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Eddsworld Comic - Daily Damage - page 2

Yay... well... I wanted it to be online yesterday... but I failed xD

This is the 2nd page of the comic 'Daily Damage'
I will try to update every monday but I'm not sure if I will manage this so please don't be mad if I'm late with the comic ^^

And I've been really busy this week so... yes.. this page sucks >.<

Page 1: [link]
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Is Kenny a fangirl???PMD sylveon icon (tired)

SofieDanse's avatar
m-attique's avatar
I see Kenny having Fluttershy's voice for some reason
Lucky96u's avatar
Aaaaand now I ship Kenny and Tord
princessvanina's avatar
is pedobearface D: XD
emmasdrawings's avatar
It took me five minutes to figure out why Tord said I hate all of you.. '^'
LifeIsGoingOn's avatar
it's actually tom saying it xD
i know it's hard to tell the difference but tords hoodie is a bit brighter ^^
emmasdrawings's avatar
I kinda hated myself for saying that..
Cause I know Tord has those curls and Tom doesn't D:
EeveeMoon413's avatar
lol pedo matt/ tord ...... i dont know?
ElectronicCyborg's avatar
Adorable!!! :loveloveplz:
Acryeel's avatar
it is sooooo amazing !
bitnbobcartoons's avatar
tord pedo bear just made my day.
Soundsparkz's avatar
When's the latest comic coming? Also, TORD IS HILARIOUS
LifeIsGoingOn's avatar
Idk ;n;
I'm working on so much differnt stuff right now
I'm finishing the breathing animation with kenny and tom at this very moment so I will upload this by tomorrow I guess...
furchild1204's avatar
why does it look like Tord has a crush on you?
LifeIsGoingOn's avatar
maybe he has a cruch on Kenny
anubisgrl's avatar
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Fffff best. Comic.Ever

Must make fanart soon :3
LifeIsGoingOn's avatar
yeah I'd love that xD
thanks btw :squee:
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