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Bullet; Green I will definitely do them  
Bullet; Blue Hopefully i will do them
Bullet; Red Not sure if i will do them, they are just and idea  

Bullet; Black =Stuff 
That I am Planning On Doing=Bullet; Black 
Bullet; Green New Refs and Better designs
Bullet; Green Changing Life(character)'s full name.
Bullet; Green Main universe World improvement
Bullet; Blue Backstory improvements 
Bullet; GreenRevamping and fixing mistakes in Memories(Story)
Bullet; Blue Death AU drawings 

Bullet; Pink =Stories and Comics=Bullet; Pink 
Bullet; Green  Comic or Story about Miu and Roxy
Bullet; Green Comic about Cyrus and Clyde
Bullet; Blue  Comic about Life's Parents and Her Past
Bullet; Blue Comic about that evil guy and how he became
Bullet; Red Story about Endery 
Bullet; Red Death AU Story or Comic 
Bullet; Red Story/Comic of an universe inspired from Warrior Cats

Bullet; Yellow =Universes=Bullet; Yellow 
Bullet; Green 
Main universe improvements 
Bullet; Green Revamping Memories(Story)
Bullet; Blue An universe inspired from Warrior Cats 
Bullet; Red The creature universe 
Bullet; Green An original universe i was planning for at least 1 year
Bullet; Blue Original universe that i am working on with a friend  

Bullet; Purple=Full Version of this with explanations=Bullet; Purple 
Planning and Thinking a Lot of Stories
So, for past few months i didn't draw much. It was so unlike me, and i can tell that i was changing at that time. (I am still in that time by the way)
One thing i didn't stop (well, my brain didn't stop) was thinking about stories. Old stories that i have AND new stories. It was great for me, but i was not be able to draw any of them. And i thought about a lot of new stories, that affected the way i am looking at my old stories. This was a bad thing. But i managed to overcome that, because of my want to keep my old stories alive and they are being my first universes/stories. So, i will keep working on my old works too, but less than my usual probably. I will try my best to do it.
(I need to get over my fear of changing my old universe characters to work on them. I love how they are right now, but every story needs to somewhat change to continue.) 
Now, i will talk about some of the ideas i have. I won't tell much about some, but just point out how many weird


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