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Hey guys,

take a look here… !!
Hey guys lots of people are asking me about commission on facebook, so i decided to make a post here!!

If you want to contact me just go here:… (and like it if you like) and send me a private message..
..or you can do it here too, just PM me.

I will answer back as soon as i can!!

The price vary depending on what you need, so we will work it out together ;)

Thank you all, have a nice day!
so, yesterday i started my new cosplay from LoL and today my heatgun broke.. i'm the unlucky person ever. 
I was so exited to finish the chest part today, and meh... all gone.. that's sad haha
Hey dudes,
I hope you will enjoy my photos.
I love work with Photoshop but i'm not rly good :P I just love "do" something on photos :3
I love do cosplay but my grandma (my dressmaker) not so much.
See ya !