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Fucked around with her parents

Might as well fuck around with Wind Sprint too!

So basically, Wind meets Diamond Tiara in their late teens, thinks she's some namby pamby spoiled rich kid (which, tbh, she is (or was at least)). She then learns Di's in training to be a royal guard and looks real handsome in her armour and, well, Wind's a simple lesbian.
Wind then needed an excuse to hang with her after being kind of a dick and finds out that Di is really close with her little sibling Berry Rich, who's around the same age as Wind's little siblings Beloved and Iliad... and yeah, much to Clear Sky's surprise, Wind suddenly wants to take the twins out a lot more lol

So yeah, they're a thing now, heh
Powerhouse still exists, his other mother's just Wind Sprint now, the name's still fitting after all. He'll be getting a redesign, of course, but that'll be along.

Characters Used:
(HV) Berry Rich by lieutenantcactus  (HV) Beloved by lieutenantcactus  (HV) Iliad by lieutenantcactus 
(Berry's ref is gonna be getting an update too lol)
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Diamond’s do be looking fire, ngl