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Hi everyone, here to tell that i am mostly active on my twitter account.

I might or might not post stuff here too, however it been some time since i entered this site. I might try to be more online here too but i have no idea if i will do it or not. The other places that i look are on this journal:

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Where is the manage art button, i need to hide some art and im unable to find it.

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This year i will join Artfight again and i will be able to attack even more. Only issue is i have finals in this week, but after 10th of July i will be able to join it! Here is my profile, if you wanna follow

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No,i am not leaving yet. It is hard to use but i did not give up yet. But people might be leaving so i am putting this up anyway. Now at some of these sites i was not much active, and i have not updated for a while but i promise that i am still looking at them.

Discord: lifewatery#5980

Always online, always active. Message me on there. I accept friends after seeing who are you from dA or a site. I mostly play games, and i reply to any message after maximum 15-20 minutes. If you have a server you can invite me. I do have my own discord server but i generally invite close online friends.

Tumblr: Since the new layout i started to use this site more. I mostly reblog random fandom stuff,like arts and concepts, tho planning to submit more art.

Twitter: Again, mostly retweeting nice arts and concepts i like. I do post my art here too,more than Tumblr i can say.

Toyhouse: Okay this site i am not active much. Character informations are more updated then Deviantart refs, but they are also still old. I might use it more in future but i am not sure at the moment.


I am not much online there, even though i told people that i would be online. Mostly I don't use Instagram as an art publishing place. I mostly read comics and look for arts but i am not uploading much myself. It might or might not change, i don't know and we will see.

Youtube: Just using for watching videos, but i do have some videos up, like a speedpaint and a reuploaded map.

Artfight: Artfight account of mine, using mostly in July for the event, otherwise it is not active.

Flightrising: It is a game and not a art publishing site, but i am generally online there so you can find me online.

That is all the sites i am on and the ones i remember.

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Slowly getting used to new dA. Surely there are a lot of bugs and i miss many of the old features. But i also like some of the things. First time ever recommended art is actually based on what i favourited, in past it was just keep showing same things that had nothing to do with me. Also muting tags is really good, finally i can search the things i want without seeing some unnecessary things i don't want to see. Although i am sad cause many people i was watching left to the other sites. This is making me a lot more active on that other sites too tho which might be seen as a nice thing. I am still going to write a journal about where to find me cause if this many people i was watching left, this means many of my watchers might want to leave too. Which i understand and respect their decisions.

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