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Fascination with the unknown

By Lidiash
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2 hr speed paint. I can only start working on commissions again on Monday.  So expect many speed paints. ; n ; 

Proxima itself had very primitive forms of life. Colonists built whole system basically from nothing - integrating it into planet's ecosphere. Sometimes it worked as intended, sometimes it created white monarch butterflies, sometimes life just couldn't survive on Proxima or developed mutations through generations. Humans had it easier, but let's keep their secret to next artworks.

One of the most interesting facts about Proxima is that its oceans are believed to be dead - not fully, as of course there is "planted" life near places humans inhabit and some very small native forms of life lurking around, but like...No fish, no medusas, no octopuses - nothing big.

However, enthusiasts claim humans just haven't got too far to see it! It's not that technology isn't there -  simply humans are more focused on the land rn, but "one day, one glorious day they will finally discover a whole new world hidden in depths of Proxima's oceans!" And this mindset gave ground to so many hoaxes... It seems each month somebody found an unseen form of life or "you can't believe what washed on the the shore!!!"

One of such cases is special, through. It was the biggest "catch". It was never disputed. It was seen by one very special little guy...

That's right, that little guy is Andy, yes. :) And woman near him is Angelica Andelswitz, his caretaker/woman who is mother to our poor parent less guy. 

He was a kid, only recently truly saved by Angelica from "another home", where he probably wouldn't stay long too. Two spend a lot of time together - both new to the capital city, Polis, and truly enjoying each other company - to an outsider they indeed looked like mother and son. It couldn't last forever as Angelica started working, and now most of the time Andy was left to himself or in school. He didn't make any friends - he couldn't find any connection with others and in the end started acting hostile towards them. 

Boy was waiting for weekends - that time when Angelica is free and they can go somewhere again to explore the city. On such day they of course, visited the infamous "Big Catch". Woman was left with fear of this enormous creature that for a whole minute stared an the two motionless until losing interest, but Andy was fascinated by it. 

He soon would come visit on his own, sometimes skipping school, just to see it. He proclaimed creature as his friend to his aunt, who thought of it as an extension of nephew's personality and his way of coping with  having no friends. She believed that last thing is only to the fact they still are relatively new and with time, he will find "human friends" for sure. So, Angelica let the boy visit oceanarium where creature was held. 

Andy loved "talking" to creature. He often asked it if it's truly "native" to Proxima; shared experience of feeling like they are both "normal beings in the sea of monsters" as creature is held captive by humans and Andy can't connect with other kids like they are from different realities. He would spend hours in oceanarium and threatened kids who were mean to him that his "friend will eat you".

Of course there was no “friendship”. Sometimes creature wouldn’t show up at all. Andy would tell it wasn’t in a mood to speak or be offended that they “agreed to meet”. It all was made up by Andy, probably highlighting how despite being very social he felt extremely alienated and only saw a monster from depths of the ocean as a possible friend. Creature didn't bother with him at all, minding own business.

It all would come to an end abruptly. 
During one of such visits, Andy alongside with many other visitors would be a witness to creature collapsing releasing clouds of blood into the water and moving spastically. Everyone was asked to leave. Coming back home boy wasn't worried at all - saying that there are so many "ones who care" for the creature and it will be all right, it should be all right. But...

Reasons of creature's death are unknown, but skeptics would tell you "this genetically altered hoax garbage" had anatomic flaws worsened by its size, and its blood vessels couldn't hold such pressure and collapsed. 
For some unknown reason, even after news of creature's death Andy was calm and unmoved - "I'll see it again", he was saying with certainty, - "just in other place". When creature was announced to be placed in museum after its validity as part of Proxima's original life form would be confirmed - boy was happy - "told you, it only changed home". 

Creature never made it to the museum - owner refused to give it to testing and sold it instead to private owning. New owner was a special case of eccentric person. He denied any visits (which is okay) and slowly destroyed what was left of the creature for "fun of it" (which is...Not really). He would constantly show the press and on social media how he came up with new way to get rid of it. Owner enjoyed the attention and how people "were mad" at him for possibly destroying biggest native life form planet has. Or maybe destroying a hoax.

After last piece was melted in acid during a life stream then boy, for the first time, appeared to be sad. No tears, but no smile, so common of him, too. Angelica didn't want him to watch the stream, taking him out somewhere during that time but well, he found a way later.

To present day there is nothing left of the Andy's first friend in Polis, which probably never even knew it was a friend to somebody human. 

Notes and references:
  • Angelica is commonly refered as Andy's aunt for simplification. She is actually first cousin once removed to Andy, meaning one of her grandparents was a sibling to Andy's father grandparent.
  • Skeptics believe creature to be created artificially and their main point of criticism is that such big thing has to eat something also pretty big (and in captivity it ate a lot), but there is nothing Proxima's oceans can offer to feed such a thing. 
  • On Andy acting hostile towards others - he went through so many "hands" of families like he is a thing, not a person. As kid him put it - he didn't want to be forgotten and sadly, people remember bad actions more than good ones, so being jerk is more "memorable". And in that rare cases when people were nice to him it ended bad now for him - so...Be a jerk - people will remember you and don't let anyone near so they can't hurt you. 
  • And of course, a boy who changed over dozen of families, cities and was treated like a thing with "he is a kid, he will forget" can't connect with other children who almost all are born to living luxuries of capital city. Duh. 

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Thank you! I love it to this day for that. :)

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You’re welcome.
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Awesome artwork! I'm a sucker for seemingly malevolent creatures actually being not that bad and becoming friends with someone. All in all an adorable concept.

And I like the story as well, once again a very intriguing concept. Good job, buddy!

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Thank you very much! I'm flattered small heart - blue you appreciated both art and the story!

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So fascinating... I loved the story too 🥺💙
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Thank you! Glad you liked the story, even through it's pretty sad. :( 
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You're welcome! It is really sad, indeed, but that doesn't make it less beautiful 😊
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Absolutely stunning work, I just adore the color gradient you used, really beautiful!
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Thank you very much. :)
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Wow, this is gorgeous!! Amazing job!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Thank you very much! Love 
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You're welcome :aww::heart:
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I N C R E D I B L E !!!!!!!
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Thank you! Heart 
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wow! this is absolutely beautiful! ;w; the back story of this is absolutely incredible! + really makes you feel bad for andy.. ;~;
poor kid ;~; the creature looks absolutely beautiful!! ;w; + andy looks so cute as a kid ;w;
the amount of detail is absolutely fantastic!!! ;w; really love how majestic everything looks ;w; 

+ wow this only took 2 hours?!?!?!? O.O this looks absolutely perfect!!! ;o; i thought it would've taken around 2~3 days
not TWO HOURS!!!! OMG!!! ;o; That's impressive:clap::heart::bow:

your art always brightens my day:heart: thanks so much ^^ 
Thanks so much for sharing:heart: ;w;

+ andy is one brave kid =w= that creature is giant and quite scary ;w;
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Thank you very much, dear! :hug:
Yes, 2 hours. It's actually a very simple drawing once broken down to shapes and masses. :D

Oh, Cassie, there is so much bad in Andy's childhood to feel sorry about him. Waaaah!  Boy had not very good one to live through all alone, and this is something why he is brave and independent - he had to become so very early in life. :( 
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