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((Just to let you know, when something is in brackets [] it's a flashback.))

街はずれの小さな港 一人たたずむ少女
この海に昔からある ひそかな言い伝え

  Alone at the shore, at the edge of a small town, stood a girl. She was wearing a ripped robe. Her hair was coated with dirt and weaved into knots. Salty tears running down her face. And her dress soaked in the water of the sea.

「願いを書いた羊皮紙を 小瓶に入れて
 海に流せばいつの日か 想いは実るでしょう」

  "If you place a parchment, with your wish written within, it is sure to come true." She recalled the old tradition. She held the bottle, containing a wish of hers inside, close to her heart. The girl gently set it down, allowing it to drift into the horizon. She had been carefull not to get her already drenched clothing, even wetter.

君はいつも私のために なんでもしてくれたのに
私はいつもわがままばかり 君を困らせてた

  ["What are you doing here?" She giggled pulling her dress just above her knees as she made her way to the rocky shore.]
"You granted me every wish..." she whispered.
"Every single wish..."
["An old tradition!" The man with with blond hair said. "You place a piece of paper with your with written on it. Then you place it inside a bottle and set it into the sea. And if you keep hoping, your wish will come true... would you like to try, love?" He said holding a hand out to the girl. She quietly chuckled and shook her head. She brushed her (hair color) hair away from her face. "No thank you. That's only for peasants!" She stated. The man had a look of disappointment but hid it with a smile, "as you wish, m' lady"]    

君はいつも私のために なんでもしてくれたのに
私はいつもわがままばかり 君を困らせてた

  "No matter how stupid it was" The mysterious girl continued to herself.
"Even if it was murderous... you still did it." Her voice treatning to crack. She wiped her (eye color) eyes, she wiped away the tear that continued to spill.
["What did you wish for?" The girl asked, looking out into the sparklikg sea as waves crashed against the shore.
"For Miss. (last name)'s breast to grow bigger!" He joked.
"Wha- what?! ]" She asked, suprised. "Just kidding!" He smiled at the girl, making her heart flutter. "W-well, then I wish for Artie's eyebrows to run away!"]
"And your dead because of me."
"All the sins I've commited"
"And the price... was... you..." She cried.

願いをかなえてくれる君 もういないから
この海に私の想い 届けてもらうの

  ["That, poppet, is a secret." He smiled softly at her. "Can you grant me a wish...?" She asked. "Of course,... anything for you." He bowed. "I wish to always be with you... and that we're always happy..." She smiled hopefully. "And your wish is to be granted."]

流れていく 小さな願い
罪に気付くのはいつも 全て終わった後

  "You said we'd always be happy... together..." the girl continued to cry out to the sea.
[From the crowd she watched, as a hooded figure. She watched the horror upon her. "No!!! She cried out, but was buried beneath the cheers from around her.]
She still stood, smiling to herself "But... you want me to be happy... right... Artie...?" She infact was right, for that's all
the man could've ever wanted.  

流れていく ガラスの小瓶
水平線の彼方に 静かに消えていく

She fell into the sea "SORRY!!" She would continue to yell, "FORGIVE ME!" She cried. "Please..."

れていく 小さな願い
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I hate writing songfics, I cannot write on a given topic, so yeah this suck.

The song- Regret Message by Kagamine Len and Kagamine Rin
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I don't get it..... Beautifully written tho:)
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It's based of a Vocaloid song, there are twins the girl is always giving comands and stuff and the servant (boy twin) always does them then one day the other kingdoms and stuff wanted to attack and the brother dressed up as his twin sister and sacrificed his life instead and now the sister is at the sea wishing for her brother to come back (you put a message in a bottle and throw it in the lake)

Yeah I suck at explaining things XD Well I hope you understood what I said XD Feel free to ask questions if you didn't understand.
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I thing I get it now, thank you!!!^^
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Wow you understood? XD Okay! No problem, glad I could help!~ ^^
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Thanks xD
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your welcome!
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