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Pirate Queen Stock, one of the recent most popular stocks in Deviant art. Reached more than 80,000 PV in less than one year…so in order to know her better and to discover the reason for her deserved popularity, we asked her the following Questions:

-Tell me about your self in details:

My name is Amber, I'm a very old fashioned girl, I don't smoke, drink or do any type of drugs. I like the old days when guys were gentlemen and girls acted like ladies, love was in black and white and people actually had morals. I'm 19 years old but often get mistaken for being 14 or 15 due to my size and young face lol. I'm very petite; I think my pictures make me look bigger than what I really am. I'm really only 5'1 and about 100 lbs.

I'm a Photographer, Artist and Model. This year I had a wonderful opportunity to start my own Photography & Art Business (Enchanted Photography & Art) with my family, mostly my Mom. In just a short few months I've had great offers from other artists to where some of my pictures and work have made it into News Papers, Magazines, Books, and CD covers. Soon I will have my own Website up where I will be selling not only my artwork but other gifts and merchandise.

A lot of people get confused by me when it comes to my taste or trying to figure out my identity. I guess you could say I'm a gothic Princess. My mom is a recent published Author who writes Vampire novels and Poetry. One of her most popular selling novels is called "Logan the Birth of a Vampire". Infact at one time she shared the same agent as Anne Rice and Stephen King. I have a love for Vampires, Pirates, Gothic Art and Rock n Roll. But at the same time I'm very girly, I like exotic Fashion (dresses that you can't find anymore). I like to be different; my Mom has always taught me to be a "leader not a follower".

I have a small family but we're VERY close. I say we're like the Osbournes and I love every bit of it.

-What made you a stock photographer?

I became a stock photographer mostly from my love for Art and Photography. I take so many Photos' during Photo shoots I thought I'd share them with other artists so they can display their own creativity and art work through my stock. There are a lot of other talented artists out there and I always enjoy seeing what they create. I've been fortunate enough to of gained publicity through other artists art work using my stock, which have made it into their own fame such as Magazines, Books, etc.

-Where do you get your stock ideas and poses?

It's all about Imagination, sometimes music helps and taking on the identity of the character or picture you're trying to portray.

-Your wardrobe is exotically beautiful. Where do you find them? And what is your most favorite?

I get asked this question everyday haha. Pretty much all the outfits you see me wearing in my Photo's come from my mom's closet lol. She was the Fashion Queen back in her day and thank god she kept all of her clothes. I guess you could say I still play dress up lol. The Pirate dresses and my yellow ball gown are recent additions though to my outfits. My most favorite dress though would have to be my moms Black vampire gown seen in my "Snow White" Picture. You honestly can't find my moms outfits anymore, not only are they unique they're one of a kind.

-Which stockers at DA inspire you?

Honestly though I've seen some very nice stock accounts, I'm mostly inspired by the artists who do their creativity with the stock. I'm not the kind of person though to copy someone else's style, I like being different and doing my own thing.

-What is your favorite stock from your gallery?

Probably my Pirate series or Snow White.

-What kind of stock do you prefer? Why?

Probably Backgrounds and Textures, it's very hard to find a full body model pose for me that I can work with. I honestly try not to use other peoples stock that much, because I've found a lot of stock accounts have too many strict rules with the usage of their pictures to where it makes me feel like even though I put the work into creating a picture with my own artwork, but may use something out of their stock, I feel like the picture is still theirs and they have all rights to it. So I'm very careful with whose stock I use and whose I don't.

-What is the most used stock you have?

Probably my White dresses, the Yellow ball gown and the Black Vampire dress.

-What are you most favorite pieces done by other artists?

"Snow White" by Nemina, "One Last Flight" by Trickster4eva, "Miss Madeleine Hatter" by Foxfires, and "Her Phantom" also by Foxfires.

-What advice do you give to a new stock artist?

Update it as often as you can and be creative! Don't be too picky with rules try to keep it down to the basics. I've noticed some stockers are requesting money, gifts or a print bought for the usage of their stock. This is something I don't agree with, either you're offering it for people to use or not.

-What do you wish to add to your stock account?

More variety of Backgrounds, Places and hopefully soon I'll be able to have more costumes. Unfortunately to get a good quality costume can be quite costly.

-What did you feel when you saw your stock used for the first time?

I was happy that someone liked the picture enough to want to work with it. Although at times I do get a bit frustrated with some Artists who will just change the color of the photo and call it theirs. I like when Artists actually put some work into it and make it a whole different picture that what it started from.

-What will we see in the future in your gallery?

More costumes, More Backgrounds, etc. I guarantee you guys are going to be over loaded with Stock this coming October. I'm going to Orlando Florida for 10 days where I'll be visiting all kinds of wonderful places that are going to have great backgrounds, scenery, etc. It'll probably take me a full month to upload everything I'll be coming back with, so keep a look out in the month of October.

-What in your opinion should a stock gallery have?

A little bit of everything, except nude! Haha. Sorry I'm old fashioned, I just believe there's a classy way of doing the nude photos and then there's a trashy way. But that will be one thing I'll never have in my gallery is anything with nude.

-What do you want people to know about your stock account?

I would like for people to know that my stock account will always be updated as much as possible. I believe in offering new stock for people to use so that others don't get tired of seeing the same thing over and over.

Amber, herself is one of the friendliest stock artist I've met, she always have nice and encouraging words that makes you feel, your art is the best there is. Thank you so much Amber for giving us the time to have this delightful interview and if anyone didn't add her to his/her watch list, what are you waiting for?

Some Samples Of Her Work:


Her Stock Account :iconpiratequeen-stock:

Her Main Account :iconpirate-queen:

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