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Berry Punch - Drunk

By Liggliluff
This is Berry Punch, using the latest Season 2 colouring. I did use my own colouring guide to make the colours match the show as accurate as possible.

See more of my My Little Pony vectors at my gallery collections for vectors.

You are allowed to use this artwork,
in your own pictures and modify it, and put it here on DeviantArt or other places
if you give credit by linking to this and mention me (Liggliluff) in the description.

This artwork is used in,
Berry's Bad Mane Day by nickyv917
Berry's Drinking Problem by Out-Buck-Pony
Berry Punch: New Age Splatter Wallpaper by EnemyD
Berry Punch Wants Martini by Krazoa157
Pony Hexagon Bokeh by Morningstar-1337
Pony Space Wallpaper(Background Ponies+Cheerilee) by Morningstar-1337
Ship.png by CiscoQL
VOTE BERRY PUNCH! by snakefire1

Update (26 jan):
Added missing Cutie Mark
Added gradient in iris
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© 2012 - 2021 Liggliluff
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Chrismilesprower's avatar
Uhhh why is she staring at me like that?
Pinkie-Pie-super's avatar
Morningstar-1337's avatar
used here [link] Hope you don't mind
Liggliluff's avatar
Nope, I don't mind.
"You are allowed to use this artwork"
Morningstar-1337's avatar
I made another wallpaper [link]
Flutterflyraptor's avatar
Great job on vectoring Berry Punch =Liggliluff, I really love it:)
nickyv917's avatar
Just to let you know, I plan on using this vector in an image I have planned, if that's cool.
Liggliluff's avatar
Then I'll wait and see what it will be.
nickyv917's avatar
Sure, just uploaded it: [link]
CaptainPrower's avatar
Berry Punch's theme song: [link]
sebastieng's avatar
For some reason, her tail reminds me of a fountain
Liggliluff's avatar
A Purple/Pink fountain then? It looks kinda like a fountain, with some thinker, slower liquid.
sebastieng's avatar
It's like a fountain of wine
snakefire1's avatar
Thanks for the vector! I used it here:[link]
Liggliluff's avatar
Oh, thanks for telling me, I have to check that out.
StickMaster5000's avatar
:icondemomanplz::iconsaysplz:Meh bottle o'scrumpy!
AisenThePaladin's avatar
Looks good for a trace.
Liggliluff's avatar
I think I've created my own technique and I don't have that much experience... will probably look better in the future.
ZuTheSkunk's avatar
I think you meant Berry Punch, not Golden Harvest Carrot Top.

Looks good, but where is her cutie mark?
Liggliluff's avatar
Copy Paste... had little time left in School... going to finish it now.
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