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Is my English bad? :D 

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Scr 00 by LidiashAe, catching a random edgy troll I take as a sign I'm getting more popular. Pleased 
The text of the upload was already long. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I add it here: speed paint under 2 hours. 
Wall of Wishes by Lidiash
Wall of Wishes
Andy passing vandalized wall of neighborhood where his home is. 

Okay. It's going to be a tough talk to do. Not only because subject in hands is serious (murder), but also because I can't tell a lot things to not spoil the plot. Only thing I already spoiler to you is that Andy and Baxtor become a couple. That's only spoiler I don't find harmful any way to the plot. As was said their relationship isn't only plot line on which "Going Down" is built.

With all my might, let's do the Talk about context of this drawing.

As I've mentioned, Andy is a convicted spree killer, so hate towards him has a valid reason to be. He took life of 5 people, harmed 3 others*, who survived and probably destroyed even more lives of those close to that people. 

He gave himself to the police, he went through trial and was found guilty. His crimes are not some sort of secret. It was widely reported and discussed. When Story starts it is still one of topics in the media. At the time of the crimes he was 16, which allowed to use "Defense of infancy"** and  by Proxima's laws evade full punishment. Still, he was obligated to undergo medical treatment and forced into psychiatric ward under the government control. 

There is little to no sympathy for him in a book when talking about his murders. 
Or way to "excuse a poor guy, bla-bla". 

He is f*cked up. Maybe he is not and he is just an evil person. Still it's not that great of an excuse. 
Fact is he murdered people. I feel there is no need to sugar coat it, it was a brutal act, by probably not very sane person at the time (or sane, it's left unclear)***. 

My only words about whole thing is that "happy people usually don't commit murder", but with Andy, who seems happy about what he did... He really doesn't understand what he did. On purpose or not, he doesn't even consider that people dead. He talks to them. He attributes certain qualities of dead body to them as personal traits (i.e. They "aren't very talkative", "don't like exercise", "coach potato, lying in a coffin", "don't go outside to see him" etc.). That aren't even things he says, that are things he thinks. He doesn't lie, he quite literally considers them alive, but "changed".

Because of that, I think he never ever fully recognized his actions as harmful. He never ever felt punished or guilty. He never ever thought of consequences of his actions in a way normal person would.

His crime was really not that unique of the situation for Proxima, BUT more people learned about Andy, more media demonized him, more he himself added fuel to the fire by his behavior, more people started to hate him. 

And...He gets a taste of what he earned.
Vandalized walls are sure crime in itself, but it is expected as part of life he himself chose.

Maybe he expected other outcome.

Maybe here, in that moment, little part of him understands, probably not severity of his crime, but that there is no way back.

Maybe yes.
Maybe no.

It's hard to read him.

That's all I can say about Andy here. 
However, I wonder, what does words on the wall say about people, who vandilised it.
I bet they feel good about themselves. Like they did a right thing.

Notes and references:
  • * Out of 5 people he murdered he had connection to only one (his classmate, Kendrick Bartfield). Out of 3 he harmed - also to only one (male partner of his Aunt named Anders). His links to others are unclear.
  • **In state where crime was commuted that age is 18, yet it still considered "too low", due to increased human lifespan, and averages to 21,5 across Proxima. 
  • ***Out of 8 targets there were only 2 people he knew and whole thing about that killing spree is part of mystery, which will slowly unveil as Baxtor tries to figure out certain "weird" aspects of Andy's life and circle.
  • Most writings on the wall use words referencing to his sexuality, because vandals aren't that creative, I guess. In a way, finding out that "That Andelswitz jerk is a f*g" gave "reason" for homophobes to show their colors under the banner of "condemning the murderer".
  • Censoring writings is actually authentic - it is possibly done by Andy himself.
[C] Death Magic
Commission portrait of Asgeir, necromancer for @winterelf86.

He is blind and as was said, a necromancer. I wanted to make portrait hinting his powers. :)

Please note, that this is  winterelf86 's character.  You can read about his back story  here  

Ohoi, first one of emergency commissions, I've finished while waiting for response.~
Memories of Summer
Where are they going?

Do you miss summer already?
I do. Winter this year is snowless, but summer last year was nice.~

I actually got a small part of stuff from my old PC copied, so it was an easy one. : ] But doing something again is a little pain. But really a little. Glad it was saved. I am a dummy! 
Just some drawing reminiscent of their summer.~

Here you can see process gif - , but it misses steps, as they were saved to old PC I'm still waiting on. 

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Here is more Summer with the boys:

Summertime B by Lidiash  Summertime A by Lidiash



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