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Ligatiers are a species derived from the first reptiles on Earth, who evolved alongside humans for the sole purpose of survival.

Separated by years of progress and differences, Ligatiers fulfill the same role as any human in an established society:

they live with the stresses of everyday life, some with more extreme experiences than others; some more savage and others more erudite;

but all within a civilization that provides them with the stability that they themselves build.

Do you want to know more about Ligatiers?

What is their problem with humans?

Or, perhaps, what is the human problem with Ligatiers?

You don't need a Ligatier to join the group, just the curiosity of wanting to know more about this particular species that shares the earth's face with our well-known humanity is more than enough.


Find us:

Toyhouse | Official Website | Lorekeeper



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Is this group still alive? If so, I would to buy one or adoptables, if more start popping up
Ey there! The group will be open again very soon! Sorry for the delay!
Awsome! I can't wait!

Hey! the group is now up ! :DD

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Has there been a Discord server for this group?