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[Outdated] Light Vs Sonic.exe Part 1 English

Men, this is really outdated... Watch this: [link]

Credit will be in the end of the last part of the animation.
Version Fr ici: [link]

The first part of the animation Light VS Sonic.exe!
Cliffhanger at the End , Light will survive or will die?

Changes from the preview:
-Speed ​​increased to 15 FPS
- Removed icons for dialogs
- Change the location of the dialogue with Amy.
- Extension of the transformation.

If there are errors, specify them, english is not my first language
Comment and put in your faves!
Any advice is welcome!
Time: 3 weeks
Frames: 2743
Time: 182,8 s
Light © :iconlight-acornfr:
Sonic.exe © ???
Sonic,Shadow,Amy, Knuckles, Rouge © :iconsegaplz: /Sonic Team
Image details
Image size
558x368px 4.53 MB
© 2013 - 2022 Light-AcornFr
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this is a cool animation


MythTheWolf's avatar
he's a firin his lazor
sonic2648XDXD's avatar
men that animation was cool i like it :D but decrease the speed in the dialogue
Light-AcornFr's avatar
men, this stuff is old and i become better in Animation, whatch this: [link]
Don't ask why this is keep here...
sonic2648XDXD's avatar
oh, ok i don´t know it
LaneIsChill's avatar
sorry but i don't like it...and DBZ sound effects are VERY old!
Aeon-The-Hedgehog's avatar
This was horrible, and you should be ashamed for making it.
Light-AcornFr's avatar
Can You specify what is wrong, what i have to work on it
for the Language, English isn't my first language
I know for the text speed, but I can't fix it, it will broke the whole animation
But I'm gonna remake this and put the two first part in one animation.

I'm not ashamed for making this, beacause, i make my own animation/Art myself and i know i will make better later...
Aeon-The-Hedgehog's avatar
Well, the English and text speed was already addressed. My major issues are that you overused internet memes, and you completely destroyed the concept behind Sonic.EXE.

Sonic.EXE isn't supposed to be some force you can actually FIGHT. He's supposed to be the horrifying end for whomever he meets. The fact that you have him fighting Light like it's a DBZ fight is just... wrong.
Zoren-Sosa's avatar
not bad bro. but u have alot to work on.
-first u should start with making the text slower or either putting a button action command on it to be able to move on when u want.

-for those effects you use next time use the add effect. it would take that nasty blackness from around it.

-fix your idles as well, the move to fast. each idle should have 2 of the same frames in the symbol. example: if a normal idle or attack is just 4 frames long. u double it so then it will be 8 instead.

and some of the moves he used didnt have animation to it like when u made those clones and they did a triple blast. try to use a charge with an animation to it. it looks better. but i see your tryna learn so keep up the work man.
MCPZR's avatar
Could you please make the texts go a bit slower? I cannot read them all.
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