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Warframe: Atlas Deluxe Skin
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Published: October 19, 2018
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Warframe Deluxe Skin Concept Art for the Atlas Warframe. A different take on the Earth element, using geodes, crystals, combined with contemporary details to evoke the feel of a modern piece of art in the form of a golem.

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matthewmcentireProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome design. Tiny little feet, though. I love the rest, especially that helmet.
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UkuliHobbyist General Artist
Amazing work but it can still be easily confused with Revenant. And simply because of default colors and well.. that top hat. ^^; Though it does look stunning and can't wait to earn up some plat to get it.
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rbl3dProfessional General Artist
Dat ass!
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konronHobbyist General Artist
the concept looks great but the result in game is awful, would you talk to DE to indicate how to fix it?
in my opinion too much metallic reflections and to no shades/tones on the rock which make it looks opposite of the design in textures.

I would recommend you to suprevice the results before approval to launch, because it will cause no interest in future designs for the community
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Liger-InuzukaProfessional Traditional Artist
Initializing response...

We have little authority over how DE implements our designs following the concept art. Their choices are made for either technical or more experienced reasons.
The situation is handled. If you have any further insights to the Warframe community as their representative, submit your complaints to the Warframe leads in charge.
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I've heard they're giving atlas a deluxe skin, but I haven't seen the concept art for it.  I really hope that they go with this concept, because they need a big bulky rock thing for him.  Sure, he's looking somewhat rhino like, but that's not a bad thing IMO
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Liger-InuzukaProfessional Traditional Artist
Initializing response...

This piece is the contracted and official Atlas Deluxe Skin.
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true or not, I hope it turns out like this
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Liger-InuzukaProfessional Traditional Artist
Initializing response...

It is true. We are contracted by DE.
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then I eagerly await the result
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One question though when will this come out or will it not be released i'm only curious to know
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Man i already main Atlas and if this makes it into the game i'm gonna die this is beautiful great work also you should try giving Hydroid i think you could do something really amazing my guy keep it dope as always 
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About when will this be in game? Atlas is my favorite frame and I need this skin yesterday its so beautiful :D please i dont wanna wait any longer for it 
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Some inspirations are from Nehza right ? :v
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I would DEFINITELY play Atlas more with this skin!
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Dude even without the skin he is pretty good but man he is so beautiful to the point he doesn't need a syndana anymore
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EnzuDes1gnProfessional Interface Designer
great work mate
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potato1230Hobbyist General Artist
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Another one for the collection! Can't wait!
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Looks amazing! ^^
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Murashi-Art Digital Artist
Great work! 
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I just do not like why you force ass in all your skin what are you 13 year old? and what frame are you planning to do next? 
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