a song of loss

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The childlike melody played on a loop.
The broken man played his broken tune on his broken piano.
Such pity, such clumsy and pathetic sadness arose from the twisted piano's out of tune cords, that the old moldy walls of the attic began to sway to the broken melody, the wind sang it's song within the empty walls and pipes of the old house in an attempt to add a voice to the empty music.
His fingers covered the dusty keyboard with sorrow and his tiny little tears sprinkled the old wooden floor with dots of loneliness.
He played for hours,.. he played for days he played for years forever he played the same cute broken tune, on a loop...round and round and round like a merry-go-round on wheels, like a music box stuck in time... time is a funny thing... the piano used to be shiny and black and majestic. the house used to be alive and thrive on the sunlight of smiles. He used to be a man.
So he played and played and played on his now gray piano, broken and gray with his gray fingers and his last breaths, until his broken heart finally cracked too much with the shiver of the broken notes...

and broke the loop

his head hit the keys, the piano cracked and hit the floor, his scull cracked with it. The house cracked like his heart and fell into darkness.

There was silence.
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its not this fucking poem...i hate capitalism destroys everything, love emotions, humans ...thats it
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Ah you rich Europeans don't have to worry how to earn money and feed children, but worry about pathetic souls and similar bullshit!

Why don't peaople in suffering in poor Africa and Asia problems like this?
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I think there will be several points in my reply to this.

1) Us "rich Europeans aren't all that rich, the world wide economic crises affects us all, even here in Portugal where I live, if I had a child raising him would not be an easy task indeed. I would have to immediately drop out of school to work and my quality of life along with my families quality of life would be severely affected.

2) What do you mean "you rich Europeans"? Isn't Turkey a part of the European Union?

3) Every country has the struggling middle class, a small and unknown rich class and the ever growing poor class (with some few exceptions like India etc). The "rich" countries are seeing their middle class disappear quickly ans swiftly.

4) People suffering in Africa and Asia don't feel loss?
Although slightly disguised in a veil of a Gothic European bourgeois appearance this short "poem" I wrote or whatever you want to call it is essentially about loss. About remaining in a house where happiness used to dwell, remembering the person you once were and knowing those moments will never come back. Won't the mother from Darfur, when she eventually returns to the mount of clay bricks on the floor that she used to call a home dwell in sorrow for a moment? Remembering the songs her children sang and the laughter of her husband before the Janjaweed came killed her man raped her and took her children from her?
Of course she as a poor woman in the fight for life will not have time to drown in those feelings, she will have to put them behind her as fast as possible to care for her children that are still alive.
But the feeling of loss is Human and therefore not applicable to just this or that race/continent/social group/ country/whatever

5)You would have a point in saying this is emo bullshit but as you put it, as because I am having deep PMS and am pissed off for no good reason, I will leave your comment unhidden so whom ever wishes may read your little hateful and xenophobe outburst.
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Ah yes, you bourgeois Europeans always use big words and talk too much – hollow words. Talk talk talk and do nothing. Go and help suffering people, instead of writhing in your sick souls! You are guilty because you have invented capitalism and exploited poor nations. You cannot sit there and talk about the shitty problems of European middle class. Solve the problems of the third world countries you have made so poor first!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never mind, words don’t represent the truth. Numbers do. I will give you some numbers instead:
Next time please have a look at statistics before making comments on social issues.

1) As you see in the GDP per catita statistics, the richest countries are the inventors of capitalism, namely the Europeans and European origin USA. And the territories occupied by them who once belonged to innocent native people, in South and Central America still suffer. And, Portugal is almost 4 times richer than Turkey!!!!:

Luxembourg: 89.564 USD
Norway: 66.964 USD
Iceland: 53.029 USD
Ireland: 52.893 USD
Qatar: 52.240 USD
Switzerland: 51.033 USD
Denmark: 50.702 USD
United States: 44.155 USD
Sweden: 42.553 USD
Netherlands: 40.167 USD
Finland: 39.856 USD
Austria: 39.131 USD
United Kingdom: 38.850 USD
Canada: 38.440 USD
Australia: 37.434 USD
Belgium: 37.384 USD
Bermuda: 36.961 USD
France: 36.547 USD
Germany: 35.270 USD
Japan: 34.023 USD
Kuwait: 31.861 USD
Italy: 31.496 USD
Macau: 30.847 USD
Man, Isle of: 30.325 USD
Singapore: 30.082 USD
United Arab Emirates: 28.612 USD
Spain: 28.108 USD
Hong Kong: 27.072 USD
New Zealand: 25.179 USD
Taiwan: 23.386 USD
Virgin Islands: 22.976 USD
Greece: 22.042 USD
Cyprus: 20.841 USD
Guam: 20.594 USD
Greenland: 19.521 USD
Slovenia: 18.674 USD
French Polynesia: 18.421 USD
Korea, South: 18.341 USD
Portugal: 18.185 USD
Israel: 17.828 USD
Bahrain: 17.773 USD
Bahamas, The: 17.497 USD
Brunei: 17.121 USD
Puerto Rico: 16.816 USD
Equatorial Guinea: 16.630 USD
Trinidad and Tobago: 15.214 USD
Martinique: 14.360 USD
New Caledonia: 13.990 USD
Czech Republic: 13.877 USD
Malta: 13.803 USD
Netherlands Antilles: 13.700 USD
Saudi Arabia: 13.399 USD
Estonia: 12.237 USD
Antigua and Barbuda: 11.504 USD
Barbados: 11.465 USD
Hungary: 11.227 USD
Slovakia: 10.223 USD
Saint Kitts and Nevis: 10.056 USD
Croatia: 9.612 USD
Oman: 9.584 USD
Poland: 8.888 USD
Chile: 8.865 USD
Latvia: 8.797 USD
Lithuania: 8.770 USD
Seychelles: 8.744 USD
Libya: 8.436 USD
French Guiana: 8.298 USD
Mexico: 8.052 USD
Guadeloupe: 7.981 USD
Palau: 7.785 USD
Russia: 6.932 USD
Gabon: 6.791 USD
Venezuela: 6.730 USD
Botswana: 5.875 USD
Uruguay: 5.828 USD
Malaysia: 5.780 USD
Réunion: 5.758 USD
Brazil: 5.660 USD
Romania: 5.645 USD
Lebanon: 5.604 USD
Turkey: 5.521 USD
Argentina: 5.472 USD
Saint Lucia: 5.457 USD
South Africa: 5.381 USD
Panama: 5.205 USD
Mauritius: 5.145 USD
Costa Rica: 5.047 USD
Kazakhstan: 5.046 USD
Grenada: 4.801 USD
Dominica: 4.141 USD
Belize: 4.094 USD
Bulgaria: 4.089 USD
Jamaica: 3.954 USD
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 3.895 USD
Montenegro: 3.872 USD
Belarus: 3.803 USD
Wallis and Futuna: 3.660 USD
Suriname: 3.537 USD
Serbia and Montenegro: 3.453 USD
Algeria: 3.440 USD
Fiji: 3.306 USD
Peru: 3.288 USD
Iran: 3.223 USD
Thailand: 3.187 USD
Dominican Republic: 3.181 USD
Namibia: 3.107 USD
Macedonia, Republic of: 3.051 USD
Ecuador: 3.042 USD
Tunisia: 2.990 USD
Colombia: 2.982 USD
Albania: 2.912 USD
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 2.890 USD
Cuba: 2.864 USD
Mayotte: 2.812 USD
Guatemala: 2.735 USD
Maldives: 2.716 USD
Angola: 2.686 USD
El Salvador: 2.618 USD
Jordan: 2.538 USD
Azerbaijan: 2.374 USD
Marshall Islands: 2.363 USD
Swaziland: 2.351 USD
Ukraine: 2.278 USD
Samoa: 2.277 USD
Cape Verde: 2.207 USD
Micronesia, Federated States of: 2.205 USD
Tonga: 2.176 USD
Turkmenistan: 2.143 USD
Armenia: 2.130 USD
China: 2.034 USD
Morocco: 1.879 USD
Vanuatu: 1.800 USD
Congo, Republic of the: 1.799 USD
Syria: 1.790 USD
Georgia: 1.702 USD
Indonesia: 1.634 USD
Paraguay: 1.514 USD
Burma: 1.507 USD
Bhutan: 1.433 USD
Egypt: 1.426 USD
Philippines: 1.382 USD
Sri Lanka: 1.364 USD
Korea, North: 1.328 USD
Honduras: 1.256 USD
Bolivia: 1.195 USD
Guyana: 1.193 USD
Cameroon: 1.098 USD
Mongolia: 1.041 USD
Nicaragua: 1.023 USD
Sudan: 1.015 USD
Côte d'Ivoire: 947 USD
Papua New Guinea: 943 USD
Djibouti: 940 USD
Zambia: 920 USD
Yemen: 881 USD
Moldova: 850 USD
Mauritania: 844 USD
Lesotho: 825 USD
India: 817 USD
Pakistan: 810 USD
Nigeria: 792 USD
São Tomé and Príncipe: 766 USD
West Bank: 760 USD
Senegal: 749 USD
Vietnam: 724 USD
Kiribati: 703 USD
Solomon Islands: 684 USD
Comoros: 657 USD
Chad: 655 USD
Uzbekistan: 647 USD
Kenya: 603 USD
Laos: 590 USD
Gaza Strip: 577 USD
Haiti: 574 USD
Ghana: 573 USD
Somalia: 566 USD
Benin: 549 USD
Kyrgyzstan: 518 USD
Iraq: 511 USD
Cambodia: 501 USD
Burkina Faso: 457 USD
Bangladesh: 429 USD
Mali: 426 USD
Tajikistan: 423 USD
Zimbabwe: 383 USD
Mozambique: 378 USD
Central African Republic: 363 USD
Guinea: 361 USD
Togo: 350 USD
East Timor: 346 USD
Gambia, The: 329 USD
Tanzania: 324 USD
Uganda: 312 USD
Nepal: 291 USD
Madagascar: 288 USD
Afghanistan: 270 USD
Rwanda: 270 USD
Sierra Leone: 256 USD
Niger: 246 USD
Eritrea: 239 USD
Liberia: 187 USD
Guinea-Bissau: 186 USD
Ethiopia: 183 USD
Malawi: 170 USD
Congo, Democratic Republic of the: 144 USD
Burundi: 103 USD

2) Turkey’s uncertain step into the European Union: Year 2014

3) As you see the poorer the country is more unevenly distributed is the income
Income distribution statistics, worldwide accepted Gini index (high numbers mean unequal distribution):

Slovakia 19,5
Belarus 21,7
Hungary 24,4
Denmark 24,7
Japan 24,9
Sweden 25
Czech Republic 25,4
Finland 25,6
Norway 25,8
Bulgaria 26,4
Luxembourg 26,9
Italy 27,3
Slovenia 28,4
Belgium 28,7
Egypt 28,9
Rwanda 28,9
Croatia 29
Ukraine 29
Germany 30
Austria 31
Romania 31,1
Pakistan 31,2
Canada 31,5
Korea, South 31,6
Poland 31,6
Indonesia 31,7
Latvia 32,4
Lithuania 32,4
Spain 32,5
Netherlands 32,6
Chile 56,7
Colombia 57,1
Paraguay 57,7
South Africa 59,3
Nicaragua 60,3
Brazil 60,7
Dominican Republic 47,4
Swaziland 60,9
Cameroon 47,7
Panama 48,5
Russia 48,7
Malaysia 49,2
Venezuela 49,5
Zimbabwe 50,1
Gambia 50,2
Mali 50,5
Niger 50,5
Nigeria 50,6
Central African Republic 61,3
Papua New Guinea 50,9
Hong Kong, China 52,2
El Salvador 52,2
Zambia 52,6
Mexico 53,1
Burkina Faso 55,1
Guatemala 55,8
Lesotho 56
Guinea-Bissau 56,2
Honduras 56,3
Sierra Leone 62,9

4) Rape events per capita. Portugal is ranked as 47th and India is ranked at 56th place. And Turkey at 53rd. Ah you degenerated Europeans!!!! So please take control of your European rapers before talking about India etc.

South Africa: 1,195
Seychelles: 0,788
Australia: 0,778
Montserrat: 0,749
Canada: 0,733
Jamaica: 0,477
Zimbabwe: 0,458
Dominica: 0,348
United States: 0,301
Iceland: 0,246
Papua New Guinea: 0,234
New Zealand: 0,213
United Kingdom: 0,142
Spain: 0,140
France: 0,139
Korea, South: 0,126
Mexico: 0,123
Norway: 0,121
Costa Rica: 0,118
Venezuela: 0,116
Finland: 0,111
Netherlands: 0,100
Denmark: 0,091
Germany: 0,091
Bulgaria: 0,080
Chile: 0,078
Thailand: 0,063
Kyrgyzstan: 0,062
Poland: 0,062
Sri Lanka: 0,060
Hungary: 0,059
Estonia: 0,055
Ireland: 0,054
Switzerland: 0,054
Belarus: 0,051
Uruguay: 0,051
Lithuania: 0,051
Malaysia: 0,051
Romania: 0,050
Czech Republic: 0,049
Russia: 0,049
Latvia: 0,045
Moldova: 0,045
Colombia: 0,043
Slovenia: 0,043
Italy: 0,040
Portugal: 0,036
Tunisia: 0,033
Zambia: 0,027
Ukraine: 0,024
Slovakia: 0,024
Mauritius: 0,022
Turkey: 0,018
Japan: 0,018
Hong Kong: 0,015
India: 0,014
Qatar: 0,014
Macedonia, 0,013
Greece: 0,011
Georgia: 0,010
Armenia: 0,009
Indonesia: 0,006
Yemen: 0,004
Azerbaijan: 0,004
Saudi Arabia: 0,003

5) Bullshit is bullshit. Go ahead, and make a complaint to DA!.
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First off, non of those values devalidate what I have just said...

omg why the hell are you so angry at me just because I wrote a damn poem?