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SAGA: Gwendolyn

:bulletpink::beer::beer: Entering this into a fanart contest! Please vote by hitting a like button hereee --> Sharing is caring <3 Thank youuu~~~! :beer::beer::bulletpink:

Gwendolyn the angry ex from the comic SAGA, originally for Fan Art Friday but then I found out there was a contest ^^ One of my fav characters from the story so far.

I'm currently bouncing back and forth between developing my slenderman alien girls and a comfy anime style. Working on a new homepage that'll be like a cross between the two ^.^

Saga © Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples

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Ah! The composition of this is amazing! There is nothing on this that could be improved :heart: 
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Haha thank you ^^ By now I see some things I would've done differently, but I'm glad you like it!
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wow, my until now secret character has this kind of costume, haha, nice though
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I love this picture <3
Still new to the comics but still, love your art
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aw thank you! go go read demmm it's awesome : 3
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I need to get a hold of them first. I own the first 3~<3
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I don't like Gwen (well I like her role as "The Angry Ex"), but I truly like this drawing, it's awesome! I love it!!
(but... why her left leg dissapears after the stick? It is by accident, or in purpose?)
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hii, thank you! i like her fire and assertiveness >: 3 the left leg cut off was a stylistic sort of choice to not break the line/movement to the left and emphasize the straight lines. lots of people have asked about it though, so maybe next time I'll take dismemberment into consideration when leaving out things haha~
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