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Splatoon or SlendyTubbies OCs
I'm setting the price to a simple 100 points 

I've never really done commissions before, but I'll give it a try :V


Er mah gerd! Zambies! :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 :0...

Cute af <3 Cute af <3 Cute af <3 Cute af <3 Cute af <3 Cute af <3 Cute af <3 Cute af <3 Cute af <3 Cute af <3 Cute af <3Cute af <3Cute ...

So colorful, so cool owo. I'm so envious since I can't do anything like this. It's so well done. I bet you it had to take you a very lo...

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Many art that is trash ;w;


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I might be more active on my second account :3
Full explanation:

I'm part Filipino because my dad's side of my family is part Filipino. How?

My great grandmother (my dad's side) was half Filipino. She was born to an African American mother and a fully Filipino father.
Here's my full nationality

Me: African American, Puerto Rican, Filipino

Mom: Puerto Rican

Dad: African American, Filipino
On the plane. wish me luck

Spread this pls :'3
My dad's the only person who knows how to make me laugh holy fUCK
I realized that I'm an asshole towards my mom

stole this from :icontheprettypainter:
(I'm not fucking sorry)

[ ] You hate the world.
[ ] You hate society.
[ ] You think vampires are cool.
[ ] You write poetry.
[ ] You have coloured your hair black on Halloween.
[ ] You wear black/blue eyeliner.
[ ] You write poetry that's not for school
[ ] You are freakishly obsessed with darkness.
[ ] You think love is a waste of time.
[] You've given up on the world.
Total =  0

[ ] You've shopped at Hot Topic.
[ ] You've spent over $100 at Hot Topic
[ ] You wear more bracelets than a Russian.
[] You own a dog collar, that's not for your dog.
[] You're extremely pale.
[ ] You are a member of a poetry site.
[ ] Your screen name has been an oxymoron.
[] You are an atheist or agnostic.
[] You don't believe in god.
[ ] Your screen name has/had X's in it.
Total =  0

[ ] You have been referred to as scary.
[ ] You have been referred to as demented.
[x] You have been referred to as weird.  
[x] You have been known to hate teachers.  (Only my 1st and 5th grade teachers. They were bitches)
[ ] You have been known to cause trouble.
[ ] Your hair has been dyed a colour that was not natural.
[ ] You have at least one photoshopped picture on myspace.
[ ] You think pictures look better in grayscale or sepia tone.
[x] You are scared of yourself sometimes. (I am ugly af)
Total =  3

[x] Suicide has crossed your mind. (In the 5th grade when I was bullied)
[x] You have screamed before (if pain or out of anger counts)
[ ] You use big words that no one has ever heard before on occasion.
[ ] You've seen The Exorcist.
[ ] You liked The Exorcist.
[ ] You've seen Saw.
[ ] You liked Saw.
[ ] You've done voodoo.
[x] You hate sports. (I only like tennis :V)
[ ] You dress up as the most morbid thing possible on Halloween.
Total =  3

[ x] Halloween is one of your favorite holidays.
[] You have an obsession with fire.
[x] You have only a couple of actual friends
[] You're not afraid of spiders (I'm scared fUCKLESS of spiders
[] You have had a conversation about how you want to die.
[ ]You wear/worn black nail polish
[ ] One or more of your myspace pics had writing on them.
[ ] You have had the word "...." in your display name.
[x] You love art.
[ ] You like art with negative meanings.
Total =  3

[] You like skinny jeans.
[x] Music is life. (fUCK yes)
[ ] Your hair covers part of your face.
[ ] You wear band shirts.
[ ] You know who Jeffree Star is.
[ x] You wear/wore converse. (In the 1st grade)
[] You wear/wore vans. (what the fuck are those?)
[ ] You have/had your lip pierced.
[ ] You listen to Saves The Day, Emanuel, and Saliva.
Total =  2

[ ] You are in a band.
[ ] You like My Chemical Romance.
[ ] You also like Green Day.
[ ] You know what mosh means.
[ ] You sit in corners often.
[ ] You hate MTV
[ ] You take pictures of yourself a lot.
[ ] Especially ones where you can't see your whole face.
Total =   0

[x] You are lost without a CD player/iPod/mp3.  (I have a music app on my phone)
[x ] You have/had thick rimmed glasses.
[x] You have no issues with bi/gay people (why would I?)
[ ] You have/had a Mohawk.
[ ] You like Slipknot.
[x] You hate where you live.
[x] Black is a great color.
Total = 5

[x] Right now you are listening to music.
[ ] You know what hxc and sxc means.
[ ] Myspace = love.
[] Hot Topic doesn't scare me.
[ ] You wear/wore studded belts.
[ ] You have cried while listening to Hawthorne Heights.
[] For Guys: I have worn girls jeans.
[] You cry a lot. (Barely)
[x ] You write on yourself. (Only doodles and shit)
[ ] You have been called emo before.

Total = 2

For your final points, multiply it by 2, and post this as a journal entry/post: "I am 90% edgy"
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  • Reading: This
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water



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Name: Vanessa

Nickname: Axelle

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Nationality: African-American, Puerto Rican, and Filipino

I'm just a boring artist who draws nothing but SlendyTubbies :3

I don't bite :3

I have been attacked by :iconblackyinktoling: :V


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