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The Butterfly Effect Ch. 5
“Can I sit here?” I looked up slightly, prepared to tell whomever it was to leave me alone; that is until I saw those crystal blue eyes staring at me.
He wants to sit next to me?
“You okay? Earth to Holland, we need a response.”  He grinned, ruffling my hair and eliciting a blush.
“Y-yeah, you can sit here…” I smiled scooting over as the soccer player stowed his book bag under the seat. “Why are you being nice to me? The other guys might hurt you…” I whispered, darting my eyes to see some of the football jocks glaring at us.
“Because you looked like you needed a friend, and you seem like a pretty cool kid,” he grinned like a little kid, his blonde hair catching a light making him look like an angel.
What I wouldn’t give to just reach over and ki…
“Bro, you’re getting some looks, you sure you wanna do this?” A familiar voice asked behind me. I turned to see the captain
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The Butterfly effect Ch.4
He's lying…
I pulled the kitchen knife from under my bed and cradled it like a baby. "He thinks I'm cute…"
He's just fucking with you, kill it.
I gently let the blade come down to the butterfly's right wing, the edge cool, pressing but not cutting. "But what if he isn't?" I felt all my anger, depression pouring into the blade. With nowhere else to go I buried the blade deep, leaving a slice in my sheets. "Why the fuck can't I do it!"
Don't kill me kay?
His stupid cute face… those pale blue eyes smiling at me from beneath that messy blonde hair, do I love him? I tossed the knife into a pile of dirty clothes, laying back and screaming into my pillow. "Why the fuck do I care!"
Because he does…
Those three little words, "Because… he cares…" I closed my eyes and fell asleep with the lights on.
Kieran… thanks to you, my butterfly lived.
:iconlieofhope:lieofhope 6 0
The Butterfly Effect Ch.3
God he's got a nice ass…
"Something wrong Kieran? You look kinda distracted…" one of my teammates asked nudging my shoulder.
I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts as I averted my gaze from our Goalie's rear. "Alright guys, let's swat those Harrison High Hornets!" I smiled as a roar of approval resounded throughout the rest of the team.
We separated into our formations as I took center forward to face off against the opposite team. The moment the ball dropped, I kicked it to the left so my teammate could weave between the opposing team's ranks. I ducked my opponent's arms as I chased to keep up with him.
As the ball passed back to me, I got ready to shoot. That's when I noticed him; the shy gay kid from my English class was sitting by himself in the bleachers.
What's he doing here? Somebody might jump him…
Our town wasn't very accepting of gays, one of the main reasons I was still in the closet. As I watched him, in that moment of hesitation I lost the
:iconlieofhope:lieofhope 3 0
The Butterfly Effect Ch.2
I pulled my jacket down further, a fresh batch of puffy red scars lining my left arm and a freshie drawing of a butterfly on my right wrist. "I'm not gonna kill this one," I promised myself. I entered the gym and dashed into the locker room, trying to change as fast as possible.
"Hey boys, looks like this girl's in the wrong room," I cringed as I heard 6 sets of feet behind me.
"I didn't do anything to you, why do you hate me?" I asked turning to face them, carefully facing my scarred arm inwards.
"Don't talk to me like you're important, queer bait," one of the football jocks growled knocking me to the floor. "You exist, that's why we hate you."
I scooted backwards as a few of the boys chuckled. "So who wants first dibs on beating the shit out of him?"
The door to the locker room slammed open and the largest guy in school shuffled in, a look of fury in his eyes. "What are you guys doing?" He snarled moving to the front of the pack.
"We were getting ready to put this fag in his place,"
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The Butterfly Effect
Don't kill your butterfly Holland…
"Going somewhere bitch tits?" I shuddered as a colossal hand gripped my shoulder. "I asked you a question so you better answer me faggot!"
Pain shot through my head as I was slammed into my locker, a slight trickle of blood leaking from my forehead. "Wh-whadda you want?" I stuttered out as I was spun to face the boy.
His hair was long black and greasy, hanging off his head like weeds and down over his bloodshot eyes. His nostrils were flared and he was breathing like he'd run a marathon, "Gimme your lunch I'm starving queer bait."
I cringed and reached into my locker, grabbing the brown paper bag and passing it to him. "Please… just leave me alone," I whispered as he snatched it away.
"Whatever. My essay better be an A too by the way," he growled kneeing me in the chest and tossing me to the ground before walking off.
Don't kill your butterfly…
"Hey Sam, shouldn't we ask Holland if he wants to come?" I heard my friend ask
:iconlieofhope:lieofhope 5 7
Aaron and Nicki by lieofhope
Mature content
Aaron and Nicki :iconlieofhope:lieofhope 0 13
My Fursona Dervin ^^ by lieofhope My Fursona Dervin ^^ :iconlieofhope:lieofhope 0 0
Chimera Ch. 9 Stroke of Midnight
  Ch. 9
Stroke of Midnight
            A spotlight burst into life illuminating the two executioners now standing in the center ring. I watched in mild fascination as a box was dropped between them, dangling by a thin rope that seemed as if it may snap. The box shook violently and the executioners banged on it with the pommels of their weapons in an attempt to quiet it. With one final creak the front of the box splintered and burst outward with a creature that looked like a lab experiment gone wrong. He was at least eight feet tall with the lower body of a snake and scales running along his arms and chest. He hissed spitting a green liquid at the ground, the liquid dissolving the hardened earth.
            “Wow, it’s amazing what they can do with machines these days huh,” Marisol said, watching as it looked around the ring before settling
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Chimera Ch. 8 Welcome to Hell
            “OH MY GOD CHANTAL SLOW DOWN!” Marisol yelled watching the speedometer ticking past the 65.
            “Shut up Marisol I’ve got this!” Chantal swerved to pass the van in front of us and into the oncoming traffic lane. Marisol screamed grabbing at the wheel jerking her back into the other lane and out of the way of an oncoming logging truck.
            “Oh we’re gonna die we’re so gonna die,” I moaned as I clutched Conner who was hyperventilating next to me. Brendon was oblivious to the mayhem, his ear buds were plugged in and I could make out the roar of Breaking Benjamin through them.
            “He’s been driving with us before,” Marisol called over her shoulder as Chantal began to plateau
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Chimera Ch. 7 The Princess and The Hooker
            The irrepressible smell of bell papers assaulted my nose as I walked into the kitchen. I had traded my school clothes for an old grim reaper costume from two years ago, luckily I hadn’t grown much.
            “What are you all dressed up for?” My mom asked a smirk on her face as she slid the peppers onto a pizza.
            “Well I have a triple date with Chantal and Marisol to the gothic circus,” I stated picking up my driving manual and the keys to the car.
            She stared at me for a moment before swiping the keys from me and stuffing them in her pocket, “no I don’t think you do.”
            I lifted an eyebrow and reached for her pocket only to get swatte
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Chimera Ch. 6 Truth
            All I could think was, I’m straight I’m straight I’m straight I’m straight... I lied. I didn’t know how to react or what to say, so my tongue did the talking for me. I was hesitant at first, gently pushing back until I was more confident and slipped into Conner’s mouth, taking the lead. I closed my eyes and embraced him, embraced the fact that I was being forced to question everything I thought I knew about myself. We broke for air and I opened my eyes to look into the glassy blue orbs that were watching me, seeking acceptance. “Conner I...”
            I was stopped mid sentence by a gasp and the thud of textbooks coming from the doorway. We turned to see the Australian kid Brendon, his mouth agape and his papers strewn across the floor. I thought he was staring at us, until I noticed his eyes were glued to Marisol who was
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Chimera Ch.5 Friends in Furry Places
            My first instinct was to run and get the nurse but considering what I could be looking at, I decided to try and communicate with him. Conner lay sniffling still in a ball on the floor, as I looked at him I thought vaguely of Buddy curled up on my bed. “Conner? Are you okay, do you want me to get someone?” I kneeled down beside him as the sound faded and Mrs. Ervines instructed the students the drill was over. Conner shook his head gingerly removing his hands. Almost as soon as he had removed them, his eyes got wide and he pulled his hood over his head and backed against the wall. “Conner, you’re... a Demi?” I asked examining him.
            “Don’t hurt me, I swear I’m not dangerous please don’t tell!” he squeaked out sobbing slightly. I sighed and pulled him over to me unable to shake the feeling of watching an inju
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Chimera Ch. 4 Dreams
            I relaxed as the warmth of his breath caressed my cheek. The feel of his tongue pressed to mine drove me wild and I kissed back deeply, not wanting the moment to end. I woke up spluttering as the dog wagged his tail, giving me one more lick for good measure before bouncing off my bed. I rushed to the bathroom and took a swig from the Listerine bottle, swishing the stinging green liquid around in my mouth. I spit and decided to rinse one more time to make sure the taste of kibbles and bits was thoroughly expunged from my mouth. As I exited the bathroom I heard my mom call to me from downstairs.
            “I’m off to work, I left you some waffles in the toaster; be sure to put the butter away when you’re done.” I groaned as I heard the door slam shut, not even looking at my bed for fear I might just pass out right there. I slipped a faded red T-Shirt and som
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Hey guys I'm still alive! I just got Animal Crossing New leaf so if you wanna play shoot me your friend code and I'll send mine ^^

I have: Cherries, Oranges, Apples, Leiches, Durians, Coconuts, Bananas, and Lemons.

Also I have Shampoodle and kicks so woot!


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Finally decided to use my real name. ^^ I'll be uploading some of my stuff soon... Anywho I'm 18 Male and love Yaoi and vore... let the bashing begin! >.<



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