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<Your POV>

  Today mi mamma asked me to go to the market to get her tamatoes. She can't go bacause she's been very sick with a disease for six years. And it's all my fault, well that's what mi daddy told me before he left a few years ago. He told me when I was born, something went wrong and it was my fault. After that, he left and never came back. So here I am taking care of mamma.

  I held a basket of the tamatoes I had just bought close to me. I hummed a song mamma tought me when I was small. Half way through the song I heard whimpering. I looked around and realized it was coming from a dark ally across the road from me. I looked both ways before hopping of the side walk and scrambling to the other side, in fear a carriage would be making it's way down the street, towards me. I slowly walkedintp the ally listening to the cry and pouts of what seems to be a child, like me.

  "It's n-not fair... it's always 'oh Feli is so cute!' And 'Romano, why c-can't you be more like your brother?'" The voice said between whimpers.

  "H-hello...?" I said softly as I walked closer I noticed it was a little boy, about a year of two older then me. He didn't turn and stayed silent for awhile.

  "Vaffanculo!" The boy said. I gasped at his response.

   "W-what...?" I asked, he growled before yelling, "you heard me! FUCK OFF!!" He turned his body to me. I had dropped the basket of tamatoes and was on the verge of tears. As soon as he saw me he froze in shock.

  "b-bella! I-i'm-a so sorry!! I-a didn't know!!" He said rushing over to me and patting my back and pulling me into a weak hug.

  "It's-a o-ok... mi dispiace for sticking my-a nose where it doesn't belong..." I whispered before hugging him back slightly.

  He let go and looked down. "It's-a my fault for being such a baby..." he said.

  "Umm...so...are you ok...?" I asked rather awkwardly. "Oh, uh, sí... it's-a just... mi fratello always gets the spotlight and I'm-a just his shadow... Oh! Forgive me for dumping all this onto you!" He sighed.

  "Oh no! It's-a ok! Oh and by the way, my names (Y/N)." I introduced myself. "And I'm Lovino... but you can call me Romano" he said.
I chuckled slightly. "What-a are you laughing about?!?" He asked, angrily. "Romano, that's a type of cheese!" I teased him. He tensed up before sighing, "Whatever..." he grumbled before crossing his arms over his chest and looking away to hide the blush that spread across his face.

  I picked up my basket of tamatoes and held one out to him. "Your face goes-a well with the tamato! You-a could start a new trend!" I joked poking my new friend with the fruit. "Come on! Take it! I-a know you want it~!!!" I teased while poking him with the tamato.

  He grumbled something and snatched it. "Yeah, yeah, thanks raggaza... b-but it's not-a like I-a care." He growled taking a bite into it. I started chuckling. "Lovi~!! Your soo cute! And-a your face is so red, that-a the tamato is jealous!"

  "SHUT THE FUCK UP !!" He swore. I only continued chuckling.

  I can already tell, this will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
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Hi, so i'm here with another request for :iconrpnation---vietnam: 

Sorry I havent been uploading lately, i have a bunch of hw ive barley touched and i have a soar throat thats killing me. :p we also have a project due Friday, so i have to finish that today.... I wrote this on the bus with my friend because he's an awesome writer and stuff. But, i had the worst head ache, so yeah. Right now im watching dr.who with my sister, but i'm freezing, so yeah! Joy! Anyways, I hope you enjoy(ed) this, thank you for reading!☆☆☆☆

Story/Writing/Plot © LifelessQ and Arthur(the friend who helped me :p)
Hetalia/Romano © Himaruya Hidekaze
You © LifelessQ
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To cute Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy) [V1] 
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Oh Goodness! Cuteness overload!! :happybounce: Awesome story!Clap 
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so kawaii ;u;
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Thank you (*∩ω∩)
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No problem!
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awwwwwwwwww cute little romano!Ciel and Lizzy (Huggy) [V1] 
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So that was how Lovi came to love tomatoes
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Aha! I didnpt think of that before!! Thanks for reading!
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Your welcome!
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