dA changing to new site, forcing us to move

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Welp. I really dont like eclipse and in my opinion of this is that it is bad.. dA is just doing it cause 80% of its users, maybe even more, still uses the old site. Which should have made somethings clear for dA, that people dont like new site. But well, they are not understanding it anyway.

I am not sure how much i will be active when the site changes. I was not much active recently anyway, but this change might make it even worse, cause i really dont like new site, it looks really ugly on computer.

Places that you can find me: 
Discord: lifewatery#5980 Really active, i spend most of my time on there! Friend me and tell me who you are please
Twitter: twitter.com/lifewatery Active but also not that much acvite. I use it a lot more recently and retweet stuff daily.
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I love the old site, but Eclipse isn't THAT bad. I mean, it has some cool features too. I hope I will figure out the new system... ^^;
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It is bad. On phone it is acceptable but if you are using a laptop or desktop, it is really bad.

They changed it specifically for the use of tablets and tablet laptops, but for normal computer users it is not good.
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You're right, but maybe dA should keep the "Eclipse on/off" feature? Idk I love both designs. :P
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Yeah, i am okay if that feature stays. Tho for new deviantarts it automaticly forces you to stay on eclipse. They should make it avaiable for them too.
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Oh, I didn't know that. The thing that I do not like about Eclipse is that it's too... "big", if you understand me. I like when my dA is organised and small-in-space, but Eclipse looks big, compared to the old site. :/
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That is true. I dont like it much cause that too. Also, it looking like mobile is..Eh..

If they used the old site and just edited it(aka dark theme, maybe that background pic placement avaiable, but on small scale) i would be okay to that too. But they just completely trying to make it look like a mobile site.. Ew no. Do it on phone, not on actual site.
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Are you taking part in the Silence movement?
A lot of people decided to log out and don't use dA for three days from the 1st to the 3rd of may.

basically just to show how much the site will lose if people leave the site.
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I did not heard about this movement until now

I can do that, i dont even use the site much anyway
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here's the link that is currently spreading over the site

it might be a bit harder for me since I check the site daily and hourly basically, haha.
but I'll surely join
hecc they can't force eclipse on us
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They shouldnt.

Yeah i saw it and sent as journal, and sent on my discord server too.

Dude for 2 days, TF2-CSGO source code leaked first and now this happened. There is also all the bad things going on in 2020, and corona. Is world trying to just push bad things on us?
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Jup, I saw the journal.
I hope it works and dA change their plans- hhh

2020 sure is hell of a year
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