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Welcome to Spotlight Feature and Artist Consultation #1. Over the past week I have getting submission and searching dA to put together a huge feature of mostly under appreciated artists. I have really enjoyed viewing all the great art and I hope to publish more features. It took over 4 hours just to put together the article so instead of a weekly feature it will more like be a bi-weekly one. Especially when I am doing all the work myself. If you wish to help out in the future please note me.

Please take note that there are 300+ possible 400+ features in this article, so please take your time and have a good look, some of the art is fantastic.

Have a good day and see you again in two weeks.

:+fav:'s are appreciated more than you know!

:bulletblue: Artist Interviews :bulletblue:

17 year old Jennifer from Germany was kind enough to let me interview her about both her art and her experience here at dA. With just over 7,000 pageviews her work lacks the interest it deserves. I really enjoyed looking through her gallery and a lot of her work stands out among the rest.

water drops by itsRisingLove suddenly by itsRisingLove water bottle by itsRisingLove

How are things with you? Got anything exciting planned for the near future?
All is fine. On the way with big steps into future. I don't know if it's exciting for others but I am really excited about it. In a few weeks I will start an apprenticeship as a foreign language correspondent.  It is easy for me to learn new languages so I have decided to learn this job. Otherwise am I a bit nervous about it  because I don't know how it will work out. But I think this feeling is normal.
Besides this I want to start to take more photos of humans, in the future. Maybe shootings or something. I like this very much but somehow, I just take pictures of animals and nature. I want to improve my skills in taking photographs of humans.

When did you join deviantArt?
I joined deviantART last September. After I came back home  from vacation.

Have you been a pretty loyal member since you joined?
Not from the beginning. I joined and that was is for now. I almost forgot that I have a deviantART account. But later came the time that I started uploading some photos and it was fun because I could show other people my art. That’s what I wanted to do.

What made you join in the first place?
Definitely the variety of different art. I love art and here on DA are so many amazing  artists. It’s unbelievable what I find here sometimes.

Do you currently have a premium membership? Or have you in the past?
Unfortunately, I don’t have a premium membership and I’ve never had one before. It would be a good thing though. I think it would be nice with a premium membership because you can use more features then and such.

What is your favourite part/feature of deviantArt?
That I can browse through so many great art and artists of course ;)

What would you love to see introduced to deviantArt?
I have no idea right now. All is good at the moment.

Have ever suggested deviantArt to anyone including friends and family?
No, my friends and family are not that much into art as I am.

Has deviantArt helped you as an artist in anyway? By selling products or improving your techniques?
It helped me for improving my techniques and I got lots of new ideas for my photos which is awesome. I don’t want to upload any bad art (bad in my own opinion) so I always try to give my best. So far I’m selling nothing. I’m not sure if anybody would like to buy my art so.

Have you noticed an improvement in your art when you compare your first deviantation to your latest?
Yes absolutely. But I need to mention that I already deleted my first stuff which I uploaded here because that was just bad.  So yes there is a really big improvement. I am very happy about that.

What would you like achieve in terms of your art?
No idea. Maybe becoming better and  beeing successful with it someday. I’m glad when someone likes my art :)

What/Who is your inspiration?
Myself, friends, family, life…All the things which are around me. I think this is the best inspiration someone can get.

Is there anything about your work that you don’t like? Or would like to improve?
Well of course are there always things that I would like to improve. You live and learn.

What got you started in creating your art?
Since I am here on DA I do more. Editing pictures...etc. But since I can think I'm taking photos and won't go somewhere without a camera because everywhere in this world is art.

Do you intend to use your talents in a future career or keep it as a hobby?
This is a question I can not answer. Of course would I like to do something with art, photography and/or music but I don’t know if I will ever have the possibilities. I don’t give up the hope. For example, I still hope that there is a band who want me as their “personal band photographer”;) Then I could connect both: photography and music. But no matter what comes, I will keep it somehow!

Out of all your deviantations, what one is your all time favourite?
I took a photo ( of my aunts cat and for now that’s my all time favourite. Maybe I will have another one tomorrow but today that cat photo is my favourite. Cats are gorgeous models. To bad that I can’t have one at home.

Currently how many people do you watch/watch you?
39 deviants watch me and I watch 33.

How many favourites do you have?
I have 155 favourites.

Which deviantation from your gallery has the most favourites?
My latest deviantion ‘it won’t last forever’ has the most favourites.

Which deviantation from your gallery has the most comments?
That’s ‘kitty cat IV’ (

Select one deviantation from your favourites list that is your all time favourite and tell me why you like it.
That’s so hard. Too hard to make a decision. So I selected a picture which remindes me of something. It’s ‘Horse Girl II’ by ‘AndySimmons’( I love horses and in the past there was a horse that I loved more than everything else in this world. And this picture reminds me of it how it can be between a horse and a human. So peaceful! :)

Which deviant(s) do you admire and why?
I admire “supermalade” ( so much. Her photos are so amazing and stunning. She is a very talented girl and I hope that she will keep doing those beautiful photographs forever.



Between attending business school in Normandy and visiting her parents in Paris, Anne-Laure still finds the time to model. From a first glance at her pictures I found that I had to try and catch my breath back. With just over 60 deviantations her gallery provides a wide range of poses with one thing in common, beauty. At only 20 years on age, I see that maybe a career change could be a posibilty, making money infront of a camera instead of behind a desk.

Alone in a corridor. by mitsu-model Portrait. by mitsu-model Classic Portrait. by mitsu-model

How are things with you? Got anything exciting planned for the near future?
I'm currently a student in a French Business School in Normandy, France. I'm the president of the students, so I have a lot of responsibilities (like organizing a trip for 700 persons in October), but I love it. Everything is great, I have a lot of work and I hardly find time for modelling, but it is really exciting to have so much things to do ! Oh, another thing planned for the near future : I am going to Japan for 6 months next year, so I'm learning Japanese and I hope I'll get into the university I want.

When did you join deviantArt?
I had various accounts, so I'm not sure, but I think it was 3 or 4 years ago. This account for modelling only was created a year ago.

How did you find deviantArt originally?
All the people I know on the internet have a talent for something : froggy-chan draws, Reve-Mecanique takes pictures, and so on. I've seen links on their websites to creations they uploaded on dA. I browsed the galleries, the forums, and I loved everything I saw, so I decided to join.

Have you been a pretty loyal member since you joined?
Yes and no. As an active member, I haven't been loyal at all. I can spend hours on dA during a few months, and not post a single deviation for a year. But I always come and check what's new, what my friends did recently, what are the events organized by the admins and the new features of the website.

What made you join in the first place?
The spirit of the community. DeviantArt is a place where people from all over the world, with different lives, thoughts and ages gather for a unique thing: the love of art. Even the conception of art varies from a member to another, and that's the beauty of this community: creativity and self-improvement are the link between everybody. It's easy here to discover fantastic pieces of art and to get comments on our own creations.

Do you currently have a premium membership? Or have you in the past?
I have one that :devtravelofborders: kindly gave me when I joined with my modelling account :heart:

What is your favourite part/feature of deviantArt?
The Collections. I love to browse and add new creations to my Collections. I do it every time I log in.

What would you love to see introduced to deviantArt?
More tools to connect dA with other social services, such as Facebook of Twitter. I'd like my new creations to be posted on Twitter automatically each time I upload something.

Have ever suggested deviantArt to anyone including friends and family?
Yes, to my sister. And any time someone looks for stock images or textures for a creation, I suggest them to go to dA to find what they want. They are a lot of talented artists around here !

Has deviantArt helped you as an artist in anyway? By selling products or improving your techniques?
dA helped me in two ways : improving my modelling thanks to the constructive comments I get (plus, it's easy to see which pictures are more appreciated by the other members) and follow the work of incredibly talented artists. fb101, Tsangyang and Nqv are two photographers I worked with.
It's also a huge source of inspiration. I put in my collections everything that inspires me and that I want to do one day during a shooting.

Have you noticed an improvement in your art when you compare your first deviantation to your latest?
It's hard to say, because all photographers are different, and I can't compare their work.

What would you like achieve in terms of your art?
I'd like to be as expressive and versatile as an actress, and allow each photographer that works with me to create the picture he has in mind.

What/Who is your inspiration?
Everything in the streets of Paris is a source of inspiration. The women sitting in a café and waiting for someone, the outfits of some men, the conversations of teenagers in the tube. When I have to create something and can't find inspiration, I just take a walk and look around me to see if I find something.

Is there anything about your work that you don’t like? Or would like to improve?
I think I'm not expressive enough. I'd like to be able to make more different faces for the pictures.

What got you started in creating your art?
A friend of mine was modelling last year, and she posted pictures on Facebook. I loved them, and I wanted to create something like this too. So I decided to contact some photographers, and it was so much fun that I didn't stop and know I don't think I could stop modelling !

Do you intend to use your talents in a future career or keep it as a hobby?
Oh, no, modelling is only a hobby, even if it's a good way to earn some money, I don't think I could live only by doing that. Plus, money has to stay a "bonus" to keep the artistic side in mind. I'm sure models that have delays, clients and contract can't really do what they want. Modelling as I do it let me free of choosing the photographers and to discuss the themes with them.

Out of all your deviantations, what one is your all time favourite?
Classic Portrait. by mitsu-model

And which is your least favourite?
Just me. by mitsu-model

Currently how many people do you watch/watch you?
I watch 17 people, while 146 people watch me.

How many favourites do you have?
I have 787 favourites.

How many times have deviants added your art to their favourites?
deviations were added to deviants' favourites 1,015 times.

Which deviantation from your gallery has the most favourites?
My most favourited deviation is Petit navire (, with 110 favourites.

Which deviantation from your gallery has the most comments?
My deviation with the most comments is also Petit navire (, with 47 comments.

Select one deviantation from your favourites list that is your all time favourite and tell me why you like it.
Ah, it's hard to tell, but here is an absolute favourite of mine :

I love everything : the pose, the light, the expression of the model. We don't know if she just woke up or if she just got back from a party. It's kind of mysterious, and I love pictures with cigarettes, I think it's sexy.

Which deviant(s) do you admire and why?
I don't have a person in particular, but if I had to say one, it would be Aisii. She is a fantastic model !
I also love the work of miss-mosh, even if it's not the kind of pictures I'd do myself. Julie-de-Waroquier, iTaylie and EvonT are very good models AND photographers, I'd love to achieve their level in both those fields. And another talented french model : emygia
My two favourite photographers on deviantArt are hakanphotography, MojoKiss, DearestGrudge and zemotion (yeah, I know, very original !)

:bulletblue: Spotlight Feature :bulletblue:


A wonderful gallery with a lot of great art that hasn't recieved the appreciation that it deserves. Focusing more on digital photography Y0urSup3rH3r0 captures those wonderful moments with just a click of a button.

:thumb160372936: :thumb170666293: :thumb170715218: :thumb149099727: :thumb145967656:



JollyMaster from Italy seems to make all her pictures come to life. An interesting perspective is shown through her photographs and with a gallery full of variety your bound to find something you love.

:thumb164142131: :thumb138868475: :thumb125395672: :thumb64250876: :thumb160000933:

:bulletblue: Feature :bulletblue:

Less Than 10 Favorites!
At time of publication all deviantations under this heading had 0-9 favorites, more may have been added after publication.

:bulletblack: Digital Art

:thumb170264152: :thumb167253390: :thumb166791150: Concept Art - Ogre by GoldCoinComics :thumb53689450: :thumb146969938: Eonan Aimirgin by Twimper :thumb169900736: Castle On A Cloud by Twimper Fire starter by Twimper Skyscraper by TVJunkie2342 A Regular Thing by TVJunkie2342 Contest Entry - Cake by TVJunkie2342 Night Light by TVJunkie2342 :thumb169426430: Desert Sunrise by TVJunkie2342

:bulletblack: Photography

:thumb108211053: :thumb108286429: :thumb163602681: :thumb164708643: fly, fly away by itsRisingLove Lavender by YourEndlessDream Bite Me by Amberphynn Snegl by Amberphynn Ilu by Amberphynn :thumb141824151: Rainy day by zillahderigeaud Fashion Arnhem II by zillahderigeaud Fashion Arnhem by zillahderigeaud Catwalk... by zillahderigeaud Delay by Dynoboot amsterdam connection by capt-fantastic observer by capt-fantastic hope by capt-fantastic :thumb168331979: :thumb136337071: Venture by Pixturesque Homebound by Pixturesque The stream by Twimper :thumb170139534: :thumb169838222: :thumb155139431: Over The Edge by xxkaysee Cliff by thechemical

:bulletblack: Traditional Art

:thumb170155138: :thumb170264854: To the singularity by Maleiva Gas Giants by druggedoncolor Stars and Planet by druggedoncolor Sun and Nebula by druggedoncolor Nebulae and Planets by druggedoncolor Dragon Rider by 5hape5hifter A dragons curse. by 5hape5hifter :thumb160120485: :thumb161136364: :thumb166607695: :thumb162142904: :thumb170267706: :thumb170263709: :thumb170263709:

:bulletblack: Cartoons & Comics

What websites are made of by Dynoboot :thumb170300671: Space Warrior by HungryDesigns If Properly Maintained by Sanders familia  unida by arineu :thumb170969210: Cold Calling page 37 by geruru Spider and axolotl hanging out by sqbr

:bulletblack: Designs & Interfaces

LXVI by Sedrons Cross II by Sedrons ink blot by Sedrons Cross III by Sedrons 21 by Sedrons Ram by Sedrons Shah City by Genesisdnb :thumb171003055: :thumb171002371:

:bulletblack: Customization

arashi: sexy by ailend :thumb171002498: explosion V2 by Okeku-BT :thumb171000171: :thumb171000034: Three Little Piggies Icon by LittleKai matsujun: the prince by ailend SNSD Wallpaper 2 by pandarellaaa :thumb171001850: :thumb170999380:

:bulletblack: Resources & Stock Images

Metal Texture by knobibrot Pirate 31 by chirinstock Samsung SGH J800 Mobile Phone by JADgirl666 :thumb170977177: :thumb170965325: Shine a Light Action. by Disfunctionalworld SPN: Sammy Winchester PSD_10 by SarcasticaXY :thumb170961384: :thumb170979026:

:bulletblack: Literature

:thumb166460740: the color blue.i. i love you.
no, really. i promise.
you are a visionary, and one of these days (one of those sticky, damp days, a frightful summer day, maybe, when our hair is sticking to our necks, and we want to wear sweaters, because that's poetic, but it's too damn sweltering; one of those days when this deadbeat ghost town has had enough of us: you, with your grin that stretches from ear to ear and beyond the city limits, and me, me with my crooked half-heart and ink-and-paint stained skin; one of those days when the ceiling caves in and the walls shrink and shrink and shrink, and we are forced to shimmy out our windows as fast as we can, lest the staring houses and yawning streets and greedy lawns catch up with us) we are going to pile into a van with bright orange shag carpeting and no windows and strange things painted on the side, because i can feel it, i can feel it, and we are not so far away from this moment, my friend, and it is unlikely that either one of us are going to have our licen
nos es frustra.i. dearest a,
i have this dream.
it's not a dream, exactly, in the way that it's not something pleasant my mind conjured up to entertain me as i rested. no, this is more of a vision. it's not a fantasy, and not quite a nightmare, either. let's try this again.
i have this not-dream that one of these days (do you remember when i used to talk about those empty, sweltering summer days pushing us toward the color blue?) you are going to come to me, not the other way around, and you are going to arrive by bus or train or your own weathered feet or maybe even by flight, because you still will not be able to hitch a lift from anyone, and your parents will still be cruel, and the sky will still appear to be blue, and you will still not be able to drive, and this is you coming to me, anyway, remember?
you will land on my roof - no, you will land on my windowsill, perching on your pretty ankles, your sad shining sparrow's eyes asking entrance, and i am left with no other choice to lift it open,
Impasse.i. There are words, and then there are sounds.
The very first sound that passed your unsoiled lips became my reasoning, and my scapegoat. Surely, something so pure, so captivating, had the power to strip away my every inhibition? This, I believe to be true. It became my saving grace, and, ultimately, my very undoing.
I watched as you were delivered to us from deep inside your mother's intestines, where for so long you spent warm months resting between soft, pink, puckered walls coated with sticky blood and bile. I watched, patiently, as you struggled against your captors, fragile, stunted limbs fighting - you were smart to have done so. How utterly indecent you are for this world, child, with your values and good intentions.
It would have eaten you alive.
And I watched as they took a dull blade and severed your lifeline, leaving it nothing but a deadened, blackened stump lodged inside your bellybutton. They cleaned you of your mother's filth, as well as your own piss and grime, and the
From Under the Soil.August skies had never been so brutal, so bare. The sun beat down on us angrily, and any mention of a cloud, of shade, of refuge from that blistering heat had vanished. The air was hazy, dripping and dragging through my lungs with heavy reluctance, coating my insides with cotton seeds and dust.
Everything was blurry, soft, and none of us were really there anymore. We looked through fogged eyes, like squinting through the windowpanes in winter when the frost clings desperately to the glass.
We buried ourselves deep inside our throats, voice-boxes stringy and decaying, lips cracking from disuse. We dug and dug, deeper and farther until the world remained muffled and we were safe under the soil. We were dragged so far beneath the surface, our organs so completely clogged with sand and grime, that we were consumed with the desire, the need, to crawl into the damp, dark earth and sleep.
We were machines. Cold, unfeeling pulleys and gears grind against each other inside our shells, im
The Beginning.Burning blanched boiled breaking skin encases her usual pale cold metal tin. Peeling off flayed layers like the skins of an onion, she idly wonders if the Sun is stealthily stripping her character away. The Sun reminds her as the soft Moon never could about childhood dreams, careless, running through the sand, polluted oceans, never once giving thought to waste, to poisons, to toxins, to sickness sprouting from her unprotected shoulders in the form of darling freckles. The Sun shows her how she's changed, unwelcome nostalgia coming wave after wave, the Sun shows her what the people have done to mother Earth, and how they shouldn't be welcomed into her heart with such open arms as they are.
And she says to the Sun, "This has nothing to do with a sunburn."
"Oh," but the Sun replies, "I burn because I am what you were. I am the day. You were strong, like me, but you've changed, you've changed."
The Moon then swept down, carrying a blanket of night with Him. Coughing, dusty stars tangled i
A poemI want to write a poem
Only it may be a little random
You see I can never find the words
To the national anthem.
I don't know what to write about
I could talking about some ones woes
But that is all so depressing
So I'll write about my toes! ^_^
On seconds though I can't seem
To find anything to rhyme with that
Maybe I'll be better off
With rhymes to do with 'splat'
Splat it's once, Splat it twice
And you know what you find?
I've did it once and what I got:
A mess of the nastiest kind.
See what I'm doing? I use: two words
To rhyme in ever stanza
It's not that hard but some times odd.
Do you want to meet a panda?
You know I think I'll end this now
I don't want the reader to die!
So I'll just leave it here
And wish you all 'good bye!' ^_^

:bulletblack: Manga/Anime

:thumb169718672: :thumb159855550: :thumb171003968: :thumb171003897: :thumb171003795: Gaspar Headshot by Regenerador Two Guys by DandoArt Nia Canvas by Prince-Mello-Jeevas :thumb171002365: :thumb171002384:

:bulletblack: Fan Art

:thumb166613559: :thumb170311402: :thumb170075417: :thumb168477971: Me: Digified_Color by Xavren :thumb171003484: Deathly Hallow by Curvaceousness :thumb171003948: Caleb and Elyon WITCH by Valaquia

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ID by RainbowPieces Alice ID by WeezalGurl :thumb171002928: :thumb171002784: :thumb171001764: :thumb171001527: . : Let Me Go : . by shayduhhhh minimalism stamp by conceptions :thumb170999134:

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:thumb166065310: :thumb142792486: :thumb92937467: Pigeon circle by Dynoboot Hexagon zoo by Dynoboot Nameless Girl by RainbowPieces X by RainbowPieces King's Quest - Alexander quest by odovoro Phoenix at dusk - Animation by Twimper flOw by Amanora Wish by Amanora OMG Pink Furry by HoshiBerry Breathe Me by thechemical

:bulletblack: Photography

:thumb166319765: :thumb118879415: kitty cat IV by itsRisingLove raindrops IV by itsRisingLove Smiltyne. by itsRisingLove part of a pink flower by itsRisingLove water drop by itsRisingLove Time has many faces by YourEndlessDream Hide and Seek by YourEndlessDream How Music Works by YourEndlessDream Little Love II by Amberphynn :thumb146437016: Put my fears in a box by thedaydreaminggirl :thumb149928509: :thumb156045755: :thumb162739481: :thumb162739831: The Twist inside by Dynoboot hunting leafs by capt-fantastic :thumb170195481: :thumb169969362: :thumb139402997: Semplicita by Pixturesque Cyan by Pixturesque Welcome to Greece by Pixturesque Look up - Summer by Pixturesque Fire Tree by Twimper :thumb170044336: :thumb158706901: :thumb165802488: Ferocactus Pottsii by Amanora Haze by Amanora Spring Blossoms by Amanora Brother and Sister by xxkaysee The Puddle in the Alley by thechemical

:bulletblack: Traditional Art

still life. by simone4390 Cees. by simone4390 Rebecca by simone4390 Agatha by simone4390 paula by simone4390 hanneke by simone4390 Liesbeth by simone4390 maria by simone4390 M by RainbowPieces chien loup by Oussika :thumb160814211: A.E.R - Detailed by 5hape5hifter A monster in worship. by 5hape5hifter Baring Fangs by 5hape5hifter :thumb160138823: City Lights by artofmadness :thumb148587945: :thumb157551914: :thumb163681118: Acrylic Orchids by whatonearth black horse by whatonearth tufted titmouse by whatonearth Cheetah Cub - brown background by whatonearth :thumb169966266: :thumb169553936: :thumb164451230: Melancholy by thechemical :thumb137783175: :thumb126247631: :thumb124788905: :thumb123768282: :thumb127431159:

:bulletblack: Cartoons & Comics

:thumb169421611: :thumb169180362: :thumb170915846: Galin Modric by Morpheus306 Flying sure ain't easy.. by Sklavenbrause New Servant. by BYP-Industries Atop the Fourth Mushroom by RuffyYoshi Roscoe and Murdock by SuperStinkWarrior :thumb170952235: DP: ..::Sky::.. by xelliMetallium

:bulletblack: Designs & Interfaces

15 by Sedrons LC Atelier by sogaso Even Dan knows... by anihimrox222 Tina by daydream-x Kaczmarek Komponenty by carl913 Puck by daydream-x smile by fancyhollow Nini by Sepinik Taylor Lautner II by NessaSotto Funy Work by MathieuOdin

:bulletblack: Customization

coffee cup by whatonearth :thumb169739938: :thumb170907230: :thumb170878942: Equalia iPhone Theme by itouchking :thumb170901465: Sand by Escasmu :thumb170917818: :thumb170897659: :thumb170895663:

:bulletblack: Resources & Stock Images

Pack of 3 Textures by myonlyloverob :thumb170954620: Freebie: Ninja icons psd. by samborek :thumb170875817: Forgiven stock 2 by Catarina-stock :thumb170765440: :thumb170954902: :thumb170674078: butterfly Textures by ANGOOY Dark Sky by raven2663

:bulletblack: Literature

now. by StarlightGoodnight Away Nation. by StarlightGoodnight :thumb166563341:

:bulletblack: Manga/Anime

:thumb170335652: :thumb167429021: Boo the Rococo Sheep by HoshiBerry Indiana Jones wannabe by HoshiBerry OA Bath event - Jini and Maya by HoshiBerry OA - Maya portrait by HoshiBerry Commission - June and Taylor by HoshiBerry IMMA BURNIN' YER EYES by HoshiBerry - Balloon - VIDEO ADDED by HoshiBerry - Breeze - by HoshiBerry

:bulletblack: Fan Art

Canthan Nights by ArtOfRivana The Lynx by ArtOfRivana :thumb169955743: :thumb169799138: :thumb169798592: :thumb168456294: Her Protector_Lines by Xavren OC: Chikako Uzumaki_Color by Xavren TS- Without You by Loralit His face is a map of the world by Biigurutwin

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:thumb169497860: :thumb170959396: :thumb170953810: :thumb170903664: :thumb170888337: :thumb170876041: :thumb170877927: :thumb170870567: :thumb170779259: :thumb170681470:

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:thumb82749144: :thumb167062413: :thumb105045153: :thumb165851337:

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:thumb153262447: :thumb155406802: :thumb130078933: :thumb167627527: :thumb167626956: :thumb159519935: :thumb134917634: :thumb154978399: :thumb135266582: :thumb159679608: :thumb165486221: :thumb161001941: :thumb156037823: :thumb165486845: :thumb164681997: :thumb165487248: :thumb168311940: :thumb92131547: :thumb74123699: :thumb97400283: :thumb89911115: :thumb94575871: :thumb92130592: :thumb169846015: :thumb83182808: :thumb92655166: :thumb41972754: :thumb112535093: :thumb59499395: :thumb70381706: :thumb63318031: :thumb22507726: :thumb136938725: :thumb153191917:

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:thumb163916173: :thumb109218196: :thumb155921637: :thumb168911540: :thumb123649065: :thumb123028283: :thumb122493419: :thumb117476601:

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:thumb88685198: :thumb129935456: :thumb148483719: :thumb148483420:

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:thumb169857986: :thumb165881924: :thumb167511753: :thumb167369237: :thumb157000092: :thumb117909249: :thumb165917891: :thumb170420360:

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arineu's avatar
hehehe my art
SarcasticaXY's avatar
Thank You for featuring lil' ol' me :)
KondouSachiko's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature of my Kuroshitsuji Wallpaper of Sebastian :D It's a honor ^^
shok-stok's avatar
lovely, really gorgeous!

thank you!
chirinstock's avatar
Thanks for the feature :)
CowGirlZenPhoto's avatar
Thank you for the feature- its an honor! Ciao
theRainbowOverlord's avatar
Thanks for the feature.
Disfunctionalworld's avatar
oh thhank you for put one of my creations with all those greats works , i really aprecciate that ♥. everything is awsome. great article.
DsQ8's avatar
Thx for the feature :)
Sanders's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature m(_ _)m

The art displayed is so lovely~
Okeku-BT's avatar
:whisper: thanks a lot for the feature :D
xoxoicons's avatar
thanks a lot for the feature :heart:
sqbr's avatar
Thankyou for including me in this! It's a cool idea.
Maleiva's avatar
thanks for the feature
thechemical's avatar
Thank you so much the multiple features! :D
Amazing article by the way, there is so much wonderful work by talented people. =]
Y0urSup3rH3r0's avatar
Lovely collection from some really talented artists - thank you so much!
itsRisingLove's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature and of course the interview :) You have made a fantastic feature with all the art! (:
TVJunkie2342's avatar
Thank you for the feature!
NightWing3's avatar
Thank you for the feature!!
capt-fantastic's avatar
you did a great feature! i really appreciate the time you spend to create this! i hope it'll "help" the artists featured or at least direct a little attention towards them. thank you :la: :dummy: =D
mitsu-model's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature dans the interview ! There are wonderful deviations in this article ! :heart:
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