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What Are Kira?
Can I Join?
The Kira are the elite members of our club.

- Kira members are able to submit to the gallery.
Anything a Kira submits hits your inbox! Other
submissions, such as those by normal human
members, only go to the favourites gallery.

- Kira cannot choose to become Kira, they must
have a Shinigami send them an invitation first.
Kira are chosen by their capabilities by Shinigami.

- Humans cannot see, hear, nor speak to
Shinigami unless given a note. Therefore,
begging to become a Kira is useless.

The Kira are not the leaders of the club.

- Kira are picked for talent and capability.
But as with every Kira, there are some things
that cannot be done. And yes, there are rules to follow.

- Anything a Kira wishes to submit to the
gallery is reviewed by the Shinigami King's knights.
The knights look over the submission to make sure
it follows a long list of rules stated in the
above blog function.

- Anything seen unfit or that disobeys any
of the rules will be declined.

Can I be a
That is up to the Shinigami King.

Shinigami King



Warning Sign by EruRaito
Death Note - Nowhere and Nobody else by AquaKacheek
Starlit Skies by AquaKacheek
Death Note - Best Friends part 2 by AquaKacheek
. -Major Cast- . -------------------
Death Note: Mello by scarlotti
Light Yagami. by EruRaito
. -Minor Cast- . -------------------
Naomi... by Annonyma
I Can Has Apples? by BladeXD
B e y o n d by OreoSpice
. -Stories- . ------------------------
DNPC 01- Not God Yet by satsukiangel
Mello's Belated B-day Comic by cloverinblue
Live Notice-p4-death note by toiji
Forgot To Get An Autograph by ZeldaWereWolf
. -Extras- . ------------------------
Wammy Boys by alltimelovex0x
gaming by suzaki63
DEATH NOTE fanart by toiji
2.14.2009 by anda-chan
. -Groups- . -----------------------
L vs Light by Annonyma
Death Note - K I L L E R S by Jennaris
death note: confectionary by aaaarghhhhhhh
Happy Birthday, L by cloverinblue

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Top Quality 840

Ryuzaki 1,800
Light 660
Misa 350
Mello 540
Beyond 540
Matt 540
Near 420

Merchandise 780
Downloadables 780
Comic Strips 1,440
Pairings 2,160
Cosplay 2,340
Fanfictions 1,320

And much more!


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Emote that the awesome ~timii95 made -> :iconpervymattyplz:

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