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Heh~ here's chapter 1!!! 👾

( A/N: Off we go to see the wizard!)

We walked towards the small apartment complex. I walked through the narrow hallway, the lights flickering gave everything a spooky affect. Seto followed close behind me making Yuki's constant meowing loud and annoying. We got t to the end of the hall. To door 39. I took the key out my bag and jammed it into the lock. I was locked out. AGAIN. "This is were you live?" Asked Seto. "Yeah... And we're stuck out side." I paused and sighed. "Isn't this just lovely?" I looked up at Seto. I finally took out my phone and called the manger of this building. "Hello this is Cassie. Manger of complex 12." Came a tiered irritated voice. " eh, hi. It's (Y/N)" I muttered. "Lemme guess your door Is freakin stuck again? And you need to help this poor helpless animal that you found on the street?" She said in a rude manner. "Yeah, how did ya know?" I asked. "Just a lucky guess because it's not like that happens every single day." Came a very, very irritated and sarcastic voice. "Kick it down." She suggested. "Because I'm going to bed goodbye!" "B-but-" I was cut off by beep, beep, beep. "Heh... We're going to have to kick the door down..." I said giving a worried smile to Seto.

*****AMAZING TIMESKIP**********************************************************************

After what seemed hours off swing at the door and trying to unlock it I found a paper clip and lock picked into my own house. "Gah~ I hate Cassie!" I exclaimed as I threw my bag on the couch. "Heh... She's the manger?" Seto looked at me.  "Yeah... Would you lie some tea?" I asked. "Sure!" He seemed to be happy. "How are you not exhausted?" I stared at him with a confused face. "Oh, it's really nothing compared to my work." "Is that so? *sigh* you can sit..." I said gesturing to the couch.

Yeah that all I got for now!
Thanks fur reading~!
And that ladies and gentle men is all I got.


Seto =Jin
Crazyj85 Featured By Owner May 2, 2014
I see that you improved a lot and you also have your own style of writing(or typing whatever fits). Very interesting indeed. I can see that more details have been added to help the reader picture the area that the characters are in. Very good.
LifelessQ Featured By Owner May 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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