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  "Matt!!!!" (Y/N) yelled as she rung the doorbell to her friend's house.

  "Matt! Open the door!" She continued as she pulled her (favourite colour) scarf up to cover her mouth.

  "Matt." She sighed, setting her hockey stick down before banging on the door.

  "Oi! Would ya stop with all the racket?!" A voice yelled, she turned, realising it was you neighbour, Arthur Kirkland.

  He had large eyebrows and the worst cooking in the entire universe, but he was very handsome. He had messy blond hair and captivating green eyes, not to mention his sexy accent-

  "What the bloody hell are you staring at?!" Arthur yelled, pulling her out of her day dreaming.

  "N-nothing, I'll be quieter!" (Y/N) assured him, he only rolled his eyes and walked back in his house.

  "Matt!" She yelled loudly once again, ignoring the English man's annoyed scream from the other house.

  Finally, Matt opened the door.

  "What the hell do you want?" He asked with an annoyed tone,

  "I wanted to know if you wanted to play hockey with me!" (Y/N) bubbled, holding up her hockey stick.

  "It's too early..." Mattheui stated, clearly pissed.

  <after a while of (Y/N)'s non-stop begging>

  (Y/N) stood at on side of the ice rink, while Mattheui was opposite of her. He smirked knowing he could easily win since one, (Y/N) sucked at hockey, two, she was still clumsy on ice.

  "Ready?" She smiled broadly, and laughed. Mattheui nodded his head.

  "I'll go easy on ya!" Matt confirmed, getting into position.

  "No need! Goooo!!!" She yelled starting the match.

  For the first five ten minutes of the game, Matt had scored nine times and (Y/N) had fallen... Twice.

  "How about you go 'head and give up?" Matt stood before (Y/N), who had fallen once again.

  "Nope!" She laughed before standing up, "I won't give up that easily "she smiled, getting back into her position, which was as clumsy as her ice skating skills.

  <thirty minutes into the match>

  The score had been seventeen to four, (Y/N) being the four. The only reason she'd gotten goals was because she slipped and the puck slid inside. Most of the time Matt didn't even bother to stop it from reaching the goal.

  (Y/N) rubbed her head, which she had fallen on multiple times.

  "I think we should call it a match before you end up being sent to the hospital!" Matt laughed, and (Y/N) frowned.

  "Then it wouldn't be fair." She stated, standing up.

  "(Y/N) face it, I won." Mattheui said, pushing her to the exit of the rink.

  "But Matt!" She whined.

  "Come on." He continued.

  "Whatever." She rolled her eyes and mumbled something about Mattheui cheating.


 After (Y/N) got her skates off, she and Matt walked home to drink hot chocolate, snuggle and watch stupid movies. (While Allen secretly took photos and posted the on his Instagram.

       //sappy ending
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This is  a request from :iconxxdeadlyhowlxx: so sorry for being late! Forgive me! I've just been sooo busy! Again, sorry! I just love 2p!Canada, he's so hot//shot

EDIT: 33 likes in I day and 21 hours?! Thank you guys, I'm so happy that you liked it! :iconyayrumaniaplz:

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theinsaneprofesserStudent General Artist
too bad for me i know how to skate. YET I SUCK AT HOCKEY. WELCOME TO V
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DJMonster101Student Writer
i dont...why would he....i mean.....Masako (Sigh, idiots)  god i cant say anything
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*flings my butterfly knife and Allen dodged in time*
2P Canada: not bad, my maple leaf ;)
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LifelessQHobbyist Writer
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Haven't read this in a while.
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LifelessQHobbyist Writer
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Excuse me! Allen! I need your ig so that i can get those pictures!

((Cute story by the way))
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XDD lol thanks

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awwwwwww omg thats so adorable!!! i luves it so much!!! also its fine everyone has a life im not impatient :3 
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LifelessQHobbyist Writer
Thank you so much dear! yeah, school decided to give me like three projects at once and a bunch of homework! Again, thaanks! ^^
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Oh man Ik that feel they just love to do that dont they?(>﹏<)
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Short and sweet. Loved it! ^^
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Mhm, thank you!!! ^w^
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