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Cats are Liquid : Lumi

A fan art for "Cats are Liquid" game.

It is a really nice, calm and cute game series. I recommend it.
It has 2 games, first one is "Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows" and the second one is "Cats are Liquid - A Better Place". Both of them are really cheap on Steam.

-If you decide to play it, play the first game then second game. I don't know if it is true, but according to some people, there might be a problem if you don't play the first one.
-Read their warnings before playing. It did not effect me much, but i still recommend that you read them.
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What a neat and clean artstyle, I really like this!

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Fluids do fill the shape of a container, and cats are able to do that.

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Aww that’s so adorable omgggg😱😍😍

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Yey, thank you ^^
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I remember this, but isn't it free on mobile?
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I don't exactly know, maybe?

How does it work, some parts of it were actually hard for me
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Yea, I played it on mobile definitely.

I played through the whole game + some secrets.
It's quite nice.
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No i mean, it was hard for me at some little parts, how did you managed to play it like that? o.o
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Yea, that's what I meant.
I played through the whole game nicely. Sure some parts took longer, but really it wasn't so hard. :0
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