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Pit Stop: Part 2

So here we are. I was finally able to complete and submit my next request. After having to build a new pc since the motherboard in my last one went kaput,
a thunderstorm set me back a day due to a power failure corrupting the .psd file. Learned to backup a while ago, but my backup was about 25 layers behind. ^^;

This kind of stuff seems to happen when I say I should be done by "blank", so I think I"m going to be like game developers and just say Soon from now on. ;P

Enough ranting. This is a request piece for Brony250, a continuation of the first request he asked me to do. My apologies for taking as long as it did
my fine fellow. Hope you like the end result. =)

Pit Stop: Part 1
Scene and layout by :iconbrony250:
Art by me.

MLP and its characters are property of Hasbro.
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mikegg121288's avatar
I thought she had diarrhea at first. LOL 
Mdwyer5's avatar
Honestly, I was expecting her to 'go' in the bushes
LifesHarbinger's avatar
As Rarity would say, "Going in the bushes would just be, uncouth for a lady." ;P
Mdwyer5's avatar
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Applebloom is feeling relieved in more ways than one.

I gather you drew from your knowledge of bladder spells.
LifesHarbinger's avatar
More or less inspiration from people I know.
Ah said ahm in here! Go away!! >8/
tigreanpony's avatar
That was funny, and that's karma for you.
LifesHarbinger's avatar
I like to think of it as sweet, sweet revenge. ;P
AJR001's avatar
Karma's a b[puppies] ain't it...? :XD:
TheDreweMaster's avatar
Haha! Now, this was really funny! :XD:

You know, I'm actually curious to see what Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon's interactions with the Cutie Mark Crusaders are going to be. Surprised we didn't see any of that in Season 6.

Look forward to your future images. :D
LifesHarbinger's avatar
I really hope Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon aren't forgotten myself. There's a lot of potential there, DT is basically the CMC's Starlight.
TheDreweMaster's avatar
That's very true. :XD: Funny that I never thought of it that way before.
AstralPhoenix-250's avatar
Apart from some nitpicks in the speech bubbles text i.e. "appleblom" lol. The comic looks absolutely fantastic.You did a terrific job and it was certainly worth waiting for. :D :thumbsup:
LifesHarbinger's avatar
Woops, I got that little typo fixed. Glad you like it. =)
jppiper's avatar
i don't think somepony to watch over me is a bad episode just my opinion i hope you respect that  and congradulations your comic made equestria daily
LifesHarbinger's avatar
Thanks, I quite enjoyed the episode myself. Got a few laughs out of me. =)
jppiper's avatar
great good to know
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