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You know you're an official bad ass when you can smoke a cigar while shooting a gun. Legit!

I'm wanting to make a youtube video of McCree an i use this are the thumbnail?
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Why does this remind me of Marston from red dead redemption?! ^^
Can I use this photo for my YouTube Channel?=)
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Hello LifelessMech, I'm working with a team on a website for Overwatch and we're looking for amazing Overwatch fan art such as the one you've created that we can use on the website. Could you let us know if we're allowed to use this? We're not making any money out of this but are investing our own into the project.

Thanks in advance!
Can i use this on my youtube channel?
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OMG perfect! I'm using in my facebook cover? With credits ^^ <3 *-*
Hey awesome art! Was wondering if we could get you permission to use this for a Youtube video Thumbnail? With a link back here in the description of course :). Everyone always wants the thumbnail link!
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I love your art!
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Cool, but still not as badass as Sir Hammerlock:)
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I really like the style of this picture!
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is this avaliable for print somewhere??? i absolutely love it…

Check the this YouTube thumbnail,

he was used fan art without permission of you.
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very good job, i like much :)
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This is so perfect!
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It's high noon. Oh no, it's actually past noon. Oh my god it's almost 3!

*In West Philadelphia, born and raised.
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"Somewhere it's always 12pm"
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