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I use Krita, so every drawing I make and upload is done with Krita.

Yes, Krita is free. You can download it on their website.

I suggest this brushpack for Krita!

FizzyFlower's ESSENTIAL 400+ Brush set VERSION 2



Commissions: Link

Status: Semi-Open

Art Trades: Friends Only

Requests: Closed

My SHOP is here, please click the link to see ALL of my prices.

You can additionally check out my Carrd, however the site is outdated!

I currently am rarely doing commissions due to lack of desire. If you are interested in one, please ask me!

I can take payment via Paypal or DA.

Super-rarely, you can find me on Chickensmoothie, Wolvden, or Pokefarm taking a commission or two, but like I mentioned... it's very rare.


- Regarding designs, I have no rules. You can do with them what you want. I only request that you keep the design on Toyhouse, if possible. If you've gotten the design from me for free and want to resell/trade, state that you obtained them for free please! - In terms of artwork, I allow my artwork to be traced as long as it is NOT a commission. Only my personal art can be traced, and if done, please credit me! I allow my art to be posted on sites, as long as credit is given. I allow commissioners to use the artwork done for them however they want. - Lastly, for my bases, they either come with no rules or there are rules in the description. This is for both paid and free bases.

Open-Source Stamp
I love Canids
Canada stamp
Germany Stamp
Stamp - Fedora User
I love Wolves
I love Pigeons
Krita Stamp

Welcome to my profile! Feel free to message me if needed.

imcaspar is my partner. pokeydapuppy is my best friend.

I am a Canadian living in Germany.

Call me Lif, Lifo, Lifor, or just Liforneiroa.

Other people I consider friends are WickedDestroyer and Ripple-3ffect :)

Thank you so much for looking at my profile :)


Thank you for visiting my page :)

Commissions Page - Deviantart - FA - Toyhouse

Time well spent

The site above will tell you how services use your data, such as Google, Facebook, and Discord. It's honestly important.

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Good! And you?

I'm good! I settled with Xubuntu on my PC because kde ran slow and gnome was boring

I am good as well :DI tried to learn more, it's sooo difficult for me!

I'm glad you found a Distro you like :D Did you get a server?

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Thank you for the llama! If you would like to see more of my work, please consider watching me! ♡♡♡

I also love linux and krita!

That's awesome :D Both are so great!!

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