Drawing linearts is a pain..

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I used to finish 1 or even 2 drawings in one day, when i sit in front of my computer. But nowadays, i am even unable to finish an art piece in several days. And this is frustrating me. I feel like i lost my ability, and  that i will never be able to gain it back.. 

I am sure there will be a lot of people saying that, it is normal that a piece of art takes long time. But i am even unable to do a line art in 3-4 days.
Sketching doesn't take that much time for me, i am able to think about an art/commission and sketch it really quickly. But when it comes to lineart, it takes so long! After that, coloring and shading doesn't take that much time either(unless it is a lineless art, it that part, coloring takes long time). And when i am doing that lineart, i feel drained and frustrated, and like i am unable to do anything...

Is this normal? Like a lineart taking nearly 1 week? And me feeling drained when i am trying to do it?
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Is there any particular reason you think it's taking so long?
--like, are you taking more time to do the lines a certain way? Is your program or tablet slow or laggy? Do you use smooth, singular lines or do you make a ton of smaller lines to make a long one? 

B/c for me, line-art is definitely a pain, often takes the longest, and sometimes makes me feel frustrated, but usually it doesn't take multiple days unless I'm doing a really big piece.
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I am trying to make long and smooth, singular lines. And it generally messes at a part. Then i delete and try to redo that line.
This happens so many times.. Even a really small messed up part, that won't be noticeable in full art probably, makes me delete and redo it. 
I try to acknowledge that it won't be even noticed but i keep trying to make it perfect. 
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Ooh- okay! That's actually how I do my lines- let's see if I can't explain how to get rid of just the small part and not the whole line! Hopefully this helps? ;0

000 by ThatSpiderCat
1st. I start out with the wrong line (in blue). I grab a new layer and make a new line (red) and try to make another line that matches the curve of the first one. Sometimes you gotta remake the new line a bunch of times to match the curve, but eventually you'll get the one you're looking for. 

001 by ThatSpiderCat
2nd. Once you've got the line with the curve you want, go back to the first layer (blue) and erase the bits you don't need. If you need to, you can erase anything you don't need from the red line as well.

  002 by ThatSpiderCat
3rd. I usually do all these steps in black, b/c when it's not two colors it's easier to find mistakes. Case & point: once turned back into pure black line-art, the part I fixed is still too thin- and even though not a single person is going to care, I do- because I want the line weight to be even here.

  003 by ThatSpiderCat  
4th. So from there, I made yet another new layer, and made a line on top of what I had. Basically I'm just reusing step 1 & 2 here to get what I want. I separated the chunk I eventually ended up merging so you can kinda see what I did.

004 by ThatSpiderCat  
5th. And you're done! The chunk merges seamlessly with the line, and although it takes practice, it's allot easier than just making a whole new line. And the best part is you can do it with any line, at any segment, as many times as you need to. It makes it a LOT easier then trying over and over to get the perfect line! and even if you end up zooming in to get that one singular pixel to behave like I sometimes do, it's still a huge time saver! <3
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Wow, this is really nice!

The old program i used only had 3 layers, so i got used to using just 1 layer to make the line art, or make the separate parts on different layer(like hair on one and face on other). So when i do this, i do it on same layer, and delete it over and over. And yes, i get annoyed from even 1 pixel too XD
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Mhm! <3

& Ooh, yeah- no wonder you've been having problems!! Layers are super helpful- honestly sometimes I end up using upwards of 50 layers for a finished piece, and that's not including all the layers I end up merging together~!
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Wow.. I use that many layers on shading and lighting only. Sometimes coloring, but i try to keep layers at minimum generally.
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Ooh, if shading and lighting is involved, then yeah- I use allot more layers than normal! :p
and I use about a million layers to color too, b/c I use clipping groups more often then I forget street signs lmao
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Wow! Well it only been a short while that i discovered clipping groups, and because of that i am new to using them. Tho i am using them more and more, and they are making a lot of coloring easier for me! How was i even colored before knowing them, i wonder..
There is still a lot of stuff i dont know about Sai..
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Which softwares/programs do you use to draw with? Some softwares are more efficient for such tasks.

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I don't think it is about the programs cause i am using the same ones for a long time. Paint Tool Sai and an old Wacon Bamboo tablet.

I was using them in past too, and last drawing i made successfully was in this summer. 
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Alright, it seems not to be the program.

Which tool do you use for outlines?

PaintTool Sai has a vector line feature that might help curve and smooth lines.

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I use the sketch brush, i have edited it for my like.
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I see.

Do you often undo lines (or modify them after drawing them)?

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Do you use Ctrl+Z to undo?

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well technically yes but no..

the button on the tablet is set to Ctrl+Z
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