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Animal Farm Page 2

The second page of my illustration of Chapter VIII from George Orwell's Animal Farm. The first page is here.

Poor Boxer...
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Poor Boxer..
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We read Animal Farm in English in the 2nd Quarter. Mr. Russo gave us notes: After the Battle, Boxer is upset for he believes
his hooves have killed an enemy. Snowball tells the remorseful draft Horse, "the only good Human is a dead one." Boxer replies with, "I have no wish to take a life, not even Human." While Boxer values life, the leaders do not.
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It's been a few years now since I read the novel, but I suppose it's also typical that Boxer, the strongest animal on the farm, is perhaps the most easily displaced (though not replaced). Orwell is wonderful.
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Love boxer and this is amazing!
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This is amazing - one of the best pieces of AF art I have seen x3
I cried when Boxer died. ;-; He was definitely the best character!
Amazing job~
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Thanks very much! I wasn't particularly invested in the book (though I like Orwell a lot)--this was a school assignment two years ago. But it's great to find people who get so into a piece of good literature. =D
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Wow, this is really good! I don't really know what else to say, you captured the moment really well :)
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You're welcome!
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