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Golden Thoughts

Meditation teaches to let thoughts and feelings pass by and become an observer, but sometimes it's nice to focus in on one and sit with it for a while. Oddly enough, I find the feeling to be the most visceral with sad thoughts.

Some concept sketches on my Behance:…
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You describe these thoughts as visceral and sad, but this picture makes me think something good happened to this lady and she's reminiscing or that she's close to reaching a conclusion to something she's been thinking about for long~
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hehe, i love that you saw this in it. i'm a nostalgic person so for me the saddest thoughts are those of memories of good things that happened that are maybe not so good anymore. bittersweet.
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U v U This is so beautiful. My mom is really into meditation and chakra. She would love this. Lol.
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thanks :) you should show it to her! I'm curious what she thinks ^^ 
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very interesting!