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kyotas and amoux ahoy!
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Hiya! I'm selling several things, primarily Felvargs related! USD preferred. Will also accept FelCredits, FelPoints, Rune Coins, and Berries that are EQUAL in quantity to the USD amount listed. ACTIVITY IMAGES: $15 per image. Will contain max amount of ARPG critters, complex background, and meet all activity requirements. 8 slots total: 7 remaining BREEDING SLOTS BANDOR - 2 slots | $20 each SILK coat - Standard build Fox Brown with Splash, Maned, Saddle open open great for fox brown pairings! ASTILBE - 1 slot | $15 each Standard coat - Dwarf build Dilute Fox Brown with Overlay, Saddle, Tipped, Siamese, Mask, Birdcatcher, Dusted open great for fox brown pairings! KORI - 3 slots | $25 each Curly coat - Brute build (Blush) Ashen Cream with Splash open open open Can pass blush coat color! KELEK - 2 slots | $35 each Shaggy coat - Brute build Molten Fawn Cream Cross with Overlay, Maned, Accents, Ticked, Defiance, Crackle open open Great when paired
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