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Color Dust I

By LidiaVives
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from my new series "Color Dust"

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We are creating a vibrant colorful new magazine featuring painted/splattered women. We would love if we could use some of your photography for our magazine(we would give you credit in mag). We are looking for bright colorful painted females that are clothed/bared skinned but do not show nudity from the photographers vantage point. Please get back with us if were able to use and credit your photography in our magazine. VibranceMag  
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sure, it's okay :) if you need something, please write me here:

thank you! 
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Fantastic work with colors.
another fantastic image! Love your use of colors.
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You have something on your chin :P hehe, lovely pic, very nicely done, well done :D
Your work is phenomenal.<3
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Now I really have difficulties looking away from your eyes. Magnificent model, the rest is so-so. If you still care for that critique, give the word.
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This is what every visual artist looks inside, a picture of the soul, so it affects me, beautiful, Lidia! ;)
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Autumn camo! I really like it! :D
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More paint shots. These are cool :)
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This is incredible
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The colours of your work.
The look..............colours and composition really works for me.
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Wow great image I love the facial focus, specifically the eyes that then fades to blur on the bottom of the image. The colours really contrast to the dark background. I also like the coloured sand captured as if thrown, this is also contrasted beautifully by the fact the eyes are wide open. I also love the detail; it is certainly emotively highlighted by the sanpaku style eye shot.

Great image
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thank you so much! :) 
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I really do like this, the color for the dust. It gives the portrait a sense of movement even when the subject appears to be perfectly still. Yet, despite the many beautiful qualities, I find myself drawn to the life in the eyes. Which counter the use of the warm coloring of the dust, with the blue tones of the irises. The make-up makes the color of the eyes really stand out, and give this portrait a wild and lively feeling.
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