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GZ Custom: E. Coyote
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Published: March 1, 2013
© 2013 - 2019 LigerZeroElaine
I did not create this Zoid, but I did produce the final design you see here. The creator of the Zoid made a sprite constructed of many different Zoids. I built off of that initial design to make a more original looking Zoid. This Zoid would be seen in the Zoids Genesis era of Zoids.

I did this not long after the Armo'Scute and Zoid Adam. This drawing is about 3 years old.

Design notes from the creator:

Name: E. Coyote
Type: Coyote
Registration Number: TZ-021

Height: 8.3 Meters (27.5 Feet)
Length: 18.7 Meters (61.3 Feet)
Weight: 75 Tons
Max Speed: 415 KPH (257.8 MPH)

Stage: Basic
Class: Alpha

Features: Foot Anchors x4, Booster System, Stabilizer System, Passive Stealth System, Cooling Unit

Weapons: Claws, Teeth, Electron Claw x4, Stun Blades x2 (Electrical/Laser Charge, Sides), Triple-Barreled Vulcan (Head)*, HZ Break-Away Warhead (Inside Tail)*

Additional Armaments: BL-12 Triple Shock Cannon, BL-13 High-Pressure Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Gun, Electron Bite Fang

Optical Stealth Camouflage, Smoke Dischargers

Upgrades: None
Evolutions: None
Fusions: None
CAS: None

*Heat Suppressor – The heat suppressor is a climate control device that changes the temperature of the outer layer of the zoid (the armor and bare structure areas). With a sophisticated thermostat display and computer system, the zoid can match the surrounding environments temperature to within 1.5 degrees. The system isn’t perfect but in most situations the zoid will be a bit harder to pick up on heat signature equipment. There are a few noticeable exceptions such as snowy environments and water submersion.

*HZ Break-Away Warhead (Inside Tail) – The HZ Break-Away Warhead is a sophisticated missile hidden inside the TZ-021’s tail. The initial missile has the standard locking and guidance technology found in similar weapons. However, once within close proximity (25-40 meters) the missile casing breaks apart and reveals 5 micro-missiles. The micro-missiles are then guided via heat signature, meaning if two heat sources (I.E: Two zoids) are close to one another the missiles may split up or simply go after the nearest source (even if it wasn’t the original target). Each micro missile packs a good punch, with good concussive and penetrative force. The missiles do however lack much of a blast radius (3-8 meters) so missed missiles don’t do much in terms of “splash” damage.

*Triple-Barreled Vulcan (Head) – These vulcans are very similar to the Lightning Saix’s only with a greater rate of fire. Designed as one the few options the TZ-021 has for ranged combat the vulcans are fixed to the top of the zoid’s head and thus can fire in any direction the head is looking, a great choice for on-the-move firing situations.


The TZ-021 boasts incredible speed, reaching speeds up to 219 mph on a full sprint and 257 with the booster system. The zoid also had great maneuverability, sporting the same foot anchors as those found on the fox-line the TZ-021 can move gracefully on nearly any terrain type.

The zoid was designed to be the pinnacle of stealth technology and has a sophisticated array of stealth capabilities, firstly it has a passive stealth system which keeps it off most traditional radar. However, the most impressive stealth feature has to be the heat suppressor which cools the zoid’s armor to a similar temperature as the environment, and while it isn’t perfect it does make it much more difficult to pick up on heat signature equipment. For example it would probably fade in out of a heat signature radar and the glow produced on heat signature optics would be much fainter.

Being a stealth zoid the engineers decided that the bet ambush tactics were usually in close quarters and worked best with quiet equipment, to that end they decided to design the TZ-021 as melee-oriented fighter. They choose to arm the zoid with electrical based melee weapons such as the stun blades, claws and fangs. The only ranged weapons the stock TZ-021 comes with are the head vulcans and break-away warhead but the zoid is capable of mounting a shock cannon or sulfuric acid sprayer on its belly.

The TZ-021 design was to get in and get out, stealth and ambush tactics are its main ways of combating and lacks the ranged firepower and defensive qualities of other zoids. That being said, it is still a zoid to be reckoned with as it has superb speed, maneuverability and melee prowess. In capable hands this zoid can overcome its weaknesses.

*Additional note(s):

Genesis style cockpit

The stealth systems can only be used simultaneously for brief periods of time or the zoid may suffer lag spurts or even a full CSF if overused. The time frame for safe usage is usually around 3 minutes, followed by at least a 5 minute recharge period. This is specifically for the Heat Suppressor and Optical Stealth Camouflage being used at the same time.

Art /Redesign (c) Elaine :iconligerzeroelaine:
Concept (c) Kaedon
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Liger-InuzukaProfessional Traditional Artist
Wow Elaine, all these deviations! Where have you been? Your sprites and Zoids are so good!
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LigerZeroElaineStudent Digital Artist
Hiya! I've been around, just busy with college and not active on DA. Figure it's about time to post things! Nice to hear from you!

And thanks so much! <3
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