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Indignant Owls

...I tempted fate too much; today was a veritable monsoon -- the cold and extra horrible kind.

Sequel to my Sakura and Fat Birds: this is "Difficult Plants and Indignant Owls"


So I accidentally the whole twitter: 「TWEEEET」

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Amazing and lovely.
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ice and fire!
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Those are cute. :)

Why are they indignant?
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because they took a long time to complete lol :<

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OWLZ~! Je nieuwe stijl ziet er echt slick en uniek uit, vette shit!
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yeeey thnx miloo! <3 /(OvO )\
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Looking for someone that can make a youtube icon and banner. must have a knowledge of using vector lines. i will be paying $25 for both together. 
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I'm no vector artist, try the job forums here on dA.
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Was so excited to see this!! SO HAPPY!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!
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:dance: thanks for encouraging me to do more of them ^^
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not a problem! these look absolutely amazing!! Would love to see you do something like a flamingo! I just love your style so much!!

huge fan!! hahahaha 
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Omg thanks, I'm honored haha ^^ big fan of your work!! I'll start following you on twitter as well.
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Beautiful work ^^ I love your use of shapes and colour :heart: also, their expressions are wonderful :D
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Thank you :iconhappyhappyplz: Those are exactly the things I'm trying to develop atm, so I'm happy you noticed :)
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