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Hi all :)
I'm still here, after a bit of a summer lull!

Hope everyone is doing well :D Did you have a restful summer? Or a productive one?

I'm still quietly working away on Ocarina Retold. I've completed more of the main story and now also a few of the stand-alone dungeon segments.

I've just posted another small preview from the main story. It is from the re-imagining of the events in the Kakariko windmill and learning the Song of Storms.

Ocarina Retold PREVIEW - Music Box by Liefesa

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: There are lots of different ways you acquire the Ocarina songs. Which was your favourite?

As always, let me know your thoughts!


Hi all!

Quick update with a bit more on the book! :D

The main part of my book, Ocarina Retold, is the re-imagining of the story of Ocarina of Time. This is a multi-part poem inspired by the main events of the game. But there are so many interesting bits of the game and its world that just won't fit into the main tale.

So, I'm planning to include an assortment of extra sections to capture cool and memorable things that don't quite fit into this retelling.

Currently I'm planning to have a section covering all of the dungeons in the game. These are mostly separated from the main story since they would largely slow down the progression of the main tale. I have written about several of these before (such as this Forest Temple piece), but I'll be writing all-new ones for Ocarina Retold.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: What parts of Ocarina of Time outside the main story would you like to see included?

As always, comment or tweet me if you have thoughts on this!

Follow me here or on my blog for Zelda poems and progress on Ocarina Retold.


In Ocarina Retold, my re-imagining of Ocarina of Time, I want to capture the essence of some of the best moments from the game.

Whether you first played it on the N64, GameCube, Wii VC, or 3DS, what were your favourite moments in Ocarina of Time?

Here are just a couple of mine, that I will certainly be trying to capture in some way in Ocarina Retold:

  • Stepping out into Hyrule Field for the first time. It might be kind of small by today's open-world standards, but after the compact and enclosed spaces of Kokiri Forest, The Lost Woods, and the Deku Tree, Hyrule Field seemed huuuge. The sweeping camera shot and grand swell of music are a perfect combination to arouse delight and desire for adventure.
  • Meeting the Forest Sage. It is already confusing to be a child, suddenly thrown into an adult body and with heavy responsibilities. Then there comes this. A lovely reunion with a childhood friend, someone who might understand what you're going through. But then you're stung with the realisation you'll be forever apart, with Saria destined (doomed?) to act as sage and protector...
  • Battling Twinrova. So many things about that battle are cool and memorable. For a start you fight two enemies at the same time: one of fire, one of ice. Defeating them involves figuring out the magical properties of your recently-acquired mirror shield. Eventually the two merge into one greater being, who has a really cool design. Once you finally defeat it / them, the two halves comically argue with each other on their way to the afterlife. Plus their musical theme is upbeat and catchy!

There are so many more, but I'm sure I'll cover some of them in future posts.

What are your favourite moments? Why? Have you tried to capture them in fanart or writing?

Comment or tweet me your thoughts.
You can follow me here or on my blog for Zelda poems and progress on Ocarina Retold.


In Ocarina RetoldI am re-imagining the story of Ocarina of Time in an epic poetic tale.

I been thinking about the idea of telling the tale from multiple viewpoints, giving some variety to the themes and feel of the tale. I'm leaning more heavily towards this now, and have already been rewriting some early parts to be told from POVs other than the "Hero".

The first POV will be the "Hero" (the stand-in for Link). The tale currently begins, as OoT does, with this "Hero" waking up from a dream - I've already posted a small preview of this chapter.

:bulletgreen: Are there are any characters you'd particularly like to see as POVs in this re-imagined telling?

:bulletgreen: As always, comment or tweet me if you have thoughts on this!


Hi everyone,

Just to say I have some new blog posts about Ocarina Retold, my poetic re-imagining of Ocarina of Time. I talk about my plans for the structure of the book and its characters.

:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Head over and comment with any thoughts you have! :la:



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