MHA x RWBY - Exploding Hot-Heads by edCOM02 MHA x RWBY - Exploding Hot-Heads :iconedcom02:edCOM02 162 62 A Pastry Party for the Princess by Skirtzzz A Pastry Party for the Princess :iconskirtzzz:Skirtzzz 1,516 114 Ah! My Goddess by ParodyPunk Ah! My Goddess :iconparodypunk:ParodyPunk 33 4 Lux Verus the artificial angel by AzoSama Lux Verus the artificial angel :iconazosama:AzoSama 262 47 Social Media by StarAmulet Social Media :iconstaramulet:StarAmulet 4 0 Hana Vs Jack by Sonicforhire130 Hana Vs Jack :iconsonicforhire130:Sonicforhire130 32 1 Chronos Hyperforce Megazord_Stuntman Version by RiderB0y Chronos Hyperforce Megazord_Stuntman Version :iconriderb0y:RiderB0y 112 23 Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #8 by SirSkullReed Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #8 :iconsirskullreed:SirSkullReed 26 0 Subtitles for Power Rangers 25th Hasbro Style by Bilico86 Subtitles for Power Rangers 25th Hasbro Style :iconbilico86:Bilico86 50 7 Power Rangers Hyperforce By Ruddyes by Ruddyes Power Rangers Hyperforce By Ruddyes :iconruddyes:Ruddyes 7 0 HyperForce vs Shiburai by strangefour HyperForce vs Shiburai :iconstrangefour:strangefour 59 3 Power Rangers Hyperforce by Lysergic44 Power Rangers Hyperforce :iconlysergic44:Lysergic44 170 19 Power Rangers HyperForce - Season Finale Cover by TheHappyAndying Power Rangers HyperForce - Season Finale Cover :iconthehappyandying:TheHappyAndying 20 4 forever power rangers by dragonheartvi forever power rangers :icondragonheartvi:dragonheartvi 5 1 Senna One On One by Gairon Senna One On One :icongairon:Gairon 200 29
Turn Order: Xaganimmi--> Hot --> Bullet --> Ruby --> Shark Girl --> Maka and Soul --> Velvet --> Black Star and Tsubaki --> Weiss --> Ren --> Fluttershy --> Tethys-->  Jaune --> Dust --> Aqua --> Nora --> Kid, Liz, and Patty
Song: Deities (Dust: An Elysian Tail)

Xagaimmi's turn
(Xaganimmi draws Water Spirit from Tethys)
Hot's turn.
(Hot switches to sniper mode)
(Bullet's turn(
(Bullet uses Lock-on on Tethys)
Bullet's MP 10-->9
Ruby: (Attacks Tethys
Tethys HP: 120 - 10 = 110
(Shark Girl's turn)
Shark Girl: (Attacks)
Tethys HP: 110 --> 100
(Maka's turn(
Maka: (Attacks)
100 --> 80
Velvet: (Uses her Devouring Claw)
80 --> 70
Velvet: Water Snake's Wake!
70 --> 50
Velvet: Finish! Break Boost!
50 --> 10
(Black Star's turn)
Black Star: (Attacks Tethys to finish her off)
10 --> 0
Velvet: So that's it.
Laphicet: We've done it!
Tethys: Ugh... What... What happened? (Shows her blue eyes)
Ruby: You were being mind controlled by him. (Points at Xagaimmi)
Arc: (Suddenly appears) Wrong, Ruby that's a woman can you not see the boobs and I just finished creating her. Did you not pay attention?
Ruby: Oh... sorry.
???: To count something ELSE against you, you were wrong anyway. I'M the one who controlled her. (Revealed to be Grimmjow, the being that injected Tethys with HATE)
Song: Power to Strive (Bleach)

Nagamimi: Sexta Espada... Grimmjow!
Grimmjow: Heh. Long time no see, doll.
Grimmjow: Whatever.
Aqua: Be careful, everyone! I'm sensing a lot of darkness from him!
Grimmjow: Anyway, I was the one who controlled Tethys into drying up the waters in this underground village and caverns... thanks to a repeated dosage of the HATE vials.
Ruby: HATE vials?
Grimmjow: Three words, Little Red Riding Hood: Black SOUL Magic. Do you remember someone named... Salem?
Ruby: !!!
Grimmjow: After you killed her, she scattered the HATE she had for humanity and Faunus alike all across the universe. And that HATE unified with more HATE, reviving many allies and some worlds returned to past events with no one having any real memory of what happened during the past. As for your world, Little Red... it's gone. Your friends, family members and everyone else there didn't share their world's fate, but they will soon. Starting... with... you. (Shows a crazy smile)
Tethys: No... I won't let you! (Tries to get up but fails)
Grimmjow: Save your strength and breath. Or die. I don't care which so long as those waters stay dry. The Noble One wouldn't like that. Not yet, anyway.
Nagamimi: The Noble One? Are you referring to-
Grimmjow: Shut up, daughter of a false god.
Nagamimi: OH, THAT IS IT!!! (Attempts to attack Grimmjow)
(Grimmjow just kicked her away so hard, she was logged inside the wall)
Ruby: Nagamimi!
Dust: This guy is no joke!
Widget: Eep! (Hides behind the others) Don't let him near me!
Grimmjow: (Smiles at everyone) Heh. If that's you're best idea at a joke, I'm MORE than disappointed. Now that she's out of the way... time for the hunt... to begin.
Class: Arrancar/Espada
Arrancar: A human-like Hollow symbolized by a hole on their body.
Espada: Also known as the Ten Blades. One of the most powerful Hollows.
HP: 900
Strength: 30
Magic: 24
Speed: 18
Defense: 30
Resistance: 24
Ability: Sonido
Sonido: Allows the user to go first in the turn order and remains in the turn that takes place before the Character with the highest Speed Stat regardless of higher Speed Stats.
Dangerous Battle Theme: Life Or Death (Tales of Xillia)

Turn Order: Grimmjow --> Xaganimmi--> Hot --> Bullet --> Ruby --> Shark Girl --> Maka and Soul --> Velvet --> Black Star and Tsubaki --> Weiss --> Ren --> Fluttershy --> Laphicet-->  Jaune --> Dust --> Aqua --> Nora --> Kid, Liz, and Patty
Grimmjow: (Appears in front of Xaganimmi and punches her out cold)
Xaganimmi HP: 30 --> 0
Maka: What!? Why would he attack Xaganimmi when they were on the same side?
Soul: We can ask later, right now, we have a fight we need to survive.
Grimmjow: Same side? Do you actually think an elephant is on the same side as an ant that it stomps on? A dragon with a cow that it eats!? You've got balls to say that the two of us are on the same side, kid. Balls.
Ruby: Wait. So you're saying... She's on OUR side?
Grimmjow: ...Idiots. You JUST NOW realized that? Arc created her. Why wouldn't she be?
Arc: I know Grimmjow, it's like stupidity is an actual virus or something. 
Hot: Uh it's my turn.
Arc: Right. Go head. 
(Hot's turn)
(Hot switches to Sniper mode)
(Bullet then attacks behind Ruby revealing a man in a black cloak)
Arc: Not you...
???: I see you have much to learn Arc.
(Suddenly the figure removes his cloak to be similar to Arc in appearance except for a scar running down his face and his left eye covered in an eye-patch)
Ruby: Who are you?
???: I am Crax, Nobody of Arc, one of my powers is to plant suggestions into people's minds.
Arc: God fucking dammit.
Crax: Now if you will excuse me I shall join you Mr Grimmjow.
Grimmjow: Okay....why is that?
Crax: So I may fuck Salem.
Ruby: I'm sorry what?!
Jaune: NO! THAT'S Just Wrong!
Nora: I think I'm gonna be sick.
Ren: ...What?
Weiss: Do you need mental assistance, I can get you a good psychiatrist.
Nagamimi: WHAT?!
Rachel: That is quite disturbing.
Crax: Right may I join?
Grimmjow: I guess....
New Turn order:  Ruby --> Shark Girl --> Maka and Soul --> Velvet --> Black Star and Tsubaki --> Weiss --> Ren --> Fluttershy --> Laphicet-->  Jaune --> Dust --> Aqua --> Nora --> Kid, Liz, and Patty--> Crax--> Grimmjow --> Hot --> Bullet
Crax's Stats
HP: ??? (Unit will leave in three turns or until Grimmjow is defeated)
Strength: ???
Magic: ???
Speed: ???
Defense: ???
Resistance: ???
Ruby: Aw man...! Gr...! I'll use this! Ichor!
Ichor's Effect: Targets all allies. At the start of the user's next turn, revive all of the user's allies. Costs 10 MP.
(Shark Girl's turn)


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Welcome back to chapter 3 of My Hero Academia: Power of the Gods. Today, we have Mira to join us and give the disclaimer. Say hello.

Mira: "H-hello, everyone." *Waves hand* "Before I forget, Xarazechi/Light-He'arth don't own anything related to My Hero Academia or any other material. Just their respective ideas."

A little early for that, but okay. We can change things up.

Soul: It has to happen at some point. But for starters, this chapter will be going in-depth with Mira's past.

Mira: "Oh no..."

Don't worry, it won't be all bad. I think you actually have a crush on Hansuke too. You two do make a good pair. You being shy and Hansuke being... what would he be?

Mira: *Madly Blushing* "Shut up!"

Alright, alright, we do need to end this, anyways, onto the story. *Mira was in her Bubble* Oops... my bad...

Soul: It's her thing, I just ignore it. I mean at least Hansuke isn't hearing this stuff. But anyways, we hope you enjoy the chapter!


Chapter 3 - Remember the Past, Look to the Future

(Building rooftop)

All-Might had finally landed on the roof of a building and Mira looked like she was just in a hurricane. Her usual silky, shiny silver hair was all frizzy now while her galaxy-like eyes were now nothing but white, scared beyond anything she was scared of. While her junior high uniform was a bit wrinkly, though she was on her knees, twitching a bit, and a bit nauseous, a little bit of foam coming from her mouth.

"Mira!" both her friends shouted, finally catching up to her. They saw how she was and ran over to her side.

"Mira, are you alright?" Izuku asked.

"Please say something," Hansuke pleaded.

"G-Give... me... a sec..." she said as she ran over to the edge of the roof and threw up, making her vomit drop into an alley, which was hopefully empty.

'Not surprised by that,' both boys thought. 'We'd be the same if we weren't used to going that fast by now.'

"Not a very smart move," All Might tells her. "Bang on the door for a while and someone will come to get you. NOW, I HAVE TO GO! SEE YOU ON THE FLIP-SIDE~!"

By instinct, Mira used a rope of light to grab All-Might's ankle as he fell face first into the roof of the building. "I-I'm sorry, I just have one q-question for y-you," she said as he got up and turned to look at the girl's eyes which seemed like swirling galaxies that were confused on where they should be.

He didn't have time to think about this though, he had to hurry. "No," All Might, turning back around and walking away again. "I don't have any time."

"P-Please sir," she gegged, tears coming from her eyes. "I need to know..." She had her arm stretched out, wanted to run up to the hero, but stopped. She stopped because she was scared, scared to find out a terrible truth.

"Fine. Make it quick," he said harshly, which was extremely out of character.

"Can I be a hero even when I've hurt people with my quirk?" Mira said with tears about to fall from her eyes.

"Of course," All-Might said as Mira looked into his eyes. Her eyes widen when she heard this. "All powers can be hard to control, but with the right training and help, your powers can be a force for good."

Mira had had tears in her eye, not of sadness but of joy. Her friends came over to her.

"You hear that Mira?" Izuku asked. "You can be a hero with us."

"See," Hansuke started, "we told you you could be."

Mira turned to the two and hugged the two, "Thank you..." she said, tears still coming down her face "I'm glad you two became my friends...~"

All-Might actually smiled gently, seeing that she would be an amazing heroine in the future. He went to leave but something happening, smoke was covering his whole body but Izuku, Hansuke and Mira weren't paying attention. 'Oh no... not now... damn it... not here...'

Mira was still hugging the two then let go of them, smiling a million watt smile. Then she realized something. "Oh! I almost forgot!" she shouted. She then turned to look at All-Might. "Thank you All-Mi-" she stopped when she saw, along with Izuku and Hansuke, a twigs of a man in All Might place, actually shocking all three of the kids.

"Well..." Izuku started, shocked and almost speechless "didn't see that coming..."

"I... don't know what to say..." Hansuke stated, his mind trying to catch up to what was happening.

Immediately, Mira looked at the skeleton-man before looking back at the two boys. Without a word, she pinched her arm and then hid behind Hansuke in a flash of light.

"I guess you're all wondering why I look like thi-" the hero started, but didn't get to finishes when blood came out his mouths. Hansuke looking like he was going to hurl.

"D-Didn't need to see that," Izuku said, looking green himself. Mira, for her part, held onto Hansuke, tightly, so she wouldn't faint from the sight.

"You know how guys at the pool are always sucking in, flexing and trying to look buff?" All Might asked, explaining a bit and wiping the blood away. "I'm like that."

"You guys are seeing this... right...?" Hansuke asked, his mind threatening to shut down from the shock of this.

"I think we are," Izuku said. "That or we're all having the same dream."

"B-But he's All-Might," Mira tried to explain, "h-he's the giant of a man, h-he saves everyone with a smile on his face that shows no fear"

All All-Might did was sigh at that statement. "There's plenty of fear behind that smile..." the hero told them, taking a seat on the ground and leaning on the rails.

"I don't like where this is going," Hansuke atated, Mira and Izuku agreeing with him.

"I'm counting on you three to keep your mouths shut," All Might told them. "So don't go posting this online or blabbing it to your friends." All three of them looked confused by this, but then All Might lifted up his shirt show a really nasty scary each had.

Izuku had a blank look on his face, but was mentally freaking out after seeing this.

Hansuke nearly lost his lunch and consciousness. 'Dear gods...' he thought glad he had a light lunch and a strong stomach.

Mira looked away as she left Hansuke's back and hid herself within a bubble of solid light, making it unclear what she was doing.

"Pretty gross right?" All Might asked. "I got this in a big fight five years ago. My respiratory system was basically destroyed, I even lost my whole stomach... All the surgeries have pretty much worn me out and they can't be fixed. Right now, I can only do hero work for at tops three hours a day, the rest of the time, this is what I look like."

"No way..." Izuku started in shock, then realized something, "five years ago...? So does that mean it was the fight against Toxic Chainsaw...?"

"T-That's right..." Hansuke agreed. "That was five years ago." As of now, Mira came out of her bubble, feeling somewhat better.

"Wow," All Might said, impressed by the three's knowledge and putting down his shirt, "you three know your stuff but no. That punk might have land few hits but nothing like that could bring me down. Most of the world has never heard of this fight,I did my best to keep it under wraps. I'm supposed to be the guy who's always smiling, the symbol of peace, people everywhere have to think I'm never afraid," Then he lifted his hand and looked at it, then turning it to a fist, before telling them, "but honestly I smile to hide the fear inside. It's just a brave face I put on when the pressure is high. This job isn't easy." The three kids were in shock when hearing this. The heroes look at them. "Pro Heroes are always having to risk their lives, some villains just can't be beaten without the proper powers. So no, I honestly don't think you can become a hero with a Quirk out of your control. Your friends have the better chance in being heroes than you."

Mira was in total shock hearing this and then looked at the ground in sadness. "I see..."

"But what if I made her armor and gear that could-" Hasuke started but was interrupted by the heroes.

"And what would happen if that was destroyed and she was vulnerable?" The adult on the rooftop asked. Hansuke wanted to counter, but couldn't think of anything to counter it. "Although," this got here attention, "like I said, if she can control her powers better, she can be a great hero. Right now she couldn't, like I said, and you can help her out if need be. But tell me, what are your powers? I'm intrigued to know, even how all three of you meet, if you three are up for it?"

"I don't mind," Izuku said as Hansuke gave the hero a nod and thumbs up.

"I'm okay with it if Mira is," he answered.

"U-umm... sure," she said as she subconsciously made a ball of light and moved it around in her hand to calm down.

"My Quirk is called Deity's Fortune," he answered, "it was given to me by the god Asura and so far, it allows me to use my rage and turn it into strength. But if I get even angrier, I can transform at times, I was told I could get other powers too."

"But for right now he only has the Wrath of Asura," Hansuke added, "which isn't bad, he just needs to watch his temper."

"Yeah, also that," Izuku said, slightly deflated from that comment, with and anime down cast on him. (A/N 1)

"As for me, I'm a Technomancer," Hansuke answered. "For me, my power is over tech it self. I am able to build anything from fictional powers and tech too powers from Quirks that people have and how to improve upon them to. Although I need top of the line materalies or good stuff if I want it to be fully functional and understand the powers I'm basing my tech off of, less I screw something up..." he remembered the first time he tried to build a laser rifle for the first time based off of Mira's powers. Let's just say, it blew up in his face the first time he used it... "Still getting the bugs worked out on that..." he muttered the last part to himself.

"Oh, I'm Mira and my quirk is photokinesis," she said as she waved played with her fingers, allowing All Might to look at the gauntlets adorning her petite hands. "I can control photons, but it's mostly just light right now. These gauntlets Hikaru-kun made are supposed to help me with that," she said as she made a small ball of light between her hands. "But the problem is... I can control any form of light, electricity, and magnetism so it was too hard to control ever since I got it."

"Well then," All Might started, "I see why your friend helped you out with this. Those Quirks are at the top of the list of powerful Quirks, top twenty I'd say. With powers like those, with the proper training, you three would be the next top heroes for the new generation. Now can you tell me how you three met?"

"Well for me and Izuku," Hansuke started, "we became friends when we were kids, he saved my ass when our school bully was picking a fight with me and Izuku tried to help."

"That was the day my powers awoke,' Izuku stated. "We stayed friends ever since then."

"A-As for me..." Mira started while she played with her fingers, "W-We've... only been friends for only two years. Me with I-Izuku and Hansuke that is..."

"This sounds like it's a story," All Might stated. "How'd it happened?"

"Well..." all three said at the same time.


(Flashback: Aldera Junior High: Entrance: 2 Years Ago)

Mira Takahashi was just walking to class, like any normal student should but doesn't. Right now, she just got onto school grounds and was already looking around as if she knew something was about to happen. Thankfully, it seemed like nothing was going to, so she just walked to her first-year class which was already packed with all the other students so she hurried to her desk.

Now that she was seated, the teacher who was waiting for the bell could start his lesson. "Welcome everyone to your first day of Junior High," the teacher started. "We'll start off with some simple introductions. So just tell us your name, likes, dislikes, your Quirk, and your dream after junior high." (A/N 2)

The class did so one by one, all of them having the same dream of being heroes, until they got to Katsuki Bakugo, who was only smirking. "I'm Katsuki Bakugo. My likes and dislikes are none of your goddamn business to you future D-Listers. My Quirk is Explosion, so if none of you want to die, don't get in my way, or else. And this isn't a dream, it's a fact, I'm going to be a hero." After that he took his seat.

Mira was shaking, from pure fear of this boy. 'Why do I feel like he was talking to me when said that?' She thought before she was called up to introduce herself. "H-Hello, I'm Mira Takahashi. I like reading and watching light shows. As for dislikes, I don't really like loud noises. M-My Quirk is P-Photon Control, so I can control light. B-But my dream is to go to UA and become a hero!" She exclaimed at the end only to rush back to her seat once she heard an explosion. "Eek!"

A few other students got a laugh out of her reaction before Izuku was called up to introduce himself. He got up and smiled brightly to everyone. "Hello everyone, I'm Izuku Midoriya. I like Katsudon, Heroes, All Might, helping others and my friend Hansuke, but I don't like people who cause meaningless violence, anyone who hurts my friends, or those who use their Quirks to belittle or hurt those who think they are weaker or don't have the chance to be heroes. My Quirk is Deity's Fortune, which allows me to use powers from divine beings, but right now I only have one power, Wrath of Asura, which allows me to get stronger the angrier I get. And my dream is to go to UA and be the number one hero, and to help those with a smile on my face like my hero, All Might~!" All the girls in class were blushing and everyone was clapping for him, except a certain blonde and a silver-haired girl who was surprised by the sudden applause.

Now it was time for Hansuke Hikaru to introduce himself, so he walked to the front of the class, notebook in hand with ideas from all the Quirks he learned from all the new people, putting the final touches to his ideas to help them better. "Greetings, I'm Hansuke Hikaru. My likes are anime, manga, comics, reading, writing, heroes, All Might, my best friend Izuku, making ideas for tech based off other's Quirk, making gear to help people with their Quirks to be better at them, and so on and so forth. My dislikes are, bullies, people who pick on the weak and helpless, people with high and mighty attitudes, and that's all I can think of as of right now. My Quirk is called Technomancer, which allows me to make tech based off of others powers for weapons, tech and gear to help and reinforce their powers, and also make tech from other powers like in comics and manga. As for my dream, I want to be a Hero and got to the top school as well. Oh, also, if anyone wants me to help them with their Quirks, feel free to ask." He then took his seat. At that last comment, Mira wondered if he could help her.

'He might be help me with my Quirk... but he sounds busy,' she thought before the teacher took over the class again. 'I'll ask at lunch time... if I can...'

Hansuke glanced at the short girl before returning to his desk beside Izuku. 'My gut is telling me to help her,' he thought. 'She looks like she could use some friends as well.' He then looked at his best friend. "Hey bro."

Izuku looked at Hansuke. "Yeah Hansuke?"

"I think we just found someone to join the H.O.H."



At lunch, everyone was already in their own little groups and Mira was nowhere to be found. Whether that was a height issue or something else was a mystery. So that left Izuku and Hansuke to sit by themselves while some girls tried to get as close as possible to them without them noticing.

Just then, an explosion was heard in the cafeteria which made everyone look towards the source. Standing near the wall was Katsuki looming over Mira who was backed against the wall and he had a look that wanted to say, you're mine or I'll make you mine. "So you're that shy light girl right?" he asked her.

"Y-yeah," she replied clearly frightened as she tried to backup but only felt the wall behind her. "B-Bakugo-san, do you n-need something?"

"Yeah," he answered. "I want you to join me. Your Quirk is strong, I can tell. I can make it so you can lose that shy girl persona and use it to the fullest. You'll be my first sidekick, how does that sound?" He proposed with a psychotic look plastered onto his face the entire time. "Maybe even make you like me, I'm cool with that."

'He's... scary...' was the only thing going through Mira's head as she could barely process any words, much less make her body act how she wanted it to.

"Hey, Bombs for Brains," Hansuke called. "I'd like it if you didn't scare the girl. Let alone make her like you, a girl with those laughs and looks down on others." (A/N 3) Hansuke held out his hand to Mira and asked, "Mind if I escort you, my lady?"

"Hey! I wasn't done talking!" Katsuki shouted at him, about to use an explosion on any one of them. "She'd be better off with me and lose that damn shyness, and looking down on others would be a good bonus."

Hansuke just rolled his eyes and ignored him. "You're Mira right?" He asked the girl.

"Y-yes," she answered as she shakily grabbed his hand, but the moment was once again ruined by Katsuki.

"I told you we weren't don-" he started when a collar was placed around his neck by Hansuke, and was shocked, literally.

"Huh?" Mira sounded, quite confused as she let go of Hansuke's hand and poked Katsuki's cheek, making his body spasm before he fell to the ground.

"Sorry about that," Hansuke apologized, "but he was going to attack, so I defended us."

"T-Thank you," she said with her head down, but then Hansuke grabbed her hand again. Only for her to pull her hand back and make a bubble of solid light around her which disappeared after a few seconds. "S-Sorry, I do that when I get surprised."

"Don't be," Hansuke said. "That was awesome. You actually made a force field that can protect others." He then pulled out his notes. "If I could figure that out from you, you'd be helping me with the force field projectors I'm making. You could be the key to it. You're power is amazing, and lovely."

Mira was blushing at this point, her heart skipping a beat, while she barely forced herself not to make another bubble. "T-Thanks, but I think lunch is about to end..." At that point, both of them looked at the clock and she was right. So as they rushed back to class and forgot about Izuku, this flashback ended with the meeting of three lifelong friends.


(Flashback End: Random Rooftop: Ten Minutes Later)

"Sounds like it was love at first sight," All Might teased them as Mira went into a bubble, not surprising and Hansuke putting his mask back on so not to be seen, while the other two laughed it off. "But it sounds like you all can be great heroes, just got to practice."

"Right. Thanks All-Might," Izuku said as the two seemed to calm down and got rid of their bubble and mask respectively. "We still have ten months, so let's do our best to train. Right, guys?"

"Right," both Hansuke and Mira said together.

All Might got up, and said, "Well we should start head out." He and three students went to the stairway. All Might was coughing and was ready to turn the villain they captured into custody. "Now let's get you to the station," All Might said while going for the villain that was supposed to be in his pocket, only to realize he wasn't there any more and turned his pant pockets inside out.

"What's wrong All Might?" Izuku asked, seeing his worried face.

"The villain's gone," he said bluntly.

"Oh no." All three of them said. "That's not good." They all looked around, but then they heard an explosion and looked towards the city.

"I think I found the villain," Izuku said as they all looked at a burning smoke cloud.

"Not good..." all of them said in worry.

To be continued


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This was a request I made from natsufangirl2000 fro Wattpad.
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Hansuke Hikaru
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Quirk's Power: Can build any tool or gear he can think of and can make gear from others powers by seeing them in use. 
Quirk's Weakness: Has to have enough energy packs to power all of his gear, need top of the line items to build and make it top knock, using junk he fines will work but it'll break or fail after one use at most, and need to be able to think of something that he can create.
Age: 15
Height: 5 ft 11 IN
Realm: My Hero Academia
Background and story: His parents are two well know heroes. Haku Hikaru a.k.a. Kohaku, the River Dragon and Chihiro Ogino a.k.a. Sin, the Spirit Summoner. They may be well know, but don't make enough money to get Hansuke to good materials for his inventions. He wants to prove he can be a hero with a Quirk like his.
Mira Takahashi
Name: Mira Takahashi
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Eye Color: Galaxy
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Quirk: Photon Manipulation
Quirk's Power: allowed her to control the photons around her, control light and electromagnets, among a long list of other things.
Quirk's Weakness: Has a hard time controlling her powers, but has gauntlets Hansuke mad for her to help her.
Age: 15
Height: 5 ft
Realm: My Hero Academia
Background and story: She was shy most of the time, liked to be alone, and was very introverted which was similar to canon Izuku. This was due to her Quirk, Photon Manipulation, which allowed her to control the photons around her. So basically, she could control light and electromagnets, among a long list of other things. As for her shyness, she had a very powerful quirk which made it quite hard to control, so she was a bit ridiculed for it since she also injured her mother when she first used it.
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Chapter 2: Train Delays and School Drama
(Tatooin Station: Ten Years Later)
Izuku and Hansuke were running to get to school. The two boys had stayed close friends for years. In a matter of minutes, they made it to the train station, Tatooin Station, but they had to stop because of a delay due to a villain attacking.
“Whoa~!” Izuku said in awe. “That’s one big Super villain~!”
Hansuke just whistled, agreeing with his best friend. "One of the biggest ones I've ever seen," he stated.
The villain then swung its arm in anger, knocking over a power line in the process. Just then the Punching Hero, Deatharms, stopped it from falling by grabbing it before it hit the ground and hurt someone.
Just then another pro hero, the Rescue Specialist Hero, Backdraft, came and blocked off the road with his water powers so no one would get too close to the fight.
"Everyone, please stay back," Backdraft warned. "This area is far to dangerous."
"Let's try getting to the front," Hansuke said.
"I was just thinking the same thing," Izuku admitted.
Both boys were doing just that, trying to get to the front, when a suddenly another Pro Hero appeared, making every single girls scream and squeal in a fangirl way. It was the Wood Hero, Kamui Woods. He engaged the villain and moved out of the way of the villain’s attacks.
"Get away from me, OR I'LL BREAK YOU TOOTHPICK!!!" the villain shouted/roared.
Izuku and Hansuke had finally made it to the front to see the fight better, and get some useful information for the future of both young boys, Izuku; for different gods or goddesses powers he might acquire, and Hansuke; for his Technomancer Quirk for making gear and tools for and based off of other’s Quirks
"Aha, this is going to be good!" Izuku said.
"You can say that again bro!" Hansuke agreed.
The villain goes to attack Kamui again, but said hero moved out of the way of it by extending his arm and grabbing a part of the railing on the train station.
"It's Kamui Woods~!"  Izuku shouted in excitement.
"He might be a fresh face face but he's already making a big name for himself," Hansuke stated, knowing as much about heroes as his best friend.
"One look at those dopey grins and I know what you two are," the guy next to then started, "you two are fanboys."
Izuku got nervous. "Uh... Sort of..." he then looked away, embarrassed.
"You got us," Hansuke admits, rubbing the back of his head.
Kamui was still battling the villain and dodging their attacks. He ran up the villain’s arm, after it punched the ground, and went to attack the villain by extending his arm but the villain blocked his attack. The villain then swings Kamui around, which made the said hero retract his arm, forcing him to fly in the air a bit and land on the roof of the station.
"Assault, robbery and illegal uses of powers during rush hour traffic," Kamui listed the crimes that were committed by the villain. "You are the incarnation of evil." He was starting to use his special move to finish the fight.
"There," Izuku started, excited, "his special move~!"
"We'll get a good view of it," Hansuke said. "I can't wait to see it."
"We're seeing it," they both said smiling.
"Go on tree man!" the guy next to them shouted. "Show us something flashy!"
"The preemptive-" Izuku and Hansuke said in unison.
"binding-" Kamui said.
"LACQUERED CHAINS PRISON!" Kamui shouted while Izuku and Hansuke added along.
The villain tried to guard himself from the attack when-
"CANYON CANNON!" shouted a giant woman who dropped kicked the giant villains face knocking him off the bridge, shocking everyone.
"What... just happened...?" Hansuke asked, not sure what to think.
Just then people come in front of them with cameras, chanting ‘Money Shot’.
"Piece of cake for the world's next hottest hero~" the giant woman said picking up the villain by the right leg. She then turned to everyone. "Hi there everyone~ I'm Mount Lady~ And you don't have to worry about this bum anymore~" she winked at everyone. More people came in front of them, chanting ‘Money Shot’ once again. While Izuku and Hansuke just looked annoyed just trying to get there notebooks out.
"Wait... she's getting all the credit...?" Kamui asked himself.
"Looks like Mount Lady just stole Kamui's fans, spotlight and next big paycheck..." Hansuke listed. "Not cool... Not cool at all."
Izuku and Hansuke pulled their notebooks and started writing.
"A Gigantification quirk, huh?" Izuku said writing down everything about Mount Lady along with the others. "She has the looks and attitude to be a crowd favorite and her Quirk is really showy, but it'll be kinda hard for her to get around the city without damaging a lot of things. That means that... she might not be very useful."
"Not true bro," Hansuke said. "With her size and strength, she could help hold up buildings that might start falling and give people time to get away. She can also hold down villains that are giant that attack as well."
"What's that fanboys," the guy that was next to them started, "You taking notes over there? You three want to heroes to huh?"
They turned to the man before smiling at him in unison, a bit creepily. "Yes," they answered. "More than anything."
Just then a holo-clock showed up on Hansuke's wrist. "Oh crud! We're going to be late for school!"
“Well then Hansuke,” Izuku started, activating his Quirk, just so he could run faster and nothing else, “How about a race?”
Hansuke smirked at his friend and pulled out a cube and activated it to show a rocket hoverboard he made. “You know it bro,” he said, pulling out another cube that turned into a helmet. He got on as clamps went around his feat to keep him up right. Both got ready to race.
“Ready,” Izuku started.
“Set,” Hansuke said next.
“GO!” both shouted and were off in a flash.
(Aldera Junior High: Entrance)
Hansuke and Izuku made it to the school in time before class started. Their race was fierce, with both Izuku and Hansuke not giving up. Izuku was running and jumping on the ground and off buildings; Hansuke was using his gear, such as holomaps and grappling gear, so he could find the fastest way to school and making fast sharp turns if needed to on his hoverboard. In the end, it was close, but Hansuke made it within a second. (A/N 1)
“Man, bro,” Hansuke started, flipping his board into his hand and turned it back to a cube, along with his helmet, “That was a great race, but I got you this time.”
“I’ll get you in the next race,” Izuku said, both of them walking to the school building. While they were there, they saw their classmate, Mira Takahashi, who was walking to class. Mira was a short girl, standing at about five feet tall with silver hair down to her hips and eyes that looked like galaxies, even swirling when her emotions are strong and some supernovas of the stars, if she got angry enough. She was shy most of the time, liked to be alone, and was very introverted which was similar to canon Izuku. This was due to her Quirk, Photon Manipulation, which allowed her to control the photons around her. So basically, she could control light and electromagnets, among a long list of other things. As for her shyness, she had a very powerful quirk which made it quite hard to control, so she was a bit ridiculed for it since she also injured her mother when she first used it. (A/N 2)
“Hey Mira!” Izuku called out with a smile.
“Yo, Mira!” Hansuke called, smiling as well.
In response, Mira yelped in surprise as the two boys walked up to her and she turned around to greet them as well. “H-Hello, Izuku-kun, Hansuke-kun.” She stuttered out as they continued to walk to class and she was sandwiched in between them.
“Hey Mira,” Hansuke started, “I made those Photon Gauntlets you wanted me to make for you to help you out,” he explained, smiling. “Thanks again for letting me help you out.” He said before he pulled out a pair of slender, lightweight, and super durable gauntlets that would allow her to use her powers easily. “I hope they’re to your standards?”
“Y-yeah, thank you, Hansuke-kun,” she replied as she slipped on the gauntlets which hugged tightly to her hands and forearms, but were a simple black with armor and compartments on the backside of her hand and arm. Though when she tried to create a ball of light, she noticed a repulser-like object on the inside of the palm, but it was small and thin enough to not be noticable when she used her quirk, although it disappeared shortly after she stopped using her quirk. “Wow, these are great!” She said happily as she jumped up and hugged Hansuke, but quickly stopped and backed away as her face flushed red.
Hansuke was blushing as well, but it was lighter, so she didn’t notice, he then cleared his throat. “I even added an AI unit to help you use them,” he added, before a calming female voice rang out from the gauntlets.
“Greetings Mira Takahashi,” the AI greeted, “I am your AI assistant, P.I.N.A., Personal, Intelligent, Networking, Assistant.” (A/N 3)
“I can give her a holobody if you want,” Hansuke said. “I can do it later though. I hope this is everything you wanted me to do for now?”
“I-It’s pe-perfect the way it is,” she replied as her blush started to fade away while she walked behind the two boys.
“Hansuke is really amazing,” Izuku said, smiling. The two had forgotten about Izuku and jumped into their conversation a bit.
Hansuke was blushing madly, embarrassed for being closed/narrow minded there for a second. “T-Thank you, bro. Well we should get to class.”
“Right,” Izuku agreed. Mira just nodded, an embarrassed blush on her face from forgetting the bush-headed teen.
Izuku, Hansuke, and Mira got to class and sat next to each other. Izuku on the right, Hansuke in the middle, and Mira on the left. The teacher came in after a few minutes with a stack of papers.
"So..." their teacher started, "as third year students it's time to start thinking serious about your futures and what you want to do with your lives." Izuku, Hansuke and Mira were writing down notes but still paying attention to the teacher. "I could pass out some career aptitude tests, but..." the teacher then grabbed the papers on his desk, "why bother?" Just then the students started showing off their powers. The teacher then threw the papers in the air, knowing well what the students wanted to do. "HA! I KNOW YOU ALL WANT TO GO TO THE HERO COURSE!" Hansuke had some of his tools out as well as some tech floated by using his mind. He found out he could create tech with his mind like Technomancers in comics could, but only small stuff for right now. He could do big things, but that took a lot out of him. He needed more training for that.
“I still always find that amazing that you can do that,” Izuku said. He then asked Mira, “What do you think Mira?”
“I-It’s in-interesting…” she said as she looked at Hansuke and the stars in her eyes seemed to twinkle in awe and amusement.
"Yes, yes, you got some very impressive Quirks," the teacher stated, but still had to tell them, "But no using your quirks in school. Get a hold of yourselves."
Just then one of Hansuke gadgets vibrated now understanding. Then Hansuke thought, 'Que asshole in three... two... one...'
"Hey teach," said the voice of none other than the hot headed explosion Quirk user, Katsuki Bakugo. He got everyone of his classmate’s attention, "Don't lump me in with this bunch of losers. I'm the real deal, but these guys will be lucky to end up as sidekicks to some busted D lister. Ha!" He then looked up.
This made everyone very angry. "You think you're better than us!?" a student shouted.
"Let's go," Katsuki challenged smirking, "I'll take you all on." Even with Izuku being his rival, he still had a big head and pride.
Hansuke face palmed, wanting to take him down a notch or two, maybe even a hundred. Izuku just sighed, knowing how his childhood friend could be at times, he was a good person, just years of pride building could do that to a person. He was lucky he had Hansuke and Mira to be an anchor to keep him from being like his old friend. As for Mira, she’s had a strong hatred for the blonde bastard yet has been able to keep it hidden after so long, but she would send him to the moon in a heartbeat, maybe even in one blast too.
"Huh?" the teacher started, seeing Katsuki’s test scores and grades. "You've got impressive test results. Maybe you will get into UA high." Hearing this Izuku, Hansuke and Mira all had different reactions. Izuku just sighed, seeing this coming from a mile away. Hansuke just groaned, not wanting to actually deal with him and his ego if he did make it into UA High. Mira immediately hid behind Izuku and Hansuke in fear of some weird stunt or him starting to shout at the three of them.
A student said that there was only a 2% clearance rate of getting in to UA.
Hearing this Katsuki got a prideful smile. "That's exactly why it's the only place worthy of me!" he explained. He then jumped up on top of his desk. "I aced all the mock tests! I'm the only one at this school who stands a chance at getting in! I'll end up more popular then All Might himself!!! AND BE THE RICHEST HERO OF ALL TIME!!! PEOPLE ALL ACROSS THE WORLD WILL KNOW WHO I AM!!! AND IT ALL STARTS WITH UA HIGH!!!!!"
"Oh yeah Midoriya, Takahashi, and Hikaru wanted to go to UA too, right?" the teacher asked which shocked Katsuki when he heard that. Izuku, Hansuke and Mira said nothing and looked at their classmates.
Everyone looked at them like they wanted to kill them, but then, everyone cheered for the three, surprising the trio, not expecting that.
"Oh yeah, Midoriya, Takahashi are a shoein to get in with powers they have and could easily get in!” a student shouted.
“Hikaru might be like Iron Man if he does get in as a hero with his power,” another stated. “Heck, he’d even be able to improve other hero’s powers like he did for some of us he helped.”
“If Takahashi can learn to use her powers right, she'd be right up with the three strongest boys in our class,” a girl said.
“Even if we do give her a bad time,” said another, “it’s just out of fun, and maybe a little jealousy for having a beautiful and powerful Quirk.” When Mira heard this, she started to blush again and used her quirk to form a bubble around her, mostly out of instinct but also so no one could see her blushing face after they just praised her Quirk. “Guess she’s not used to someone praising her. Guess we’re kind of to blame for that, oops.” The girl rubbed the back of her head.
“I think I saw Hansuke actually help her already with giving her gear to control her Quirk better,” another stated.
“Midoriya’s powers are awesome as well,” a student stated. “He’s strong, but he always kind. He’s one who said to keep going on my path as a hero, even if my quirk is not as cool.” Izuku was now blushing slightly, while rubbing the back of his head, but smiling to everyone.
“I heard he was given his power from a god,” another student said.
“I wouldn’t be surprised,” another said, agreeing, “Quirks are many and so.”
While everyone was talking about the three, Bakugo was starting to get angrier. Those were his praises he deserved. Even if Izuku was his rival, he was always more powerful, he didn’t need to watch his anger like Izuku, or Berserker he called him, didn’t need tech to help him get power like Hansuke, or Sure Shoot Loser, and was more in control of his Quirk then Mira, or Tomato Face. He finally lost it and shouted. “ALL OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!” Everyone stopped talking and they all went quiet. “THOSE THREE ARE JUST LOSERS!!!” He said as Mira was holding back Izuku from unleashing his own built up rage. Hansuke was helping her, not wanting the school to fall on their heads from the fight.
“Bro,” Hansuke started, holding him back, “he’s not worth it, don’t let him get your anger up.”
“I know…” he said, clenching his teeth, trying keep calm.
“I HAVE A WAY BETTER POWER THEN THE THREE OF YOU COMBINED!” Katsuki shouted, a prideful smirk on his face. “MY QUIRK DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HELD BACK, DOESN’T NEED TECH TO WORK, OR IS WILD, OUT OF CONTROL AND HURTING PEOPLE!” He shouted again as Mira grew a cold stare, Hansuke got one of his cubes ready, and Izuku’s eyes flashed between a white glow and their normal state.
“Idiot. You have your faults too. That praise is going to your head and you’re hurting people way more than I have, and I was just four back then.” She said coldly as Hansuke turned the cube into a Dubstep Gun based off of Saints Row 4 and was wanting to test it out.
“And my tech is more helpful and more reliable than a bomb crazy egotistical son of a-!”
“ENOUGH YOU FOUR!” their teacher shouted as they all stopped using their quirks, or tech, and sat down though Katsuki was giving the trio a menacing glare. “You four know well enough not to use your Quirks and/or fight in class.”
“We are sorry sir,” Hasuke apologize.
“We didn’t mean for it to get so out of hand like that,” Izuku added.
“We’re sorry,” she said while bowing to the teacher.
“Tsk,” Katsuki scoffed, “whatever.”
(Aldera Junior High: End of classes)
It was 3:31 P.M. and everyone was leave starting to leave for the day.
"Hey guys," Hansuke said getting Izuku and Mira's attention.
"What is it Hansuke?" Izuku asked while Mira turned to look at the Technomancer.
"I got the new issues of the comics and manga you two wanted me to get,” Hansuke answered.
"Ah~ Thanks Hansuke~!" Izuku replied. “That’s so cool of you to do so~!”
“T-Thanks,” she replied hastily as she put the books into her backpack in the blink of an eye.
Hansuke pulled out the other comics and manga for them along with his notebook/idea journal which read, 'Hero Analysis for the Future/Inventions, Armor, Weapons, and Tools Ideas for Future Crafting No.XIII' on the cover.
Izuku was flipping through his phone at the news report from earlier that day. "Man," he started, "that fight from this morning is all over the news. We better write some notes down before we forget anything."
"Good idea bro," Hansuke agreed.
Mira was confused, though it was clear they were taking notes, she peered over Izuku’s shoulder and saw a sketch of two people, one bigger to the right which covered most of the page and the other on the left was quite small compared to the other.
Izuku saw her and realized what was going on. “Oh that’s right,” he started, “You weren’t with us when it happened.”
“There was a villain attack on our way to school today,” Hansuke answered. “We got to see it in front row seats, as they would say.”
Mira looked sad, she wanted to have seen it in person too. “You two are so lucky…” she said, in an anime chibi form, anime tears coming down her eyes, and her eyes seemed to dim while the stars and galaxies looked like they were fading and becoming smaller. “I wish I could have seen it in action two…”
“Don’t worry,” Izuku started, pulling out his notebook, “we’ll tell you everything that happened and which heroes came.”
“Get your notebook and we’ll help you out,” Hansuke said. She nodded and did so, but then then all three of their notebooks were taken out of their hand by none other than Katsuki himself.
"I don't know what you think you're doing Beserker, Tomato Face, Sure Shot Loser," he started waving their notebooks, "but we're not done..." Then, two of his lackeys showed up behind him.
"What'd ya got?" one of them asked. Katsuki showed it to the two, answering their question.
"Huh? Don't tell me you're taking on notes on how to be heroes?" the other asked. “Not a bad idea, I think we sh-” Katsuki glared at them, making the two agree with him. "I mean, that's so pathetic...! Hahahaha...!"
"Y-Yeah,” the other said, scared a bit. “They're delusional."
"Yeah, real funny guys,"Izuku said. "Just give them back Kacchan."
"Okay, you had your fun,” Hansuke said. He then ordered, “Now give them back."
Rather than saying anything, Mira went behind the two boys and put her left hand behind her back. Which allowed her to create a ball of concentrated light in her hand, just in case something got out of hand.
He just ignored them and explodes their notebooks.
“Hey!” Izuku shouted, looking at him, in anger. "What heck was that for!?”
"Hey!" Hansuke shouted, very upset with the explosive blond boy. "What's the big idea you jerk!?"
“H-Hey…!” Mira shouted, tears coming out of her eyes a bit. “W-We worked h-hard on those notes…!” She then threw the ball at the boy, which hit him and made him drop the book, which she grabbed in a blur of speed.
Katsuki, not caring if they had their notes back looked at the three and started to shoot them another glare, before he went on to lecture them. "Most first string heroes show potential," he explains, "people look at them and just know they're destined for greatness. When I'm the only student from this garbage junior high to get into UA, people will start talking about me like that. They'll realize I'm legit, the next big thing. That's not ego talking, I just know I'm good."
'Ego,' thought all five of them.
Katsuki then grabbed Izuku's left shoulder, smoke forming. "Here's a little world of advice nerd. Don't even think of applying or else, you’d just lose your cool if you did." Izuku wasn’t even scared in the slightest, a determined look in his eyes. "That goes for the two of you as well, there’s no place for a tinkerer and a loose cannon." Then him and his two lackies just started to walk away.
“Come on Katsuki,” one of his lackies started, “they were your friends when you were kids.”
“Yeah man,” the other said, “and their as-” Katsuki gladed at them, shutting them up.
"Do you want me to blast that boy through the wall?" Hansuke asked Izuku and Mira, about to lose his cool.
“No,” both of them say at the same time. “It’s not worth it.”
Just then Katsuki went and said something stupid. “Oh, by the way,” he started, looking at Izuku, “I hope you don’t lose it and kill your two friends with that Quirk of yours .” This made Izuku look at him, eyes glowing. This made Katsuki’s goons pull him away while Hansuke and Mira held him back from killing him.
“Izuku, Izuku!” Hansuke shouted. “Remember what you said, he’s not worth it!”
“H-Hansuke-k-kun is right,” Mira agreed.
(Aldera Junior High: Entrance)
After a few minutes to help Izuku get his anger under control all three of them were starting the walk home.
Izuku sighed, feeling drained and guilty for letting his anger get the better of him, again. “I’m sorry guys…” Izuku apologized. “I know I need to keep my anger under control, but Kacchan-”
“We understand bro,” Hansuke interrupted him, “but if we let him get to us, he wins because he did.”
Mira nodded. “Y-Yeah, just wait until UA o-or something,” she said.
“Thanks you guys,” he said. “I don’t know what I’d be if I didn’t have you guys by my side to keep me grounded.”
“You’d probably be an angry emo boy,” Hansuke said. “You think so Mira?”
“L-let’s not think about the what if’s…” she said as Soul thought to all the bad summaries on Wattpad. (A/N 4)
“I’m just trying to have some fun…” Hansuke said. Izuku couldn’t hold back his laughter. This got his friends attention as they came up to an underpass of a bridge.
“HAHAHAHA~! I think that might have been~!” he said, laughing while he spoke. He then did an impersonation of what that would be like. “Hey look… I’m an Emo Edgelord God… I’m so strong I could beat you and I don’t care if you think I’m mean or angry… rararara…! HAHAHA~!” Now both of his friends were laughing with him, Hansuke bursting out while Mira was holding back, tears in her eyes then bursting out as well.
“Oh gods~!” Hansuke said, covering his eyes with his right hand and holding his sides with his left. “HAHAHAHA~! That was gold~!”
“Haha~! That’d be great!” she said in between laughing, then coughing a bit before trying to stop laughing, which was barely succeeding until she felt something grab her leg.
While all three of them were laughing, something was forming from the manhole that they passed. All three of them had stopped laughing.
“You sense it to?” Izuku asked his friend, both nodding.
“I-I feel something on my leg…” Mira stated.
All three looked behind only see a villain made of sludge forming behind them.
"A villain!" Izuku surprise.
"This isn't good...." Hansuke stated.
In an instant, the sludge started to surround Mira’s small body as she was almost encased in the sludge, but before she could call for help, her friends got her and themselves out of the way.
“We’ll lucky me~!” the villain said, a menacing smile on its face. “I found perfect and powerful skin suits for me to hide in.”
“Hansuke,” Izuku started, letting his power flow, “get a shield ready for you and Mira to hide behind,” he ordered. Hansuke nodded, grabbing Mira’s waist and bring her close to him, both knowing what Izuku was going to do. He had a power energy shield ready and his ground lacher hooks from his belt set and locked in.
"Don't worry," the villain said calmly, unaware of the dange and jumped at them, "I'm just taking over your bodies~!”
“I don’t think so!” Izuku shouted. “TAKE THIS!” He then punched the air, sending a shock wave, making Hansuke and Mira brace themselves and hold onto each other tight while the villain was having a hard time stay together.
"I can't... hold... together...!" the villain said, then breaking apart from the force of the attack. After the wind settled, Hansuke and Mira relaxed.
“Mira,” Hansuke started, “are you oka-” he never finished when they both saw how close their faces were, and how they looked, like they were going to kiss, like heroes in comics and manga. When they saw and realized how they looked, they were blushing deep red, separated and started looking at the walls of the underpass, neither one wanting to see each other blushing. “L-Like I was asking,” he started, still blushing madly, “are you okay Mira?” She meekly nodded as she was hugging her knees to hide her blushing face, but was once again in a bubble of light, her galaxy eyes swirling at high speeds. “G-Good to know…!” he said, a bit louder then intended.
Just then the man hole cover behind them blew right off. This made the three friends turn around to see what it was.
“Please not another villain,” Izuku pleaded.
“I don’t think I could deal with two in a day,” Hansuke said.
Mira was shaking in fear, hiding behind Izuku and Hansuke.
"Have no fear you are safe," said a giant man, walking out of the hole. The three students eyes widened realizing who it was. It was the number 1 Pro Hero: All Might himself. "Now that I am here that i-” he stopped when he saw that the villain had been beaten already. “Huh…? Guess you weren’t worried.” All three were starstruck. A few minutes after the whole thing, Izuku, Hansuke and Mira helped All Might collect the villain within a two liter soda bottle. “THANKS AGAIN YOU THREE~!” he shouted, he had given them his autograph for them. “IT SEEMS THE CITY'S SEWER SYSTEM IS PRETTY HARD TO NAVIGATE, BUT THANKS TO YOU THREE i WAS ABLE TO CAPTURE THE EVIL DOER~!” He then showed them the villain was in a bottle.
“I can’t believe how lucky we are~” Izuku said, stars in his eyes, holding his notebook to the page were All-Might signed.
“Yeah~!” Mira agreed as she was in her chibi form and admiring All-Might, with her eyes literally twinkling the entire time.
“We get to meet him in person and get an autograph~” Hansuke stated, hoping this wasn’t a dream. “This is really an amazing day.”
"WELP~!" All Might started patting the villain in his pocket. "I GOTTA GET THIS GUY TO THE POLICE SO THEY CAN TAKE CARE OF HIM~! STAY OUT OF TROUBLE YOU THREE~! SEE YA ON THE FLIPSIDE~!" He then waved at them.
“Wait Mira,” Hansuke started, getting her attention, “Didn’t you want to ask him something?”
“Huh? ... Oh, yeah!” she shouted as she realized what she needed to say, but tried to tug on All-Might’s leg to get his attention. Yet he didn’t notice her until after he jumped. “Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!”
“Mira!” Izuku and Hansuke shouted, both shocked at what happened. Izuku used his Quirk to go after them and Hansuke turned his bag into a jet pack.
With that happening, All-Might felt something on his leg and saw Mira. "HEY, HEY, HEY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" All Might asked, surprised by what happened. They then try to get her off him. "LET GO! I LOVE MY FANS, BUT THIS IS TOO MUCH!"
“If I let go I’ll die!” she screamed back as she kept her eyes closed and hugged All-Might’s leg as tight as she could.
"Oh," All Might in realization, "that’s good point."
“I-I just wanted to ask you something!” she shouted back. “But you took off right when I was going to ask you!”
"Okay , okay I get it!" All Might started, now knowing what was happening. "Just keep your eyes and mouths shut." She did so and put her head into All-Might’s leg out of fear. He then grabbed her shirt to have a safe hold on her and looked forward again. He then coughed a bit, a small bit of blood coming out of his mouth. 'Shit.' he thought.
To be continued
And that is chapter two of MHA: POTG.
Izuku: “I didn’t get any new powers?”
Soul: Don’t worry, we’ll get you some nice powers soon. *Pats Izuku’s head*
Yes, we just wanted people to see what happens when you get to angry, your Quirk’s weakness in Asura form. We’ll add others when the story keeps going.
Izuku: *Nods, understanding* “Thanks for telling me, also what story was P.I.N.A from Ms. Soul?”
Soul: Oh, well she’s from my MHA x RWBY crossover and she’s Izuku’s best weapon in that story. Also before anyone asks, Mira Takahashi was my idea and the original concept was that she met Izuku in junior high. Now, we should get to our questions for the readers!
I don’t think I have any. *Makes Soul do an anime face plant after hearing that*
Soul: *Gets up* Well, I’m sorry for the wait. I had a two week vacation and now school is starting up, so I hope I’ll be able to work with Xarazechi/Light He’arth more. Is there a mark on my face?
Izuku: “If you have anything to ask, feel free to~”
Also, we’ll be learning a bit more about Mira’s past and might give Cinnamon Roll here a new power.
Izuku: “Why do people call me that…?” *Had anime tears running down his face*
See you all next time.
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My Hero Academia: Power of the Gods Chapter 2
(A/N 1) Soul was the one to suggest this, I don’t to favoritism on my OC’s.
(A/N 2) This is Souls OC she brought to the story.
(A/N 3) Soul gave me this name from one of her Crossover story, link will be placed.
(A/N 4) Hey! No breaking the fourth wall like that! That’s to big!
Soul: We’ll talk about this in the closing A/N

First Chapter:…
Next Chapter: Coming soon.

Soul’s Page:…
Kid with a Dream:…
Greetings everyone, this is Light He'arth here with my RP friend Kaizokuoniiorewanaru helping me with a crossover story. Say hello my friend.
Kaizoku: Hi. Listen, Light. I wanna thank you SO MUCH for this, and, uh, I kinda wanna redo the RWBYXKH Journal RP we had going on, if you don't mind since you rarely update that pile of dust anymore... But, um, either way, I have NEVER done this before, helping someone out with an RP, I mean. It's a new experience, to say the least.
You know what. Have at it. I've got a lot on my plate anyways. Also, it was writing a story, not an RP, Role Play fore those who don't know.
Kaizoku: Writing a story. Right. Well, I'm'a tell Abei I got the go ahead, then. I hope you'll participate in it as well. Also, I've agreed to remove the battle system entirely, so... yeah.
Guess you'll be doing real time then RP battles. Anyways, we're getting off topic. Today we have a Kingdom Hearts Crossover with two of our favorite animes Fairy Tail and RWBY. Anyways lets get the disclaimer done with. Kaizokuoniiorewanaru.
Kaizoku: Disclaimer: RWBY is owned by Rooster Teeth and Monty Oum (R.I.P.)
Kingdom Hearts is owned by Square Enix and Disney
My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro
Looney Tunes is owned by Warner Brothers Entertainment
We just own the changes to the story.
On with the story.

Chapter 1: Beginnings
Sora had woken up from a strange dream. He saw that he was still on his island. He then yawns then goes back to laying down when he saw Kairi.
WHOA!!! he shouted, jolts back up in a sitting position then turns to Kairi. Kairi only giggled at his reaction. "Give me a break, Kairi..."
"Sora, you lazy bum~" she started in a playful tone, "I knew I'd find you snoozing down here~"
"No! This huge black thing swallowed me up! I couldn't breathe, I couldn't-" Sora explained but was interrupted by a bonk to the head. "Ow!" He exclaimed.
"Are you still dreaming?" Asked Kairi.
"It wasn't a dream. Or was it? I don't know." Sora answered.
"What was that place? So bizarre..."
"Yeah sure," Kairi said, not believing him and walking away a bit.
"Say, Kairi," Sora started, "what was your hometown like? You know, where you grew up."
"I've told you before," Kairi started answering, "I don't remember."
"Nothing at all?" Sora asked.
"Nothing." Kairi answered.
"You ever wanna go back?" Sora asked again.
"...Well, I'm happy here." Kairi answered again.
"Really..." Sora questioned.
"But you know..." Kairi started, "I wouldn't mind going to see it."
I'd like to see it too," Sora said. "Along with any other worlds out there! I want to see 'em all!"
"So what're we waiting for?" Kairi asked looking at him now.
"Hey," called out a voice. Suddenly, a young man with white hair, a yellow sleeveless jacket, blue pants, and white shoes. This boy was known as Riku. "Aren't you guys forgetting about me?" He asked. "So. I guess I'm the only one working on the raft." He said. He then threw a log that he was carrying to Sora who barely catches it while walking to Kairi. "And you're just as lazy as he is." He lightly scolded. Kairi giggled a little bit.
"So you noticed~" Kairi said. "Okay. We'll finish it together! I'll race you~!" She declared, confusing Sora.
"What? Are you kidding?" Riku asked. Kairi ignored the question.
"Ready? Go~!" Kairi called out. The two boys then ran off and raced with Kairi.
World: Destiny Islands
Sora was now talking with Kairi about the supplies for the raft.
"So, can you gather the rest of the supplies?" Kairi asked. "Sora, are you listening to me?"
"Yeah," Sora confirmed to her, "I heard you."
"Okay, here's what you need to go find: Two Logs. One Cloth. One Rope. Bring everything here. If you need help, just ask. I'm counting on you!"
(In another world)
A girl with a long red cape wakes up. This girl was known as Ruby Rose. She yawned.
"A dream...?" Ruby asked herself.
"Finally up huh?" a blond girl, who was Ruby's older sister, Yang Xio Long, asked. "Must have been one heck of a dream."
"Yang~!" Ruby called out.
"Hey, sis~" Yang replied.
"Oh, it was so horrible! This huge, black thing swallowed me up! I couldn't breathe, I couldn't-" Ruby explained but was interrupted by Yang putting Ruby's hood up on her.
"Horrible, huh? Are you still dreaming?" Yang asked.
"...Hmm..." Ruby replied. She was unsure about it.
"Not sure about it, huh?" Yang asked again.
“You two ready yet!?” asked a royal looking girl, with white hair known as Wiess Schnee asked, more like ordered.
“We do need to meet up with team JNPR,” a black hair girl, with a bow on her head, names Blake Belladonna explains. “We have training with them today.”
“Oh right,” Ruby said, getting out of bed.
(In another room, at the same time)
A boy with blond hair, known as Jaune Arc, started to wake up.
“Uh…” he groaned. “What a weird dream.” He was about to go back to bed when he saw a hyper active girl with red hair, known as Nora Valkyrie look over him. “WAH!” he shouted in surprise falling out of his bed and onto the floor. “Nora!!! What the heck!!!???”
"Waaake up, lazy butt~!" Nora ordered. She then went to spots near Jaune while singing- "It's morning, it's morning, it's morning~!"
“NORA!!!” Jaune shouted. Nora stopped. “Please not now, I had one heck of a dream. It felt so real…”
“They do say dreams do have deeper meaning if you can understand then.” a boy who looked like a martial artist, named Lie Ren.
"You think so, Ren?" Jaune asked.
"I think he might have a point there." A young woman with red hair said. This was Pyrrha Nikos. A girl who was destined to d- I mean survive. Yeah. Totally what I meant to say. (A/N 1)
“I see…” Jaune said, pondering his dream now. “I guess I’ll think about it later. We do have a match to go to.”
"Ah. Yes." Pyrrha nodded.
Both teams then come out of their rooms and into the hall.
“Hey guys~” Ruby called in joy.
“Oh, hey Ruby,” Jaune said.
"So, I suppose you're all ready?" asked Weiss.
"Of course," Ren answered.
"Then let's go before we're late!" Yang exclaimed.
“Right,” Ruby said.
“Let’s go,” Jaune said.
Then all eight of them walk to the training hall.
World: Remnmant
(In another world)
In an apartment complex, a blond hair girl named Lucy Heartfilia, a member of a well know guild of this world known by the name of Fairy Tail, she walks up in a normal fashion.
“NATSU!!!” that same girl shouted, almost making the whole building shake. “I’VE TOLD YOU ONE BILLION TIMES TO STAY OUT OF MY ROOM!!! SAME GOES FOR YOU HAPPY!!!” Yep, this is normal in this world.
"Agh... Jeez, did you have to shout?" Asked the pink haired man named Natsu.
"Yeah... I was having this wonderful dream..." Said the blue cat named Happy.
"Speaking of dreams, did you have any when you went to sleep, Lucy?" Natsu asked.
Lucy was about to yell at them again, until she remembered her strange dream. “I did have this strange dream,” she tells them, “but it felt so real though, like it wasn’t.”
"A dream that feels so real that it doesn't feel like a dream?" Happy asked.
"I get the feeling that this must be some kind of enemy magic!" Natsu exclaimed.
“Or I’m just overthinking things,” Lucy said. “Whatever it was, it was freaky though, I fought this big black monster that came from my shadow. Thought I did, but then, one of the weapons I chose in that dream disappeared and I ended up being swallowed up by it."
“It sounds like you’re going crazy~” Happy taunted.
“I AM NOT!!!” she shouted at the blue flying cat.
"You serious? You had a weapon and it just disappeared on you?" Natsu asked. "Some weapon that is..."
"Yeah. It was a wand. There were two pedestals and I thought they were supposed to be wielding a weapon each like the pedestal that had the wand, but they weren't there at all. Not sure why." Lucy replied.
“Eh,” Natsu just shrugged, “dreams are weird.”
“Aye sir~!” Happy shouted.
"Well, let's just focus on getting Fairy Tail back together!" Lucy exclaimed. The three of them ran to no one knows where. But there is one thing that they are in so far for certain:
World: Fiore
The three walked to a giant build that was that was the guild hall, Fairy Tail, it was fixed thanks to the town after they won the GNG, Grand Magic Games. It was back on top, but still need to get back on its feet.
“It’s so good to have our guild back,” Natsu said.
“It feels good to have our home back,” Lucy agreed.
"Aye!" Happy agreed, chiming in.
All three walked into the guild… and were almost hit by a table flying at them.
Lucy yelped in alertness. "What was that!?" Lucy asked.
“Looks like everyone is in high spirits~!” Natsu said in joy.
Everyone was rough housing in the guild, another normal day in Fairy Tail.
"R-Right... of course..." Lucy sighed in relief.
“Let’s get our team and start a mission Luc~!” Natsu suggested.
"Yeah~!" Lucy agreed.
“Alright~!” Natsu cheered and went to the mission board. “What to pick now~!”
"Hmm..." Lucy thought. "Oh, here's one!" She exclaimed as she finds a poster with a star shaped thing. The poster said the following:
"Search for the star-shaped fruit! Have you heard of the legendary power of the Paopu Fruit? If two people share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives, no matter what. Can you help me search for one? Reward: 1,000,000 Jewel"
“Whoa!” Natsu exclaimed. “That’s almost as much as a S-Rank mission! Good find Luc!”
"Hmm... A fruit that, when two people share one, their destinies become intertwined..." Lucy repeated in interest.
“Something up Luc?” Natsu asked.
"I just wonder what kind of magic is put in that fruit," Lucy answered.
“Did you say a fruit that can bind two destinies become intertwined by eating one together~!?” asked a blue haired girl in rain cloths, named Juvia Lockser, hope in her eyes.
“Hey Juvia,” Lucy greeted. “Still trying to win Grey’s heart over?”
“If you ask me,” Natsu started.
“We didn’t,” both girls say.
“Why do you even like the Iceberg so much?”
"Gray-Sama saved Juvia from her own darkness." Juvia answered.
"Saved you from your own darkness?" Lucy asked. All four of them were unaware that Gray was listening in.
"Yes. Juvia was once an Elemental Lord of Phantom Lord." Juvia answered again.
"Those guys..." Natsu chimed in.
"Yes. You see, Juvia was cursed with having the sky raining wherever she goes... Everyone called Juvia a freak... or gloomy..." Juvia continued.
"Ouch..." Lucy chimed in.
"Yes... But then Juvia met Lucy and then Gray-Sama. Gray-Sama and Juvia fought each other and... when Gray-Sama won... the sky became clear. Juvia could see a clear sky for the first time. It was because of Gray-Sama~" Juvia replied.
“Whoa,” Happy said in awe.
“Haven’t you told him about this?” Lucy asked. “I think if he’d know, he would see you in a different perspective.”
“Yeah,” Natsu agreed. “He wouldn’t think of you as a stalker.”
“NATSU!!!” Lucy shouted, hating how stupid he was right now.
"Hmm... Juvia guesses that... she forgot...?" Juvia attempted to answer.
Lucy just sighed. “Of course it is,” she said, not surprised. This was Fairy Tail after all.
"Ah! But Gray-Sama won't need to worry! Juvia will remember this time!" Juvia exclaimed.
"I already know." A young man said. This man was half naked and had blue hair, and the symbol of Fairy Tail on his chest. This man was the "Gray-Sama" Juvia referred to: Gray Fullbuster.
"Where are your clothes?" Lucy asked.
"Agh! Again!?" Gray exclaimed. This was a bit of a habit with him...
“After Snow Globe here gets his shirt back on,” Natsu said pointing at Gray, “We’ll get Erza, Wendy and Carla.”
Lucy nods. "We'll have to make sure we find a second Paopu Fruit, AFTER we do this mission," she said.
"You mean!?" Juvia exclaimed, excitedly. Lucy nods in response. "Oh, heavenly days~~!!" Juvia exclaimed further.
"Hey, Lucy." Gray began, shirt and pants on. "You sure you don't need one more?" he asked.
"Huh? Why do you ask?" Lucy asked back.
"Oh, no reason." Gray answered as he looked at Lucy AND Natsu.
"Oh... Okay...?" Lucy replied in confusion. "I guess we might need to find a third one just in case?"
“When did you become a shipper like Mira Lucy?” asked a red head girl in armor, named Erza Scarlet, walking to them.
"E-Erza!" Lucy exclaimed. "I'm sorry, I just wanted to support them both, so..." She tried to explain.
"Support, you say?" Erza asked. "Well, whatever keeps you sleeping at night." She replied.
"I hope I can be with someone I like!" Exclaimed a blue haired girl. This girl was Wendy Marvell. With her was a white furred anthropormorphic cat the same size as Happy. This was Carla.
"Just don't go too ahead of yourself, Wendy." Carla warned.
“Alright!” Natsu shouted. “Now that everyone is here, let’s head out!”
Lucy looks at Juvia and ask, “You want to join us?”
"Of course!" Juvia answered. "Juvia will do anything to make her dreams a reality!" She exclaimed.
“Okay then,” Lucy said as all of them left.
"Juvia will do her best!" Juvia exclaimed.
(Destiny Islands: End of the day)
Sora had found all the materials for the raft to be built. Then Sora, Riku and Kairi, were looking at the sunset while sitting on the Poapu Fruit Tree.
“So, Kairi’s home is out there somewhere, right?” Sora asked.
"Could be." Riku replied. "We'll never know by staying here," he answered completely.
"But how far could a raft take us?" Sora asked further.
"Who knows?" Riku asked back. "If we have to, we'll think of something else," he finished answering.
"So, suppose you get to another world," Kairi started then giggles a little. "What would you do there?" She finished asking. This left Riku thinking a little bit.
"Well, I haven't really thought about it," Riku started answering. "It's just... I've always wondered why we're here on this island. If there are any other worlds out there, why did we end up on this one?" He asked, not really expecting any answers because he's continuing his speaking. "And suppose there are other worlds... Then ours is just a little piece of something much greater. So... we could have just as easily ended up somewhere else, right?" he asked once more.
"I don't know," Sora answered, lying on the tree on his back.
"Exactly," Riku replied. "That's why we need to go out there and find out." He said as he stood up from leaning on the tree Kairi and Sora were sitting and laying on respectively. "Just sitting here won't change a thing. It's the same old stuff. So let's go."
"You've been thinking a lot lately, haven't you?" Kairi asked.
"Thanks to you," Riku answered. "If you hadn't come here, I probably never would've thought of any of this. Kairi, thanks." Kairi nods.
"You're welcome." Kairi replied. After that, they start heading home.
"Sora," Riku called out as he threw a star-shaped fruit at Sora who caught it. "You wanted one, didn't you?"
"A paopu fruit..." Sora said.
"If two people, share one, their destinies become intertwined. They'll remain a part of each other's lives. No matter what," Riku explained. "Come on, I know you wanna try it~" He teased.
"What are you talking..." Sora attempted to reply. Riku just laughs as Sora throws it away. They both run home.
(Remnmant: End of the day)
Team RWBY and Team JNPR were returning to their rooms after their day of training.
“You’ve been getting better at fighting Jaune,” Ruby tells him.
"You think so?" Jaune asked.
“She’s right,” Yang agreed.
"Well, if that's the case... I'll keep on working harder, then!" Jaune exclaimed.
“Don’t get to ahead of yourself,” Wiess tells him. “Arrogant actions can be your downfall.”
"Ah! R-Right!" Jaune stuttered out.
“Don’t be too hard on him Wiess,” Pyrrha said. “He’s still learning, we were all like that at one time, and we’re still learning and improving as our life goes on.”
"I suppose that is a valid point," Weiss replied.
Jaune looked up at the ceiling in the hallway. “Do you think… that there’s more out there, then just this place we call home?” Everyone looked at him.
“Where did this come from all of a sudden?” Blake asked.
“I too am quite curious as to why the sudden thought,” Ren added.
“I don’t know really,” Jaune admitted, “I guess it’s from last night’s dream I had.”
"What was it about?" Yang asked.
"Well..." Jaune started to answer. He told them about his dream, surprising Team RWBY.
"You had that dream too!?" Ruby asked, surprising Team JNPR.
"Y... Yeah!" Jaune answered.
“Okay,” Wiess started, “that cannot be a coincidence.”
“She’s right,” Ren agreed, “there must being a meaning in them.”
"A meaning..." Ruby repeated.
“Well I think we should worry about it later,” Yang suggested. “We don’t know what it means and worrying about it won’t do us any good.”
"Why don't we change the subject, then?" Pyrrha suggested.
“I guess we should,” Blake agreed.
"Well, someone once told me that there's this tree that bears fruit that is shaped like a star for some reason." Pyrrha started. "They also said that it was called a Paopu Fruit. If two people share one, it's said that the fruit binds their destinies together for eternity. I thought it sounded romantic."
“You just made that up,” Weiss stated.
“Oh, oh~!” Nora started. “I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want one, I want-~!”
“NORA!!!” Ren shouted. Nora just smiled.
"Well, we'll never know if I did or not," Pyrrha replied to Weiss. "Not unless we start looking for one and either give up or find one."
Weiss just huffed.
They finally made it to their rooms.
"So, then, tomorrow, we'll beat our next competitors and then we'll look for that fruit, and let's make a bet while we're at it," Pyrrha declared. "If the Paopu Fruit truly exists, then we'll give it to Nora. And if it doesn't-"
“You have to kiss the person you have a crush on, on the lips, in front of all us,” Wiess said, smirking, and causing Pyrrha to blush in embarrassment.
"Wait a minute!" Jaune exclaimed. "We don't have to do something THAT wild, do we?"
“If the fruit is real she has nothing to fear,” Weiss explained.
"That doesn't mean SOMEONE ELSE doesn't!" Jaune exclaimed.
"Alright. I'll take that bet." Pyrrha replied.
“Good to hear then,” Wiess said.
“Guess we should head to into our rooms now,” Yang said, all eight of them finally making it to their dorm rooms.
All eight of them went into their respective dorms for the next day.
(Fiore: End of the day)
"Well, we'll need to get on a boat to get to that island," Lucy pointed out.
"Ugh... Can we not?" Natsu asked, getting motion sickness, thinking about the journey to the island.
"Hardship builds character, Natsu." Erza declared.
"Oh, I can't wait!" Juvia exclaimed.
"I hope we can make our client happy!" Wendy exclaimed herself.
Erza looked at a city clock and saw it was late and the boats would be closed for the day. "I say we wait until morning to get a boat and find an inn," she suggested to the eight of them. "The ship yards will be closed by the time we get there.
"Aye sir~!" Happy shouted. Natsu had a goofy smile on his face, not having to deal with a boat right after a train ride.
"She does make a point," Carla agreed.
They head to the nearest inn and got two rooms, one for the boys and another for the girls. They decided to talk with each other before they all went to bed.
Lucy was thinking about that dream she had last night, and then she remembered their time in Edolas. “Hey guys, mind if I ask you guys something?”
“What is it Lucy?” Wendy asked.
“Do you guys remember when we were sent to Edolas?”
“What brought this up suddenly?” Gray asked.
“I just had a very weird dream last night,” she answered. “It got me thinking, ‘are there other worlds like that out there?’, or ‘Our world is big, but compared to what we don’t know, could our would not be that big as we thought it was?’”
“If there are, then that would be kinda cool,” Gray admitted.
“There could also be some awesome fighters out there that could be fun~!” Natsu shouted.
“Why is it always fight that comes first to your thoughts you come to?” Carla asked.
“All kinds of different fish to eat~” Happy said dreamily, salivating at the thought.
“All kinds of new armor and weapons to add to my Requip magic,” Erza said.
“And if there are, we could spread Fairy Tail’s name all over if the guild doesn’t excite like it does in Edolas.” Wendy said. “Our family would be universal.”
“You know,” Lucy started, “I think that would be nice.”
“Juvia would have to agree,” Juvia agreed. She then quietly muttered to herself, “as long as no one that’s Juvia’s Gray-Sama.”
“We can talk about this tomorrow after our mission,” Erza said. “I’d like to talk about it more, but we need our rest for tomorrow.”
“Aye sir~!” Happy shouted.
“It is getting late,” Wendy agreed.
“We do need our energy for this mission,” Lucy said. They head to their rooms. “Night everyone.”
“Night,” they all said, heading to bed.
(New World: Disney Castle)
In the castle, which was, again, called Disney Castle, an anthropomorphic duck with wizard clothing was walking down the halls of the castle. This was one of the world hopping warriors: Donald Duck. Yes. This is a cartoon character who was trained in the art of magic and combat. He was walking to the throne room of the to talk to the king. He made it to a par of gigantic doors that lead to the that throne room and stopped right in front of them. He cleared he throat and knocked on the door. A small portion of the door opened.
He walked inside the giant room expecting the King to be in there. “Good morning, Your Majesty,” he said to the King, still walking to the throne. “It’s good to see you this morn—” he stopped when he saw that no one was on the throne. “What!” Just then a yellow dog with a green collar, know as Pluto, the king’s dog, popped out from behind the throne, holding a letter in his mouth.
Donald took the letter and read over it. After he finished reading over he was running out screaming.
(Disney Castle: Courtyard)
Outside in the courtyard of the castle was sleeping was an anthropomorphic dog in guard armor was sleeping on a flower patch. This was another one of the world hopping warriors: Goofy Goof. Donald was running up to Goofy and stopped in front of him. “Wake up, Goofy, wake up!” he shouted, trying to wake him up. “This is serious!!” Goofy was still fast asleep. Donald didn’t have time for him to wake up, so he used thunder on him. This made Goofy jump up into the air and fall to the ground.
Goofy sat up like nothing had happened, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and looked at Donald. “Hey there, Donald,” he greeted him. “G’morning.”
“We’ve go a problem, Goofy!” Donald explained to him. He then went quieter. “Bu don’t tell anyone…”
Goofy then saw someone behind Goofy, but didn’t say anything but, “Queen Minnie?” he asked.
“Not even the queen,” Donald said sternly.
“Daisy?” Goofy asked.
“No,” Donald started shouted. “it’s top secret!”
“G’morning, ladies,” Goofy said, behind Donald.
Donald stiffened when he heard this. “What?” he asked, turning around to see the Queen, Minnie Mouse, and Donald’s girlfriend, Daisy Duck, who was not looking happy at him. Donald chuckled nervously, knowing he had been caught.
(New World: Equestria)
In a world filled with that is filled with pastel colored ponies, we head to the town of Ponyville, two ponies were heading to the Princesses of Friendship’s castle for their picnic with their friends, the three princesses, and Princesses of Friendship’s big brother. The two that were going to see the Princesses were a light lavender colored pony named Starlight Glimmer and a pink happy go luck pony name Pinkie Pie. The two opened the doors that led them inside the castle.
Pinkie Pie was bouncing around. “I’m so excited~!” she exclaimed. “Are you excited to Starlight~!? Because I know I am~!”
"Yes I am, Pinkie, quite so," Starlight replied.
“I hope everyone enjoys this picnic party~!” Pinkie exclaims in joy. “I worked hard to make it perfect for everyone who’s coming~!” Just then Pinkie’s whole body started shaking.
"Pinkie? Y-Your entire body is shaking!? It's a bad omen among bad omens, isn't it!?" Starlight asked.
“No, it means that a doozy is coming,” she explained. “Something big is going to happen, but I don’t know what.” They got to the cutie map room expecting their friend to be there.
"...Is THAT the doozy?" Starlight asked, seeing that Twilight was missing.
Pinkie started shaking again. “Nope,” she answered, “that’s not it.” Just then a young purple dragon, who was Twilight’s assistant and best friend, Spike, appeared from one of the rooms with a scroll in hid claws.
“Hey girls!” he called out.
"Hey, Spike, you wouldn't happen to know the reason behind Pinkie's shaking, do you?" Starlight asked. "You know... the doozy?"
“Pinkie’s Pinkie Sense,” Spike explained, “but it might have to do with what Twilight had run off and leaving me this letter for you two.” He then held the scolded note with Twilight’s in his claw.
Starlight takes the note with her magic and un-scrolled it. Both Pinkie and Starlight read over it. Both of them were then in shock after reading it.
Starlight then looked at Pinkie. “This it?”
She got her answer when Pinkie started shaking all over again. “No, but we have to tell the others!” she shouted, holding Starlight’s face. Then both of them started running.
“Hey girl, wait for me!” Spike shouted running after them.
(Equestria: Ponyville Park)
Five other ponies are doing some last-minute preparations. One was an orange framing earth pony named Applejack, a white fashionista unicorn named Rarity, a blue athletic pegasus with rainbow main and tail named Rainbow Dash, a yellow nature loving pegasus with pink main and tail named Fluttershy, and a blue unicorn named Trixie Lulamoon.
"Alright. We're almost done here!" Rainbow exclaimed.
“It’ll be nice to have a simple picnic with everyone,” Fluttershy said.
“Trixie is grateful that you invited her to this banquet by Starlight’s request,” Trixie thanked.
"We couldn't possibly deny a fellow friend to join us, darling." Rarity said.
"Even though you DID humiliate us once or twice." Rainbow pointed out.
“Trixie could say the same to you guys,” Trixie remarked.
“Now, now, darlings,” Rarity started, “today is to be a joyful day. Let’s not fight about things from the past.”
Just then they saw Pinkie, Starlight and Spike running to them.
“EMERGANCY, EMERGANCY!!!” Pinkie shouted. She the slammed into Rainbow Dash, rolling on the ground, and was on top of her. “WE’VE GOT A PROBLEM!!!”
“PINKIE!!!” Rainbow shouted. “WHAT THE HECK!!!”
“Whoa there, sugar cube,” Applejack started, “what’s going on? What happened?” They see that Twilight is not with them. “Where’s Twilight?”
“We’ll explain everything, but Pinkie Is right, we do have a problem” Starlight said, showing the scroll with Twilight’s cutie mark, “but this has to be keep this among ourselves. No one else can know about this.”
“P-P-Princess Celietia,” Fluttershy stuttered.
Starlight shook her head. “She can’t know.”
“P-P-Princess L-Luna.”
“No Fluttershy, not even her,” Starlight stated.
“P-P-Princess C-Cadence and S-Shining Armor.”
“Fluttershy, I just told you—” Starlight started, then realization hit her. “They’re right behind me, aren’t they…?” Fluttershy nodded.
Starlight looked behind her and saw the four of them and Princesses Cadence and Shining Armor’s daughter Princess Flurry Heart. “Something you want to tell us Starlight?” Celestia asked.
Starlight gulped. “Pinkie…” she said nervously, “is this the doozy…?”
Pinkie started shaking again. “Nope.”
“Of course…” Starlight said.
(New World: W.B. Studios)
In the forest, which was part of W.B. Studios, a black feathered anthropomorphic duck, named Daff Duck, and an anthropomorphic pig, named Porky Pig.
"Just like Bugs to make us go on a wild goose chase..." Daffy punned... unintentionally.
“But now we can ex-ex-expl-pla, tell him we got what he needed,” Porky said.
"Yeah, I guess." Daffy replied.
They both finally made it to a hole in the ground with a mailbox with B. Bunny painted on it.
"Alright, Mr. Dethspicable." Daffy said as he goes down the hole and lands into Mr. Bunny's home with little effort. "We've got what you wanted!" He called out. No response. "Hey! You want it or not!?" He asked before he sees a note on Mr. Bunny's refridgerator. "Now what ith thith?" He thought out loud as he reads the note by pulling reading glasses out of nowhere. ".........You can NOT be theriouth right now." Was all he could say about it.
"Did you find Bugs, Daffy?" Porky asked.
"No! Look at thith note here!" Daffy answered as he climbed all the way back up from the hole and showed the note to Porky. "We can't tell thith to anyone." He said to Porky.
"Sylvester?" Porky asked.
"Not the cat, you thimpleton." Daffy answered.
"The-the-the Looney Tunes gang?" Porky stuttered out.
"NO! IT ITH TOP THECRET, YOU LOONEY!!!" Daffy shouted suddenly.
"Oh, to-to-to-good morning, you guys!" Porky called out, making Daffy turn around and see all of the Looney Tunes gang listening in on Daffy and Porky's conversation.
"Oh... uh..." was all Daffy got out.
To be continued
And that was that was chapter one of KHXRWBYXFT, also for all those who are wonder how it's pronouns, it the same names and think of it like HunterXHunter. Anyways, thanks again for your help pal.
Kaizoku: Of course. Let's do this again whenever you feel like doing chapters 2 through... whichever chapter will be the last one.
And that'll be a while and we have the other games as well as Kingdom Hearts III coming out soon as well.
Kaizoku: Of course. Poor Aqua, though... That's all I'll say before I spoil one of the trailers.
Yeah, looks like that one thing we did in our RPs is now cannon, who’d of thunk. I just did it as a joke of what could have happened.
Kaizoku: Yeah, I guess so.
Anyways. I’ll leave a link to Kaizokuoniiorewanaru’s page. Well see you all next time.
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