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I'm so sorry Otachie by LifelessQ I'm so sorry Otachie :iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 3 4 Otakus by LifelessQ Otakus :iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 3 4 Good Night Prussia by LifelessQ Good Night Prussia :iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 13 3
S.Italy x Dead!Reader .:Bravery:. RQ
Romano x Dead!Reader
  (Y/N) lived in a small Italian town. She always had a bright smile, a pleasant tone and innocent eyes. She knew everyone in the town and would greet them as she skipped to the town's market every morning.
  Her best friend was Feliciano, a young cook who worked in an Italian restraint. She's known him since they where small, and their parents both knew each other, until her mom passed away from a terrible sickness. After that she stayed at the Vargas' house until she was old enough to support herself.
 Within that time, she had also became good friends with Lovino, Feliciano's older brother. Although she would often tease him about how grumpy Lovino was, he still liked her, it was obvious.
  Today was a cloudy day, there was no sight of sun. All there was were the German soldiers marching through town.
  (Y/N) was never fond of the Germans who occupied her town, and was never pleasant after they did. She would never look th
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 30 14
Welcome To Italia by LifelessQ Welcome To Italia :iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 8 16
Yandere!Japan x Reader .:My Darling Sakura:.
.:My Darling Sakura:.
  (Name) walked into the classroom, laughing loudly with the albino man who stood next to her. I gritted my teeth, she always hangs around everyone but me. Am I not funny or cool enough?! Or she doesn't want to be seen around some stupid otaku like me!
  'Haha! Why wouldn't she like me?!? Haha! I'll have to make her! Hahahaha!' I smiled to my self
  She took a seat in the front of class, as usual. Her and Alfred had started to talk about a new Captain America movie that had recently come out, they where probably making plans to go see it together. Well, I'm sorry Alfred, but I've got some plans for you, I smirked.
  The bell soon rung and all the students ran out, eager to go to lunch. Me? Not really, I always sit alone, only able to watch (Y/N) from afar.
  Though, today had been different. I felt a presence of someone behind me.
  "Hey! You wouldn't mind if I sat next to ya, would you?" A bubbly voice asked, I soon recognised it to
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 166 87
Raffle Prize~ by LifelessQ Raffle Prize~ :iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 1 2
2p!Canada x Reader .:Hockey Match:. RQ
  "Matt!!!!" (Y/N) yelled as she rung the doorbell to her friend's house.
  "Matt! Open the door!" She continued as she pulled her (favourite colour) scarf up to cover her mouth.
  "Matt." She sighed, setting her hockey stick down before banging on the door.
  "Oi! Would ya stop with all the racket?!" A voice yelled, she turned, realising it was you neighbour, Arthur Kirkland.
  He had large eyebrows and the worst cooking in the entire universe, but he was very handsome. He had messy blond hair and captivating green eyes, not to mention his sexy accent-
  "What the bloody hell are you staring at?!" Arthur yelled, pulling her out of her day dreaming.
  "N-nothing, I'll be quieter!" (Y/N) assured him, he only rolled his eyes and walked back in his house.
  "Matt!" She yelled loudly once again, ignoring the English man's annoyed scream from the other house.
  Finally, Matt opened the door.
  "What the hell do you want?" He asked with an an
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 88 16
Child!Romano x Child!Reader .:Friendships:.
  Today mi mamma asked me to go to the market to get her tamatoes. She can't go bacause she's been very sick with a disease for six years. And it's all my fault, well that's what mi daddy told me before he left a few years ago. He told me when I was born, something went wrong and it was my fault. After that, he left and never came back. So here I am taking care of mamma.
  I held a basket of the tamatoes I had just bought close to me. I hummed a song mamma tought me when I was small. Half way through the song I heard whimpering. I looked around and realized it was coming from a dark ally across the road from me. I looked both ways before hopping of the side walk and scrambling to the other side, in fear a carriage would be making it's way down the street, towards me. I slowly walkedintp the ally listening to the cry and pouts of what seems to be a child, like me.
  "It's n-not fair... it's always 'oh Feli is so cute!' And 'Romano, why
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 44 9
England x Reader .:Regret Message:.
((Just to let you know, when something is in brackets [] it's a flashback.))

街はずれの小さな港 一人たたずむ少女
この海に昔からある ひそかな言い伝え

  Alone at the shore, at the edge of a small town, stood a girl. She was wearing a ripped robe. Her hair was coated with dirt and weaved into knots. Salty tears running down her face. And her dress soaked in the water of the sea.

「願いを書いた羊皮紙を 小瓶に入れて
 海に流せばいつの日か 想いは実るでしょう」

  "If you place a parchment, with your wish wr
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 17 7
Romano x Reader .:Unnoticed Feelings:. RQ
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 39 16
Italy x Reader .:Ti Amo:. 2
-One year later-
  You had been getting ready for war the last few days, though you'd never tell Italy. It would break his poor heart. He haden't belived that Holy Rome was dead. He waited  for him everyday. You looked trough a small glass window, down to Italy, sweeping and humming a tune. Soon the glass fogged up, due to your breath. You smiled and drew a smiley face. But soon it returned to the frown you had sported before.
  "He's going to find out tomorrow , when you leave." The Hungarian said crouching down to your height. All you could do was nod.  Tears began to swell up in your eyes. After Hungary left, since you didn't want her to know how scared you where.
  After a while of crying, you felt yourself being pulled in to a tight embrace. You where shocked for a while, but then hugged back , relizing it was just Italy.
  " Please don't cry..." He said, hos voice only above a whisper. He pulled away and handed you a hankercheif. You took it  an
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 13 11
Hetalia x Reader .:End of The World:. 1
[Hetalia x Reader: end of The World]
There might be some Romano(swearing)
No rikey (see what I did there?) then don't read!
This might cause your eyes to turn into sower heads! I know mine did.
[Please keep your hands feet and other limbs inside the vehicle at all times and do not get out 'till done.]
You and America were hanging out at McDonalds eating hamburgers and telling jokes. After finishing your meal you walked outside with America following close behind, poking your back.
"Wow! Is fucking hot today!" You exclaimed.
"Yeah!" America laughed.
Ring ring
Your phone went off. You answered.
"'Ello?" You said.
"(C/N), it's Germany. We're calling a meeting downtown, right now." He said sternly.
"Also," he added, "could you tell Aemerica?"
"Of course, Mr. Germany." You nodded hanging up.
"What's up?" America said. "Well Germany is holding a meeting a few blocks away, and he wants us to come." I said.  
You walked in surprised beca
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 35 137
Italy x Reader .:Ti Amo:. 1
September 19,  the day (Y/N)'s country had fallen, centuries ago, the day (Y/N) died in a war.
Italy sat at the worn out grave stone, deep in a forest. His usual jumpy, and hyper self had disappeared.
-flashback bought to you by the awesome Prussia-
"(Y/N)! Chibitalia!! We're are you?!" Hungary called, searching be hind the furniture. She heard giggling behind the window curtain and walked over to it. Whipping up the cream coloured curtains she yelled, "Found you!!" Looking down at the two little figures, she smiled in victory. "Awww... She found us..." (Y/N) sighed.
"Don't you have some chores to finish?" Hungary put her hands on her hips.
The two nodded and headed to the garden to sweep.
"Ti amo!" Italy said to (Y/N) smiling.
"What?" Said (Y/N) questioning what the young Italian had just said.
"I'll tell you when we're older and stronger!" Italy hugged her.
-1 year time skip bought to you by that Tamato-loving bastardo!-
(Y/N) walked into the main room were a messenger had just
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 24 117
Seto x Reader .:Yuki!:. 1
I walked over to Kousuke as he sat patiently at the couch. "I'll go get a small little bath ready for Yuki while you drink." I smiled as I placed the glass cup in front of Koousuke. "That sounds fine also, thanks." Kousuke smiled.
I walked into the bathroom and turned on the water. I let it fill up a little before turning it off. Kousuke walked in and squat down next to me. I made sure that the water was cool before placing Yuki in. Kousuke brushed the water into her tough, sticky hair.
-after washing Yuki-
Kousuke wrapped the soft title around Yuki, drying her. "Kousuke-san?" I looked up at him. "Huh? Oh, call me Seto." He chuckled. "Oh, ok, Seto-san. You really seem to bond with animals."  "Yeah, I guess" he shrugged. "(Y/N)-chan?" He asked. "Yes?" I continued brushing Yuki' s hair to silk. "You seem to get along with animals too." He smiled. " Yeah, I was just never able to own one."
"Like a like we're done!" Seto pet Yuki.
An idea came to mind. I took a blue bow and tied it to
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 4 10
Seto x Reader: Yuki: chapter 1
Heh~ here's chapter 1!!! 👾
( A/N: Off we go to see the wizard!)
We walked towards the small apartment complex. I walked through the narrow hallway, the lights flickering gave everything a spooky affect. Seto followed close behind me making Yuki's constant meowing loud and annoying. We got t to the end of the hall. To door 39. I took the key out my bag and jammed it into the lock. I was locked out. AGAIN. "This is were you live?" Asked Seto. "Yeah... And we're stuck out side." I paused and sighed. "Isn't this just lovely?" I looked up at Seto. I finally took out my phone and called the manger of this building. "Hello this is Cassie. Manger of complex 12." Came a tiered irritated voice. " eh, hi. It's (Y/N)" I muttered. "Lemme guess your door Is freakin stuck again? And you need to help this poor helpless animal that you found on the street?" She said in a rude manner. "Yeah, how did ya know?" I asked. "Just a lucky guess because it's not like that happens every single day." Came
:iconlifelessq:LifelessQ 4 2


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